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  1. ok, here is my screen shot of HD Tach, on my boot drive, with a bucket load of programmes installed. It doesn't look a lot different from the screen shot I uploaded yesterday ricey :angel:
  2. Well, I have 'sort of' got my 2 x Hitachi 80GB SATA II raid 0 up and running, with 3.0GB and SSC enabled. Only thing is, it is an empty partition at the moment (my os is on my WD 120GB SATA drive c), so I guess the benchmarks are fairly useless . Anyway here is my HD Tach results of the Hitachi raid 0 and here is the HD Tach of my tired and fragmented WD 120GB SATA boot disc. Here is the ATTO results for the Hitachi raid 0 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/ric...pictures/28.jpg I'm going to get my act into gear and transfer my os to the raid setup ricey
  3. Maybe I was a little too kind with my first post on this thread :confused: (5.27.2005, 7.21pm) This thread is 7 pages long, the fault has been confirmed, and DFI have said nothing :mad: That is not good enough; we all paid a premium price for this mobo, and we deserve better service. A-G & R-gone; I am not meaning to have a go at you here, but surely you could post something (even if it is just to say 'Taiwan is telling us nuffink') ricey
  4. well, I'm glad this stuff is out in the open. I'm also glad that I didn't turn up the wick on my RAM before DFI fix this (as I am sure they will). In the cold light of day, I would like to point out that no other motherboard manufacturer has given us the opportunity to ramp up our RAM like DFI has. Yep, they may have stuffed it this time, but even if you only go the basic O/C, without doing the 5 volt thing, it will still be way more than you get from any other manufacturer. Sheesh! Chill guys, cut DFI some slack here . I am sure that it will be ok. ricey
  5. I like the Lian Li V series cases (V1000, V1200, V2000, in black or silver). All aluminium construction, super quiet 120mm fans, marvelous cooling, room for at least 6 hdds in the smallest (V1000). The only downside to the V1000 is that if you want to fit an OCZ Powerstream psu, you will need to make brackets so that the psu fits. You can see my case and its psu brackets here. Other than that minor detail, the V1000 is one of the nicest cases I've worked on. You can link to the Lian Li web-page for the V1000 here. There is a little picture in the bottom right of the page that shows how it has 3 separate zones to keep it cool. As you can see, Zone 3 (the psu compartment) is quite small; reportedly, the V1200 and V2000 will fit the OCZ without needing mods (but hey, modding is fun ) ricey
  6. Hey, way to go!! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who got it right the first time Welcome to the club of DFI board owners who followed the DFI-Street instructions. It was worth it. ricey
  7. Well, I have run Memtest 86 v3.2 for two hours on each RAM module (6 successful passes on tests 1 - 8), and for 7 hours with both RAM modules (in RAM slots 2 and 4). No errors posted . Is this enough Memtest 86 testing? Do I need to run Test 9 (the bit fade test) Can I march on to running the aquamark 3 test? Thanx for all the advice, it is really appreciated ricey
  8. Yep, you are right, my system is running but not proven stable yet. I have run Memtest 86 v3.2 for 2 hours on each RAM module, with no errors, but I will run it overnight on both chips and see what happens. After that, I will run aquamark 3. ricey edit: and a big thank you to Ed Jacobsen; you rock!
  9. Hi all, I had to put the system build on hold for 3 weeks due to family dramas, but everything sorted itself out, so I got down to business yesterday. I carefully followed all your advice, pressed the power button and booted up. Installed Windows XP Pro with SP2, installed my video card drivers, installed the dfi utilities and drivers, installed my software, and everything is running perfecto Easiest build I've ever done Now that it is stable, I just have to run Memtest a few times, and then I'll be turning up the dial :nod: Thanks guys! ricey
  10. lol I wouldn't have been able to make my brackets without my Dremel. ricey
  11. The short answer is "no" I've had a think about this, and I've decided to go with buying the Winchester 3000+ in the short term. I can get PC bits at wholesale prices, so I can get the Winnie 3000+ for $204 Aud, whereas full rrp is $299. Best street price is around $235, so I should be able to sell my second-hand cpu in 3 months for $190 reasonably easily. In 3 months, I should be able to get a 3500+ venice, or a 3700+ san diego (I wish), for a lot better price than if I got one as soon as possible . Dropping $14 Aud in three months is not a lot of money, plus I figure that the venice and san diego core cpu's will drop by way more than that if I wait just a while ricey
  12. Hi people I have: DFI nF4 SLi DR Lian Li V1000B case OCZ 520watt PowerStream PSU (modded to fit). Leadtek NVIDIA GeForce WinFast PX6600GT-128 TD 128MB (128MB DDR3 500-GPU 500MHz-Memory Clock) 1024MB PQI DDR RAM([email protected] PQI Turbo PC-3200 RAM 2.5-3-3-7 Dual Channel Kit)) Lots of SATA hdd's. All this stuff is here and I have it. However, I don't have a cpu. It is the only thing missing. I want (desire, drool) a venice or san diego core Athlon64, but these will not be available in Australia for at least another 1 to 2 months. In the mean time, I need an athlon64 that works. I'm considering a 3000+ Winchester to tide me over. Am I thinking rationally? ricey
  13. I knew there was a reason why I bought that sucker :nod: ricey
  14. Bwahahahahahaha I had to partially mount my OCZ externally, as it was too big for my Lian Li V1000 case. If I had mirror polished the aluminium brackets that I made, it would have looked marvy :nod: (but I didn't, coz I'm lazy). edit: here's the link to a thread which has piccies of my OCZ in my Lian li v1000 case Here ricey
  15. I have one of these; I have to admit to using over half of the keys that are above the function keys I would get one of these, except that the mouse does not have enough buttons The way I look at it, the less I have to move the mouse to select and click on items on my desktop, the better. ricey
  16. I have to agree; nintek is a great shop :nod: . Better for me though, as I live in Perth (their home town) and I get free delivery for any order of $200 or over . I have used them several times, and they are efficient, informed and reliable (and cheap ). I got my DFI LP nF4 SLi DR from them and they were $20 AU cheaper than any other supplier in Australia at the time (and free delivery ). A great PC parts price search engine for us Aussies is static ice. I agree with babyelf, the OCZ Powerstream is the better psu of those listed. babyelf, u r in Oz as well? ricey
  17. Heres a picture of a rear view of the psu; you can see that the psu has its own compartment that is separate from the motherboard compartment, and from the hdd racks that also have their own separate compartment. Makes for good cooling :nod: Here is a picture of how these compartments work cheers, ricey
  18. It was a very tight fit; I had to have the psu protruding 30 mm from the back of the case so that there was air flow to the rear fan on the psu. ricey
  19. Hi people the OCZ Powerstream 520 watt psu is about 30mm too long to fit into the power supply bay of a Lian Li V1000 PC case. That is a pity, because the V1000 is a great case, and the OCZ 520 Powerstream is a great psu. Another problem is that the cables exiting the OCZ 520 do not exit over the entrance hole to the hdd's and the motherboard (these cases are designed like no other cases I have seen). The fix is really simple; stick the psu in upside down so that the cables exit the psu directly over the entrance hole to the hdd's and the motherboard and make custom brackets to hold it in place. Having the psu upside down is not a problem, as these psu's have 2 fans; 1 in the front and 1 at the back, rather than the usual arrangement of 1 in front and 1 underneath. If I was really fussy, I'd paint the aluminium brackets black, but I am not fussy. ricey
  20. Thanks so much for your replies guys I've ordered the PQI ram sticks I'm itching to build my new system. ricey
  21. thanks for your reply demon, I am an absolute newbie to DFI mobos and overclocking. In all my research, it seems that appropriate RAM is the single most important issue to getting the DFI NF4 boards to run and be stable. I'd love to be able to afford $500 (Australian) for 1GB of OCZ 5000, but realistically, $179 (Aus) for 1GB of PQI 3200-1024DAH TURBO is closer to my budget As I said, I'm a noob; is there a difference for NF4 boards compared to NF3 boards, when it comes down to single channel vs dual channel RAM? Ricey
  22. hi people I have a LP Nf4 SLi DR mobo, a Leadtek 6600 GT Extreme vid card (ordered), an Athlon64 3800+ (ordered), an OCZ 520 watt Powerstream psu (ordered). When these all arrive (within the next few days :nod: ), they will be going into my Lian Li V1000B case (the Lian Li PC60USB case with Enermax psu goes to the missus ). My problem is that I have 2 x 512MB of DDR 3200 no-name ram at the moment. It works fine with my current system (Athlon 2800+, Asus A7N 8X Deluxe mobo, ATI 9600 Pro vid card, bla bla!). When all my bits arrive, I'll try to boot my system with this ram, but after researching this site I think that I may have difficulties . I can get a really good deal here in Australia on PQI 3200-1024DAH TURBO memory in a 1GB kit (2 x 512MB). Does anyone know if this memory is ok? ricey
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