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  1. try pulling your cmos battery as well as what Frallan suggests . Do this just before setting the CMOS jumper to clear (and clear for at least 30 seconds to a minute) Hope this helps ricey
  2. Yeah, my only reason for choosing the dfi mobo over the msi mobo was this forum; when I made inquiries to Nintek in Western Australia about buying a dfi board, they told me to join this forum and then make my mind up. So now I have a lanparty nF4 sli DR, and I couldn't be happier. I have a very good psu, acceptable RAM, a couple of more than adequate video cards in sli, 2 x SATA II Hitachi 80GB hdd's in RAID 0 (thanks, Ex Roadie ), and my system (in my mind lol) already kicks arse before I've even contemplated overclocking it. No complaints, it's all good. ricey ricey
  3. I use AVG Free, Spybot search & Destroy, Ad-Aware Personal edition. All free , all work well. ricey
  4. Well, I just flashed my BIOS to 3/10 (the most recent 'official' DFI BIOS for my LP nF4 SLi DR). I carefully followed A_G's instructions, and everything went well. My previous BIOS was 25/1, which reportedly has some problems. Funny thing is, my system was rock solid stable with 25/1, and none of my benchmarks have changed with 3/10. I haven't run Memtest86 yet (I do that sort of stuff when I'm sleeping lol). Being a cautious sort of person, I have not flashed any of the beta BIOS's like 5/10(*) yet. All my hardware and software are working fine, so I can't see that there is any reason to change my BIOS. Come to think of it, there was no reason for me to change my 1/25 BIOS, but everything I'd read said that the 1/25 BIOS was bad news, so I did. I still haven't played with over-clocking my PC (this thing standard is just so much faster than my previous PC- AthlonXP 2600 Thoroughbred, 1024 'no-name' RAM, ATI 9600 Pro 128MB Video Card, Asus A7n 8x Dlx Mobo). When I do, maybe I will need to flash a later BIOS. I am a little surprised that the latest official DFI BIOS for the nF4 boards is just a couple of days short of being 3 months old. 3 months is a long time in computerland. ricey
  5. Oh yeah? Check out this hot-link; a pitbull in full flight I promise that it is hosted on Photobucket ricey edited to add: if you right click on the picture, and select 'properties' you will see that it is hosted on Photobucket.
  6. Hi a good place to host your pictures is Photobucket (http://photobucket.com) (it's free :nod: ). You can then copy the url of the photo you want to show into the text box displayed when you click on the "insert image"icon. ricey
  7. Old school: PS1- Wipeout PC Pentium 2 500Mhz- MDK; Doom. Now: Doom 3; UT 2004; Need For Speed Underground 2. ricey
  8. My results from the 6600GT's in sli in my PC; up from 3580 with one card. Cheers, ricey
  9. Your English is a lot better than some of the supposed native English speakers on this forum I am sure that SATA II will work on your NF4 SLI D. ricey
  10. Methinks it is nought but a steel case rip-off of the Lian Li V1000/V1200/V2000 series cases (ricey ducks for cover, puts on flak jacket, and bolts ) ricey
  11. I'm happily running RAID 0 in my rig on the nF4 controller; no problems . Check out my sig for details. This is the first time I have ever set up a RAID, and it was smooth. ricey
  12. yes, I have never been a big believer in buying a beta version of a Microsoft operating system . Billy boy Gates might consider that it is ready for release, but we all know it is going to be a flaky beta, at best. There are plenty of copies of XP Pro/Corporate with SP2 available in all corners of the net; ftp, bittorrent, hotline, waste, etc. It is not exactly hard to find . ricey p.s. I am not condoning software piracy here, I am merely stating facts.
  13. I suspect that it means a 'pirated version' :nod: ricey
  14. OK, right click on the NVIDIA Settings icon in the systems tray on the bottom right hand side of your screen; left click on NVIDIA Display (your monitor should be mentioned here; left click on your monitor's name). You should get a screen something like this one; if you left click on 'sli multi gpu', you should get the screen that allows you to enable sli . I hope this fixes your problem; if not, send me a personal message and I will see what I can do to fix it. ricey
  15. Hi have you tried enabling sli in nView Desktop Manager? This step is necessary, but is not mentioned in my dfi lp nf4 sli dr manual, so I presume it is not mentioned in your board's manual. I had identical problems to yours, until I enabled sli in nView desktop manager. As for XP SP2, you may not need it. Try enabling sli first. If that doesn't work, send me a personal message and I'll see if there is anything else I can do to help you with your problems. ricey
  16. Methinks you need to do two things: 1. Upgrade to XP service pack 2. 2. Enable sli in nView Desktop Manager. This step is not mentioned in the manual (I read all 139 pages lol), and I found it by chance. It solved my problems, which appear identical to yours. ricey
  17. Have you tried enabling sli in the nView desktop manager? You need to do this to get sli to work. ricey
  18. Well, I had already read the effing manual thoroughly (all 139 pages; I printed out a hard copy ), and nowhere is it mentioned that I had to enable sli in nview desktop manager. Once I had done this step, which I found by chance, everything was ok. Methinks this might be the solution for passione's problems as well. ricey
  19. Yay!! all is resolved :nod: Is now all working Check out this screen shot; quite a bit better than Toms Hardware on 3DMark05 I'm a happy chappy now ricey
  20. Hi Davos, I must be reading that review differently than you . It was only at low resoluion (1024 x 768) in HL2 that a single 6600GT beat a 6600GT sli set up by 3fps (interestingly the 6600GT sli beat a 6800GT sli set up, albeit by only 0.1fps lol). In all other (higher) resolutions, the 6600GT sli bested the single 6600GT, by up to around 25% in the highest resolution. With the exception of the Chronicles of Riddick (and Unreal Tournament), which had a 2 to 4fps reduction when going to sli, all the other games showed major increases in frame rate, in the range of a 25% to 100% when sli was used. so I guess it might depend on the game engine. Anyway, the 3DMark 05 score that Toms hardware report for a single 6600GT of 3681 is pretty line-ball with what I am getting with one card; however, they got 6465 with 6600GTs in sli, whereas I get 3500 in sli:sad: . So I figure that I'm doing something wrong with my sli setup :confused: I guess I'm going to have to start over and see if I can get it to work. When I get over 6000 in 3DMark, I'll know I'm on the right track. Thanks for your response ricey
  21. Thanks for the replies; I have been reading the two threads started by passione on their troubles with sli. I'm going to instal the 76.41 beta drivers as recommended by Angry Games. Here is a screen shot of the nvidia info for one of my 6600GT's (I will have to re-boot to get the info for the other one as I am only running in non-sli mode atm ) Cheers, ricey
  22. I bought my first Lian Li case over 3 years ago; it was a PC 60. You can look at it here. My wife now has her computer in this case; I have a Lian Li V1000B which you can see here. I should have bought a Lian Li v2000B, as I have far too many hard drives . You can see the V2000 here. I have looked at the Antecs, the Cooler Masters, the Thermal Takes, et al, but none seem to have the build quality of the Lian Li's. The Lian Li's don't look as glitzy as some of the popular cases, but that is a good thing . ricey
  23. :sad: Hi people I am having real problems getting my 2 Leadtek PX6600GT Extreme video cards (see my sig below) to show any improvement over the benchmarks that I got when running just one card. I have (I think) faithfully followed the dfi manual to instal them on my lanparty nF4 SLi DR, and this screen shot shows that Windoze recognises them and thinks they are working I realise that my cpu (Athlon64 3000+ Winnie) is a bit under-powered in the scheme of things, but I did expect to get some graphics performance increase by going to sli. However, my results now from Aquamark3 (~54,500) and 3DMark 2005 (~3500) are identical to those I got before. I think that there might be some really obvious thing that I have missed; does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do next? Thanks in advance ricey
  24. Hi all, I am in Perth, Western Australia (the most isolated capital city on earth). There is only one DFI reseller here worth trusting (Nintek; http://www.nintek.com.au). RMA my board? Who needs that? These boards are great ricey :nod:
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