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  1. Sheesh, you really are sensitive . If Slack is really your last name, you should have got over people making jokes about it by now. Anyway, welcome to the street. It's a two-way street btw, so any classy lady-slapping by you will be returned in spades. ricey
  2. Yes, and I'll forgive you for not being able to read and understand my post : "Edit: please make a detailed sig; read "The Rules" . Have a look at my sig or kempez' sig to get an idea of the sort of info that is needed if people are going to be able to make informed recommendations to you . If your rig is only a plan atm, call it 'planned rig' or something lol" Now, which bit of that don't you understand? Let me know, and I'll explain it to you in monosyllables Cheers, ricey
  3. As you are not running sli, having only 3 of the 4 connectors attached possibly won't make a lot of difference (if I'm wrong here, the more knowledgeable amonst us will correct me ). ricey
  4. tsk, tsk; I gave you good advice (read davidhammer's thread on psu's); just to remind you of the facts, here's my original reply to you: "read this thread by David Hammock , the psu god. Edit: please make a detailed sig; read "The Rules" . Have a look at my sig or kempez' sig to get an idea of the sort of info that is needed if people are going to be able to make informed recommendations to you . If your rig is only a plan atm, call it 'planned rig' or something lol Cheers, ricey" If you think that is flaming you, I'd suggest that you need a big reality check. Note that I said "please make a detailed sig". The facts are, me, frallan, and davidhammock tried to help you, even when you behaved badly. You're living up to your name. Cheers, ricey
  5. I'd have to agree with you, vege When I first tried to buy the board in my sig from Nintek, they told me to sign-up at DFI-Street, do the research, decide whether the DFI board was for me, and if so, come back and buy one . Now that is an ethical supplier :nod: I'm sorry to hear you're having such a . time of it. I'm a little too far away in West Australia to be of any help. GL ricey
  6. OK, all fixed I forgot to download and re-install NVTweak edited to add: bugger! It's not fixed :mad: Sure, I've the option to attempt to o/c now, but even if I just go to 555MHz, it fails the NVidia O/C test and wont allow me to change the frequencies :sad: I might try Riva Tuner instead . ricey
  7. Hi people I just went from Forceware 71.89 to 77.72 for the two 6600GT Extreme vid cards that I have running in sli (see my sig). On the plus side, this immediately bumped my Aquamark3 score up by 1,500 points, to 67,458 On the down side, it apears that the manual over-clocking facility that was available in NVidia Display in 71.89 is not available in 77.72. This is a bit of a bummer, as I was happily running @ 601MHz core, and 1.19GHZ memory (stock is 550MHz, and 1.12GHz). I can't check what speeds my video cards are running at, but I presume that it is stock. Does anyone know if it is possible to to do manual overclocking in NVidia Display with Forceware 77.72 installed, and if so, how to enable it? tia, ricey
  8. Even if you formatted your hard drive, the data is still there if you want it back. Formatting does not destroy your data; it just makes it impossible for your os to access it. You only lose your data if you write over it after the format (and even then, the CIA and the FBI would be able to read most of it lol). There are many data recovery programmes available that you can use to retrieve your files. One that I have used (with success :nod: ) is "recover my files'. It is fairly cheap at $67, and you can try it before you buy it. The trial version will only allow you to view files that can be recovered; it won't allow you to recover them. You can visit RecoverMyFiles here. Spinrite is only $22 more expensive ($89) for a full version, and if ExRoadie recommends it, it would have to be good. I read a very positive review of Spinrite here. If you do a google using <"data recovery" +format +freeware> you will get over 130,000 results, so you can probably do this for free I found a nice page of reviews and free downloads of data recovery programmes here. Good Luck, ricey
  9. get a life Sheesh, what is your problem? "how about just answering his question, and mention that he needs to make a sig for future posts." Chill, that's what I did! Re-read the thread, take your Vallium, and have a good lie down. ricey
  10. Slack should not be so slack. ricey
  11. Months ; everything else about this board is so good that I'm prepared to put up with this minor annoyance lol. ricey
  12. Hi read this thread by David Hammock , the psu god. Edit: please make a detailed sig; read "The Rules" . Have a look at my sig or kempez' sig to get an idea of the sort of info that is needed if people are going to be able to make informed recommendations to you . If your rig is only a plan atm, call it 'planned rig' or something lol Cheers, ricey
  13. Hi I had this exact problem with Zalman VF700-Cu's I installed today on my pair of 6600GT's. See my sig for info on my system. My method for working around it enabled me to keep both of the backplates; I really didn't want to lose a backing plate as these suckers weigh 270gm each. What I did to fix the problem was: 1) instal the backing upside down (so you can't read 'Zalman' on it). This gives you about 1.5mm extra clearance due to the strengthening ribs now pointing towards the card the bracket is mounted on. 2) The first mod almost solved the problem (and did solve it when my tower case was lying on its back on the test bench). However, when I stood my case up, the weight of the top-most Zalman caused the 6600GT to sag about 2mm and foul the bottom fan. So I made a little bracket and placed it between the two cards to keep them apart; this worked like a charm. I made the bracket out of an old lead pencil that I sharpened at both ends till it was the right length, then I shrink wrapped it in genuine DFI yellow uv reactive shrink-wrap lol. Here is a picture; you can see the double ended pencil fits into a little round hole on the corner of each card. Please don't diss me about my cables ; thats something I'm going to start on next week. ricey
  14. Just after I'd attached the finished heat sink and fired up my PC, I thought "bugger, I should have taken before and after photos" All my next mods will have before and after photos. ricey
  15. Mine does this too; I'd love to know how to fix this. ricey
  16. 510(2) Just remember to back up your old BIOS 'just in case' with CMOS Reloaded ricey edited to add: please put up a comprehensive signature with all the details of your computer setup. If you don't, the DFI-Street self-appointed Nazi's will just about nag you to death . You can read the rules here.
  17. and I speak for the rest of us Trust davidhammock; read this thread. If David doesn't like your psu it is because it is a piece of .; the man knows his stuff ricey (I'm biased; I have an OCZ Powerstream 520)
  18. I've just ordered 2 of these for my Leadtech 6600GT Extremes; I'll let you how they go when they arrive . Atm, my two cards sit on 47 C and 54 C at idle. ricey
  19. Yes, it worked Idle temp is now 40 C During running OCCT, PCMark 2004, NB temp only got to 43 C. Seems it was worthwhile I was quite surprised how rough the base of the heatsink was; and how smooth and shiny it was after lapping. ricey
  20. Hi all I pulled that noisy little . off me motherboard and ground it flat with 360, then 600, then 1200 grit wet and dry . I put a dollop of Arctic Silver 5 on it, and spread it about with a credit card. When I get around to putting it all back together tomorrow, I'll let you know if it made bugger all difference. Prior to this, my NB ran at 46 - 47 degrees C at idle. ricey
  21. I have to agree stu_allen and krnxpride; I'm using soundx's MBM settings and they work well for me Thanks, soundx :angel: ricey
  22. Hi personally, I'd update to BIOS 3/10 first. This is the latest 'official' BIOS from DFI. Lots of people here are running the 5/10(2) and 6/18(2) BIOS's and are reporting great things but these are not 'official' BIOS versions and using them will void your warranty. Me, I'm running 5/10(1) which is supposed to be not ideal for my system, but it works perfectly for me. As Angry_Games and Rgone say, "there is no best BIOS, just the best BIOS for you". Keep your fingers crossed, and hope that 3/10 solves your problems :angel: . GL ricey edit: oh yeah, and update your XP to SP2 . Then check out your pc3200 Corsair Value RAM on the memory sticky. I may be wrong, but I recall that Corsair Value RAM is not tolerated well by these boards.
  23. 'k. My XP-90 idles at 24 -25 C (with a Panaflo 92mm going full tilt). Even without a fan, at idle in my Lian Li V1000B case my cpu sits at 29 - 31 C. I only found this out by accident {a big accident lol}. I am somewhat relieved that the air cooling in my case is sufficient to cool my cpu if the cpu fan karks it. I knew there was a good reason for spending all this dough on an ally case :nod: ricey {hope it doesn't happen halfway through a death-match on Unreal Tournament )
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