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  1. Logitech MX Revolution. This thing is PIMPSAWCE IMO
  2. does anyone have these? i'm thinkin' about buildin' a new system with this ram, any thoughts?
  3. Apple isn't an operating system company. Apple is/was a hardware company that makes an operating system. In Apple's view, they don't need or even want to make their OS available for "PCs". Just an interesting side note... Apple recently changed their name from 'Apple Computers' to 'Apple Inc.' I tend to agree with the idea that it is up to the media providers to protect the rights of the creators. But, I also disagree, because if it were left up to every media company, their would be no standardization and the OS and the computers would suffer greatly. __ I recommend that everyone read this book. In the Beginning was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson. In the end it all comes down to who you are and what you use your computer for. If you just game and watch movies and stuff then yes MS is probobly the best option for you. If you are a hardcore programmer or network admin, then you'll most likely use linux, unless you're developing MS apps. If you're a designer, movie producer, or musician, you'll probobly use a mac (a fact that continues to boggle me). IMO, If you're really a true hardcore enthusiast, you will dabble in everything, and learn how everything works. As far as piracy goes, for every security expert, their are probably 10,000 people trying to crack their software. __ @ Devil_07: I've often thought of the cost of software, media, etc. and how it effects those of us trying to learn about the creation of software and media. Their seems to be a paradox here. If an artist or programmer can't afford to purchase other people's creations; how can they efficiently learn to make their own without school? Look at the old masters like Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Titian, etc, how did they learn to do what they did? They looked at other artists work, and they had the same problem we do today. They needed to be able to afford to travel to see the other artist's work, or be fortunate enough to get an apprenticeship with a master. Just makes you think a 'lil. [edited for runon sentence]
  4. I agree with Angry about waiting until after the first Service Pack is released. Personally I'd wait even longer. I used Win2k until I upgraded to SLi, which was December of 2005. I intend to use WinXP as long as I possibly can. There is no point to upgrading your Microsoft OS until the newest OS has proven itself, and worked out all its kinks. As far as DX10 is concerned, I don't really need it, but those GeForce 8800's look mighty nice. I'm speccing out my new build, and I'm not going to build my computer around the operating system. I simply refuse. Hardware comes first for me, it is my true passion. Well, that and World of Warcraft. So, I don't even need DX10. Microsoft has always, and will continue to base almost all their actions around marketing tactics like this DX10 fiasco. In one aspect, however, as far as developing new technologies goes, companies should always be 'pushing the envelope', so to speak. I personally think that if the technology excels then the software will follow, although in the past, it seems that a lot of software has been limited by the tech. If the technology advances, it will open many new doors for programmers, and will carry us to new and amazing things.
  5. Page file optimization is seriously a key factor. Setting up a page file manually, and then tweaking it a bit in the registry has definitely helped my computer's performance. I didn't really notice it at first, but on one of my 3 windows installs (I wipe and re-install about once every 3-6 months) I decided to test out not optimizing one. Their are a few threads around here regarding paging, and their are quite a few pages on the web. Sorry I'm too lazy to link you up.
  6. Well I have 2 PCs, and 4 monitors. I suppose I could hook up all 4 monitors to one pc, but MEH, my acer AL 2051W 20" widescreen and my 19" crt junker are enough for me on my main box.
  7. i thought mine was sounding like it was squeeking. like this really high pitched barely audible squeeking. but i think it was just cold. i just got my heat turned on. and it seems to have stopped. it was pretty chilly for awhile.
  8. You have my best wishes. I'll be having my 3rd surgery in 3 years this year. You have my support!
  9. This is why we should all build electromagnets into our doorframes. Just put them on a remote control, so when you walk to your house or are transporting any equipment in or out you can turn it off. When it's on it will nuke the pc so no one can use it for anything. Hmm.... I wonder what other traps I can think of.
  10. Apple Widescreens have very great pixel depth, but very poor response time. Which makes them great for graphics work, but not so much for gaming. I got an ACER AL2051W for about half the cost of the (cr)apple display. The Acer outperforms the apple in almost every respect. All apple products are overpriced, I would sincerely think twice about buying one, if I were you. I was going to buy an Ipod, I stood in the store staring at the box for an hour just thinking about how stupid Apples are and if I bought the Ipod I would be supporting the company. I saved my 200$.
  11. on cleaner side....... a pirate walks into a bar. the pirate has a helm (the steering wheel of a ship) seemingly attatched to the crotch of his trousers. the bartender sees the helm, and says "what is that? why do you have a helm attatched to your crotch?" the pirated replies.... "ARRRRR, IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!"
  12. I wouldn't fret too much about it. This is the reason most schools install locks on their cases. Also I think that the school has insurance for exactly this kind of occurance. The computers are not your responsibility. Even if you have a look inside one, unless you were explicitely told not to then their is no grounds for them to say that your were NOT supposed to be in the case. Even then, at least here in the states, if you were TOLD not to, that might not even hold up in court. Best is to have a written copy of the rules distributed to each student. My guess is they won't do anything to you, but I could be wrong. I think you should be honest, but I think, that if you do know how to handle a computer. Know, what the components are, how to install them etc, then you should also tell them that. Display your knowledge, display curiosity, and eagerness to learn. Teachers eat that right up.
  13. World of Warcraft will be enjoyable for quite some time. But it has a very low cieling of tolerable repetativeness. Perhaps when the expansion comes out it will be exciting again.... for awhile... but ultimately it will be doomed. I doubt Blue will drastically change the game's format. I would recommend the game to younger audiences. CS is a great game. I liked Halo and Halo 2 a lot... but not as much as CS.
  14. I played WoW for 8-16 hours a day for a year. Basically as much as possible. Leveling 1-60 on your first character is fun. But leveling 1-60 on any alts is pretty tedious because you have to do basically *all* the same quests that you already did. The core of WoW is grinding. If you like doing the same thing *over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over* then by all means play WoW. I even got bored of Molten Core I quit before I could get bored of Blackwing Lair... Basically their are 3 types of WoW players, the Role Players, the PvPers, and the people that just dont care. RP servers are easymode because you dont have to worry about getting ganked. Some RP players are very good, but the general skill level is lower than on a PvP server. High population PvP servers are intense, everyone is out for the same resources 24/7 - you have to be cutthroat against your own faction and even more ruthless to the opposing faction. The people that just dont care seem to make out best in WoW because of the burnout rate. WoW is boring if you want to get all the best stuff. If you want to get rank 14, prepare to gain weight, lose friends, sleep, and time doing other stuff that you love. getting to grand marshal or high warlord essentially requires you to play 16 hours a day for 3 solid weeks (that's just getting from rank 11 or 12 to 14). getting a full tier 2 (epic) gear set could take you about 6 months depending on how good your guild is. be prepared to spend countless hours running the same instances over and over to get the gear you need, the reputaion, or the attunement so you can run more instances over and over. however, i must say that i have met a lot of cool people in WoW, and that my playing experience was only slightly better than plunging a rusty screwdriver into my ear. i did enjoy the game for about a year, until i realized that WoW does not take very much, if any skill at all, it only takes time. the only thing that makes WoW difficult is the fact that their are hundreds of people that are going to dedicate more hours than you can. if you choose the RP route, get ready to do nothing but instances. if you choose the PvP route get ready to get killed, and camped for at least an hour. if you choose the not caring route, more power to you.
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