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  1. sorry for double post, but can someone provide me a link to where the new beta bios' are? 6-18 and such.. thanks *EDIT* NM FOUND IT!
  2. thanks guys, i'll update and lower the timings right now and will report back.. and yes.. i thought the software monitoring programs were a bit wierd, at first I was running the 450w modstream and it was showing a 12v reading of 11.6* which may have been possible considering it is only 450w, then i switched to the 520w mod (2 days ago) and the readings are just slightly higher.. go fig=|.. anywho.. thanks again :nod:
  3. im doing 2.6ghz w/ 1.52v and my idle temps are 32 w/ load of 48-52 max. I use to get 28 idle but my load was still about 50 so I took off the waterblock and reinstalled it and im getting these temps now=.. my oc is arse.. 2.6 no matter what voltage i give it, probably time to play with memory timings
  4. I'm not sure whats going on with my mobo. I am setting the VID and SPECIAL VID as specified on the chart in the sticky, but when I come into windows and run smart gaurd, speedfan, or any other hardware monitor it does not show the same voltage readings that should be there for the CPU, it is actually quite a bit lower than what it states it should be in the table. Does this have anything to do with my CPU being recognized as a default V of 1.34? Also, I am getting strange readings on my 12v line in these programs as well.. I see 11.58-11.75 on my 12v rail, but when I use my analog multimeter its showing me a stable 12 (or slightly over/slightly under.. gotta go buy a digital reader tomorrow).. Now that I see two possible probs with my mobo readings it makes me wonder whether or not my temps are reading properly as well.. at idle i get roughly about 30 degrees celcius but during load it jumps all the way to 50.. any idea whats going on here? is there something up with my BIOS? I dont really wanna update unless absolutely necessary.. and if its recommended, which BIOS seems to be the most stable with my processor? I am getting a pretty garbage OC right about now, not sure if its the processor or some other factor. I am priming stable at the speeds below but once I try to get 248*10.5 I get prime errors in first 4 tests. It cant be my RAM since I am running it with a divider right now (cant remember exact.. but CPUz states its running at a mere 185mhz) thx
  5. never touched the ram, it is brand new out the pack and I havent been able to get a vid signal or less than 4led lights to be able to 'fcuk' with it in the BIOS nor was it off its default voltage jumper.
  6. ok, yet another update. Got a response from DFI RMA dept today and apparently everything is working on their end and there is nothing wrong with the mobo.. I forgot to tell them in my RMA form that I was using a San Diego processor as apart of my setup so I am not sure if they used that to test my mobo or the older winnies. Either way, I asked them to update me to the lastest BIOS so that I would have no problems w/ BIOS incompatibility. Now... I expect my motherboard here sometime nearing the end of this week or beginning of next, if it still fails to work than the only other thing left that I have been unable to test is my PSU. So for those with the 4 LED Debug problems I would suggest on top of testing your CPU and RAM in another computer, update your BIOS (at a store or friends house) and test your PSU as well before sending to the RMA Dept. I spent my $70 for overnight shipping and I cant get it back, but I can help you guys not to make the same mistake=) cheers and I'll update on what exactly was the culprit of my 4 led probs when I get my mobo back.
  7. just to update. I went to my local computer retail store, got them to slap in my RAM and CPU on an A8N and everything worked so therefore there is nothing left but the motherboard. BIOS is not an issue in my case since the BIOS shipped with my mobo is compatible (for boot anyways) with the new E core processors. I got in contact with RMA dept yesterday and today I shipped out my mobo via UPS express which cost me another $70 for overnight=(.. btw, I chose ups because Ive had bad experiences with USPS if shipped via Canada Post (bad being more than a month to receive a package that woulda taken 10 hours drive if I had gone to the states myself). Anyways, thanks for the help everyone but nothing can be done about a bad mobo except RMA unless someone wants to come over to my house and fiddle with the circuits and have a icy cup of coke (flat tho) as payment.
  8. been there done that for bout 12 hours. I went out to a computer retail store and got them to install my processor + ram onto their mobo and everything ran fine so the only thing left is the mobo and I've already started the RMA process with DFI. Thanks to all those that replied, hopefully when I get back my mobo everything will be in tip top condition. Cheers.
  9. just wondering something, if my BIOS does not support the processor, should I still be able to boot to see the DFI logo? or would nothing work at all and the 4 debug lights stay on?
  10. did exactly this as mentioned by RGone in one of the other threads and got nothing. All 4 lights with no beep and nothing more. Not even a light on my keyboard. Does anyone know the warranty policy on DFI's products? I cant seem to find anything anywhere, not on their box and not on their site.
  11. ok, did the 8 hour cmos clear and still nothing.. i really think its the board, going to try to get in touch with RMA today to see what can be done.
  12. any update wcg? I'm in a similar situation right now.. 4 red led's.. 3200 ocz gold vx.. except i never once got it to boot yet since it is brand new.. right now im waiting til the morn to restart from long cmos clear
  13. yes, not even a beep! I found that wierd myself. My guess is that it may be the mobo but I havent touched it since I had my 3000 Winchester which was about 2 months ago. I cant really test my components out since everyone I know has a non-939 mobo=.. all i can do is test my ram and vid card (which i know is working already).
  14. yes, tried 2nd pcie as well.. ok, i will give the 8hour thing a shot tonite as i try to get some sleep without ripping out my hair over my pc probs.. thanks for the help
  15. no, dont have a pci card=.. I tried the hard cmos reset, but only for 15 mins.. REALLY? 8 HOURS? holy.. if all else fails i guess ill give it a shot btw, any particular reason why it would take this long? and has it been successful for some ppl in the past?
  16. yes, clear CMOS as directed the way AG says to do it. Tried my other VX ram in same slot and still no go. Will try to get my hands on some samsung ram tomorrow but for some reason I doubt its the ram since these two that I am trying are both brand new.
  17. ok, found that extra power connector. Wierd thing is that I never used it previously and it ran fine with my 3000+. I just plugged it in and still getting the same results. I'm pretty sure my 450w OCZ isn't the problem since I was using it with my 3000+ with all my parts connected to it. Now I am trying to use just the vid card, cpu, memory, and mobo and am getting nothing. I believe my OCZ is peak 550w or something around those lines.
  18. hi guys, no.. i dont have my 3000+ anymore since the reason for selling it was to get the 3700+ San Diego. My mobo is all default jumpers except for the no-sound jumper, put that back to original and nothing. btw, whats this about the 4 power connectors? I only see 3? am I seeing things again? lets do a head count, 1 connector near the NF4 chip, the 24pin ATX connector and the other 4 pin connector right beside the 24pin atx.. if there is another plz let me know because this was exactly how i had it setup when I had my 3000+ and everything was fine.... ?
  19. those are good links and all but the majority of information given on those links assume that I can get past POST. This isnt the first time I've built a system and therefore don't really have any probs of what plug goes where just need to find info regarding why I would get 4 debug lights all the time. If it were the RAM, wouldnt it give me two lights? and CPU 3 lights? I'm getting all 4 and havent seen any body who has received this on the forum (as far as doing a search anyways). btw.. what is this about connecting all 4 power connections to the mobo? I only see three unless you guys consider the 20pin atx connector and the extra 4 connector, two seperate connectors (although we should use the 24pin which I do)
  20. removed the cmos battery + power from the mobo for 15 mins and still nothing. Have tried 2 seperate sticks of ram into orange slot closest to the edge of the board and still get the same results. Would this be a CPU issue since I cant get passed the 4 lights? All it says in the manual is that 4 lights means system startup and 3 means cpu test. I am totally clueless as to what is going on. I've never encountered this before and am so pissed rite now cuz ive waited 2 months for this processor just to not be able to get it working with my setup.=
  21. can someone confirm whether or not I am having the so-called 'cold boot' problem? I've read through some of the posts but haven't seen anything that is of any help to me yet. Here is my situation: I bought the majority of my comp parts about 2 months ago now. I had my computer up and running with all my parts but then sold my ram and my cpu because of the whole venice/san diego craze. Now, I bought my ram about a month after and preorder my CPU at the same time thinking that both would reach me around the same time. Well I ended up getting the OCZ 3200 VX 1gb ram a month ahead of my processor (just came today). Problem is now that I have my processor, nothing seems to be working. Well not nothing. Everything powers ok but I get no POST and no beep's when I push the power button. The 4 Debug lights remain lit and do not change. I've tested a single stick of ram in each slot (with both of the OCZ VX 512mb sticks of ram that I have) and nothing. Removed the mobo from the case just in case it was shorting against something and still nothing. Now my mobo, cpu, and ram are just sitting on my desk doing nothing. Now if I were to speculate, I would say that there was something wrong with my RAM or CPU. But since I dont have any other spare parts around, I cant test. The CPU is retail version and wouldnt seem to be a big problem considering it was in perfect condition and other ppl seem to be able to run this CPU fine with the BIOS that ships out with their mobo. Or it could be the RAM, but then again, how often do you get shipped two bad modules of RAM? When I say bad, i mean they dont allow you to boot at all. Or perhaps its the mobo? Possible, but it was working about 2 months ago when i had my 3000+ winnie and Corsair VS 1gb Dual Chan. Any suggestions? If not I will probably have to test the RAM modules on my sis comp this weekend and use her ram in my comp to see if it is my RAM. I can't test the CPU because she is running on the Socket A mobos. Now if my RAM works fine, is it safe to say that there is something wrong with my mobo? and if so what is DFI's RMA policy? I bought my mobo 2 months ago and it doesnt seem to contain any warranty information and the shop I bought it from only allows a 1 month RMA period there. btw, I've tried to run it on absolutely the bare minimal (ram, cpu, psu) just to see if the debug lights will go away, but nothing. All 4 are bright. Specs: CPU: 3700+ San Diego RAM: 1GB Dual Chan OCZ VX 3200 Vid Card: BFG 6600 GT HD: Samsung SATA 80 gb PSU: OCZ 450 Modstream Mobo: DFI LanParty Ultra-D NF4
  22. i've tried it on 2nd, third, and fourth and nothing. I am sorta new to this whole issue of cold booting, can someone explain to me exactly what this means? also, I'm trying to get in touch with DFI but for some reason their page does not work at all. Cannot access ANY country pages.
  23. I've taken my whole computer apart now, mobo sitting outside of case with nothing more than a processor (no fan attached), 1 stick of memory sitting in slot 1, and the power connectors. Still get the 4 debug lights and nothing further. No sound.. no anything.. when I had everything connected all the fans were up and running and the PCIE power was ok.. but still the debug lights.. anyone have ANY idea?
  24. hi everyone, having troubles with my system here. Just got my San Diego 3700+ processor today. Trying to get everything to boot properly but I've run into 4 debug lights. It goes no further than that at all. I've tried placing my ram one at a time into each slot but still does not work. Nothing is overclocked as this is a completely new system. I have yet to test the ram to see if that is my source of problem because I have no other system here at the moment. Anyone have any idea what would make the system stay at the 4 debug light stage? Mobo: DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D Processor: San Diego 3700+ Ram: 1 GB 3200 OCZ VX Dual Channel PSU: OCZ 450 modstream Video Card: BFG 6600 GT Everything at stock and nothing tinkled with. I have yet to connect anything else to this board other than those mentioned above. I know that the board *should* work, my guess is it is either my new processor, or my new ram because I had this system up about a month ago on a 3000+ winnie with Corsair VS. btw, I am unable to get system to POST to give u the BIOS info. But It is the default BIOS that was given with the mobo and it isn't one of the non-SLI moddable boards.
  25. sorry if this has been asked already, went through the stickies and forums and couldnt seem to find an answer to this: will the bios that comes with my dfi ultra-d work with the new venice processors? or the new san diego? I think I read on this forum that the 3700+ san diego's have no problems running on the bios' released with the ultra-d.. but havent heard about the 3000, 3200, and 3500 rev E's.. Also, if they do not POST with the bios, what options are there? I dont want to have to goto a store for them to tell me it'll cost me $50 for a bios update. regards.
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