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  1. i've heard about some people who was able to install final versio of vista on dfi ultra
  2. It works :eek: I proved them with no success for RC1 Vista version! Why i need of these modded drivers? And why they work with final version of vista! There are issues between Vista e NF4 DFI mobo? Other NF4 mobos (not DFI) haven't problems (if i'm not wrong) However thanks a lot
  3. Probably i make some mistakes i read that guide many times with no success. Can you post only the link to download patch? Thanks:) But you refer to modded driver? It should be for RC1 or beta Vista versions not for the commercial one! I'll try
  4. I'm not able to install Vista on my nvidia raid array. My 500Gb array is not recognised; only 233Gb Which of you successfully installed Vista on this mobo? How
  5. Thanks! P.S.: 600Watt power supply with 2 separate lines for vga (like mine) is ok for 1 8800;2x8800 in SLI mode need more power (too mouch) Bye
  6. I think i'll take it, any compatibility issue with my mobo? Thanks
  7. Hi to everyone, I purchase a Toledo X2 4800+. it will arrive tuesday. I'd like to know if i had to change some settings in bios Thanks Now i have a 3500+ venice
  8. Any compatibility issue between dfi nf4 sli-d mobo and xfx geforce 7900 cards? I'd like to buy a 7900 GT XXX by xfx Thanks
  9. Hi, i received the 2 hdd. Everything runs perfectly! In 14 mins i formatted and installed win I've noticed that the firmware of my hdd isn't in the maxtor "black" list. My hdd are manufactured on 16/03/2006 (is written on them) rev. firmware is 111630 Bye
  10. Tomorrow i'll get 2 new maxtor sataII 16Mb cache 250Mb which i'll put in raid 0. Any issue between maxtor sataII HDD and nf4? Thanks
  11. i set ddr voltage to 2.8V Win XP64 works fine :nod: I don't understand why
  12. mem test runs ok, no errors I made cd by nlite, during installation appears the bleu screen: "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer etc..." at the end: STOP: 0X0000001E(0XFFFFFFFFC0000005,0XFFFFF8000083F4F9,0X000000000000,0X0000000000040) I've noticed that if i put memory stiks in to yellow slots also win xp32 doesn't boot
  13. Installation of win xp 64 runs up to last reboot, then pc boots continuosly after the post. When i had 2 x 256 stiks works fine
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