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  1. So maybe DFI-Street could benefit from some volunteer moderators? This could take a little pressure off A_G and R_Gone . I've noted that a fair few Streeters (me included ) will hop in and advise the newbies that they need to post sigs, and they need to read the stickies. So what do you think, A_G? ricey
  2. Hi go back to davidhammocks post (number 3 in this thread) and click on his power supply link . All the info you need is there. Cheers, ricey
  3. hmmmm, I'm sticking with 510(1) lol. This bios is not supposed to be the best for my set up, but it works fine. I'm not going to fix it if it aint broke. roflol,prdml. ricey
  4. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! You are calling down bad karma on yourself by wishing bad things upon me . Tsk, tsk! ricey
  5. Hi weaver that is interesting; everything that I had read had said that SP2 was necessary to enable sli. Passionne (another dfi-street member) and I did a lot of work trying to get his sli to work with SP1, but no success. Once he installed SP2 and hit 'enter', everything was fine. Sorry, but I can't help you with your Profiler question. Cheers, ricey
  6. Hi don't worry that they don't have heat spreaders; methinks that heatspreaders only work to keep heat in . I am sure that the more knowledgeable here will correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that heatspreaders do not help to cool your RAM. Cheers ricey
  7. Bwahahahahaha I use those things too. But zip ties; you forgot zip ties . The modern day replacement for baling wire :nod:. You can repair the space shuttle using those things ricey
  8. Zalmans are things of beauty; the only reason I got a window side panel for my case was so that I could look at my pair of Zalman VF700-Cu's . This "Zalman CNPS9500-LED Aero Flower Cooler, Copper " is beautiful too, but I'm not going to race out and buy one to replace my utilitarian XP-90 . This thing weighs half a kilo, and some of that weight is 125mm away from the board that it is attached to. That is a little too much leverage on the board (in a tower case) for me. If I had a desktop case, I'd get one (once the price became reasonable) :nod: Just my $0.02 :cool: cheers, ricey
  9. Hi iggyweb SP2 is necessary if you want to use the sli capabilities of your board. Sli will not run if you only have SP1. Other than that, your board does not "need" SP2 to work if you are not using sli. However, you do "need" to make a detailed sig of your system so that more knowledgeable people than me will be able to analyse your system and provide you with informed recommendations about any problems you may be having. Use my sig as a guide, or go to this sticky and read it (especially post #2). Oh yes, and please read all the stickies in the 64bit Mobo forum, and the stickies in the forum "Rules & Announcements" . There is so much good stuff there Cheers, ricey
  10. Hi you could try removing and lapping the northbridge heatsink; it worked for me, as you can see here. GL ricey
  11. Hi if you are asking how to get the old northbridge heatsink off your board, it is relatively straightforward and you shouldn't need pictures . I recently removed my nb heatsink, but I didn't take photos. Here is a photo of a graphics card heatsink that I had handy; it uses identical retaining pins to the northbridge heatsink. I have circled the retaining pin in red. If you look closely, the white pin has 2 barbs at the pointy end . These barbs have to be pressed together in order to allow the white pin to be pushed out of your motherboard. The only downside is that you will need to remove your motherboard so that you can do this Cheers, ricey
  12. I'm sticking with 510(1) for the time being. My system is stable, and that's the way I like it :nod: I'll only flash if someone can convince me that 623(3) will turn my winnie into a san diego ricey
  13. I have two Leadtech 6600GT Extreme Edition vid cards in sli, overclocked to 590/1180. Neither has an additional power connector . ricey
  14. yeah, Oz ingenuity lol Should have used a bit of fencing wire too! ricey
  15. Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. Left with a Batchelor of Science (Physiotherapy) degree. I guess that Curtin is probably not a option you are considering , MattTim ricey
  16. Hi I read a direct comparison review (can't remember where ) that said that there was no real difference between the XP-90 Al and the XP-120 Al in cooling at 12 volts with high speed fans, but that there was an across the board improvement of 1 - 2 degrees C if using the XP-90 Cu. However, at 690 grammes without fan installed, there was no way (weigh lol) I was going to mount that in my tower case (see sig). If I had a desktop case, I would have considered it . In a tower case (i.e. upright), the XP-90C is just too much risk for breaking your motherboard IMHO . It weighs almost twice what the XP-90 (aluminium) weighs. ricey
  17. OK Fezz, I realise that you have had problems with your board, but you are in the minority . The supplier that I tried to buy a DFI board from (Nintek, Australia) discouraged me from buying the LP nF4 sLi DR that I now own and love lol, until I'd joined DFI-Street and done the necessary research. So I did; I did a clean install of XP Pro SP2, and everything worked perfectly from day 1. I chose my complimentary hardware very carefully; I only scrimped a little on my RAM because my dollars dried up . Even my RAM, I checked with the guru's and was told it was ok . I'd have to say that my experience of DFI is the usual experience of DFI users. If you read this forum, you could come up with a negative view of DFI boards. DFI-Street is a support forum though, so you are probably not going to get 'good news' posters here. You ask: "Has anyone else experienced similar problems?" Nope, not this happy little DFI customer ricey
  18. Hi just a query; have you plugged in all 4 power connectors to your board? That is, the molex and floppy drive connector as well as the atx and p4? Here's a picture of what you need to plug in. The necessary connections are circled ("ovaled" ) in red. If you haven't plugged in the molex and floppy, this would be a way of getting more power to your system. GL ricey
  19. Hi corban, the short answer is that these boards needs lots of power, and even if it is not 100% necessary for a single card stock MHz set up to have all 4 connectors plugged into, it can't hurt and might help If you are going to O/C, I would suggest that you'd be well-advised to connect all 4 Cheers, ricey
  20. Hi I have a XP-90 with a 92mm highspeed Panaflo sitting on my 3000+ A64 Winnie (only o/c'd to 1980MHz ). I used Arctic Silver 5 as the TIM. Room temperature is 19 C (66 F), and cpu idle temp is 24 - 25 C. Highest temp that I have ever managed to get is 41 C. If my room temperature was 30 C, I'd expect my idle temp to be around 36 C, and load temp to be around 52 C. Cheers, ricey
  21. Hey, good I get 7137 from my rig ricey
  22. A rough translation is: "you don't have your 4th power connector attached" lol (or your 3rd for that matter ) DFI recommend having all 4 power connectors attached; 1 x 24 pin atx connector, 1 x 4pin P4 connector, 1 x molex (hdd type) connector, and 1 x floppy drive type connector. check out your picture below; I've circled in red where you should be attaching a floppy drive power connector and a molex power connector. I realise that you are not running sli, so you can get away with only plugging the 24 pin and the P4. However, these boards like power, so you might find you are more stable with all 4 connected . ricey
  23. Hi Karl ah, that rare commodity, commonsense Here's a link to a thread where I photoshopped a picture of a LanParty UT nf4 Ultra D mobo to high light the connectors. I know you know where they are, but so many don't All 4 Connectors. Cheers, ricey
  24. Yes, that is pretty much what I said "As you are not running sli, having only 3 of the 4 connectors attached possibly won't make a lot of difference (if I'm wrong here, the more knowledgeable amonst us will correct me )." Having three connectors attached when he only needs two is not going to harm him. ricey
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