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  1. My PSU recently failed with a loud bang and I had to find a replacement. So I ordered the Antec NeoHE 500W and had to find out that this PSU is incompatible with my board - it won't even boot. Still in the need for a working PSU I went to a local store and grabbed an Enermax Liberty 500W, I know that this PSU isn't recommendet but it looked like the best choice. The system boots with the Enermax Liberty 500W, but the Windows startup sound sounds tinny and it takes ages for the desktop to load. I tried to start Windows multiple times and besides one time I had to hit reset during the process because it took longer than 2 minutes for the desktop to load. The one time Windows loaded and the computer behaved as usual. I think this is very strange and don't know if this can be caused by the PSU. What do you think?
  2. But shouldn't the board beep when it fails at the CPU detection? Is it more likely that the CPU or the mainboard is defect?
  3. I did the steps stated in your guide RGone, but the result stays the same - no signal is beeing put out to the monitor. Doesn't 4 LEDs lit mean that everything is OK? If that is correct than the video card should be causing the problems, right?
  4. Unfortunately clearing the CMOS did nothing, I still get a black screen. Any thoughts?
  5. I was using my computer and suddenly it crashed and there was a loud noise and a burned smell. The computer wouldn't restart as I hit the power button. As the smell was coming from the PSU I changed it for the Antec NeoHE 500 that I had received only a few days before. Now the PC will power up, but the monitor stays black and the mainboard isn't beeping at all and is showing 4 LEDs constantly lit. Can you tell what component was beeing toasted during the process?
  6. I might as well get an Antec NeoHE 500, its only slightly more expensive and according to silent PC review it should be quieter as well and more powerful. If I understood the recommendation list this PSU is capable of powering an Ultra-D board, right?
  7. And what about the 500W Straight Power version? Has anybody got experiences with that? I really would like to get one of those type of PSUs, because they seem to be quite silent and are avaiable at a good price where I live.
  8. I was planning on getting one of that PSUs, because my current one is quite noisy. But I heard that there were compatibility issues to Ultra-D boards - and strangely only to that kind of boards, SLI-DR boards seam to work fine. Can this be true? I'm not sure, if you are - please tell me!
  9. OK so I did a reboot and looked into the BIOS, there it said all three temps were at -128°. I was like wtf and switched the PSU off, so that the computer was disconnected from the power line. I booted it up and now everything is back to normal, the BIOS reads the correct temps and the programs do so too. Strange behavior but it seems that its fixed now. Thanks for all your replies!
  10. Heres what SpeedFan says: Same thing but this time my computer is in an ice box.
  11. Heh not really but appearing to a SmartGuardian screen it is. Can you say whats happening with the heat sensors in my motherboard?
  12. W000T! Going from 7 to 8 Async Latency solved the problem and I am now able to achive a FSB of 308 and beyond. Thanks a bunch uwackme!!!
  13. Does the BIOS matter? If so, what version can you recommend and do the CMOS Reloaded saves get erased when you flash a new BIOS?
  14. I don't need to get it to 270, all I want is to get my FSB to 308. There is no magic option avaible that lets you achieve a higher FSB right? If not then I got to run my RAM at 246MHz and that would be almost 20MHz less than what it could be run at.
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