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  1. My DFI experience was just like VenuS; I spent heaps of time reading the stickies, I bought all of my hardware after that (only thing I scrimped on was my RAM, but ExRoadie assured me my choice was ok, and he was right :angel: ), stuck in both sticks, attached all my hardware , and booted. No problemo ; installed XP Pro with SP2, and it worked beautifully first time. I had to do a bit of jiggering about when I got the second 6600GT card but it didn't take tooooooo long to get sli set up. Memtest? I turned it off after 12 hours without errors. Please don't think I'm gloating, as I'm not. I just think that probably most people have a very positive experience with these DFI boards, but we don't get to hear about that because DFI-Street is a support forum, and you don't post good news on a support forum. ricey
  2. I run at 47C at idle atm; tomorrow I'll remove the NB heat sink, Arcticlean it , lap it and re-seat it with some AS5. Hopefully I'll drop a few degrees. ricey
  3. Hi just about all cpu heat sink fans are designed to blow down onto the heat sink. The only exception to this that I know of is Alpha heat sinks, which have a shroud around the top half of the heatsink, and a fan on top that sucks air up from the base into the shroud, and out the top. edited to add: I have an alpha heat sink like this is 'The Drone' (see sig), and the identical XP90 to yours in 'My Girl'.I accidentally mounted the fan upside down so that it was sucking rather than blowing. My idle temps were around 4 degrees C higher than they are now (got it blowing down ) but they were still cooler than the stock AMD fan by 3 - 4 degrees C. ricey
  4. Thanks AG I thought I might be wasting my time ; I just installed the untouched XP90 onto to my very mildly overclocked A64 3000+ winnie with a tiny dollop of Arctic Silver 5. My cpu idle temp has dropped from 31-32 degrees C to 24-25 degrees C . That's only 3-4 degrees higher than my room temperature. Cheers, ricey
  5. Hi people My Thermalright XP90 finally arrived today. I'm going to lap it to remove the nickel plating on the heat sink base. My reasoning is that the nickel plating is just another barrier between the copper base and the cpu. The heat sink base appears to be totally flat. Am I wasting my time, or (worse) harming things? tia, ricey
  6. Hi icon good guides here and here. Enjoy ricey
  7. hey karl, I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who wanted to know ricey
  8. Hi There is no 'best BIOS' for all; there is just the best BIOS for you . Technically, using any BIOS other than the official DFI released BIOS will void your warranty. Having said that, there are a lot of happy campers using the 510(2) and 618(2) BIOS's; as snoop has said, they work well for him. The 310 BIOS is the latest 'official' BIOS from DFI, and if it's working for you and everything is stable (and over-clockabe ), there is no reason to flash to a later BIOS. Are you having problems with the BIOS that you are using atm? I'm using the 510(1) BIOS currently and I have no intention of flashing to another anytime soon (I only flashed to the 510(1) after having too many glasses of red wine with dinner; fortunately, the DFI gods smiled upon me {as they always do, I lead a charmed existence } and everything is stable and lovely ) ricey edited to add: while I was trying to frame my post nicely, AG posted his post; just go to the thread he linked and read it Cheers :angel:
  9. Hi I know this is an old thread, but I found out what PWMIC stands for Pulse Width Modulator Integrated Circuit Any other acronyms you also wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask , can be found here. ricey
  10. Hi have you tried booting on one stick of ram? also, what is the brand and specs of your ram? You might want to see if it is on the approved ram sticky. GL ricey
  11. wow! I'm surprised; my OCZ Powerstream 520W is whisper quiet ricey
  12. I have not swapped them (hey, that is too much effort ). However, I will pull the side panel off and disconnect one of the GPU fans and see what happens to the readings in NVIDIA settings. keep you posted. ricey
  13. Also, have you enabled sli in NVIDIA settings? This was the step that I missed . It is not mentioned in the DFI manual. ricey
  14. My GPU 1 is at 50 degrees C, and my GPU 2 is at 56 degrees C. ricey
  15. . man, you should Photoshop that image :nod: "joking" ricey
  16. ricey

    Got Pets?

    Have you thought about getting professional help? ricey
  17. On average, I do a clean install of XP Pro SP2 every 3 months lol. ricey
  18. ricey

    Got Pets?

    I have 3 dogs This is Hobbes (pit bull) 'playing' with Lulu (Maltese/Shih Tzu) and this is Hobbes with Lizzie (lab/dingo/kelpie cross :confused: ) Cheers, ricey
  19. Hi use the 310 BIOS (which should come with your board). Only flash to a newer BIOS if you have problems. Refer to this thread for info about power supplies. David Hammocks psu guide You need a minimum of 480 watts to reliably run your board. Cheers, ricey
  20. I have 2 Hitachi SATA II's (80GB each) in RAID 0 as my boot drive. I have 2 Western Digital 200GB ATA Type I's and a WD 120GB SATA Type I as my storage hdd's. In my other PC, I have 2 x 200GB WD PATA hdd's, 1 x 120GB WD PATA hdd, and 2 x 80GB IBM PATA hdd's. Yeah, way too many hdd's lol. 1.3 terrabytes :nod: ricey
  21. All the answers to your questions you can find here. Enjoy ricey
  22. Hi seamuso that is a very clean job Just a question; how come you have your hard drives in the middle 3.5" caddy, and not in the lower one which has the 2 x 80mm adjustable speed fans blowing on it? The reason I'm asking is that when I was cramming 8 hard drives into my previous case (Lian Li PC 60), I had 2 hdd's and a floppy drive in the middle caddy, and the 2 hdd's used to get relatively hot when they were being used (relative to the 6 hdd's in the lower (fan-cooled) caddy, using the superbly scientific method of touching each hdd in the same spot with my little finger ). I had my boot drive in the lower caddy, in slot 2, as I figured that my boot/programmes hdd was the one that was going to get the most action. cheers, ricey
  23. bwahahahahahahahahahahaha :nod: ricey
  24. with your cpu, it is relatively straightforward to install the Big Typhoon; it only gets messy with other cpu's as you have to remove the motherboard, and glue on a backing plate Cheers, ricey
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