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  1. Hi I just use the nVidia 'nvtweak' to unlock the memory and clock speeds. You can get it here. Currently, I'm running my pair of Leadtek 6600Gt Extreme edition vid cards in sli at 601MHz core clock and 1.20GHz memory clock using nvtweak. GL ricey
  2. If you jump straight to the last page (page 7), you will find that a firmware update to BANC1E00 firmware 'may' solve your problem. Getting anyone to send you the firmware seems to be a problem though :sad: ricey
  3. 1). If you go to pershoot's post here, you can download a copy of his 623(3) bios exe. If you definately want to chose from any of the bios available for DFI nF4 boards, have a look at this page of pershoot. 2). No idea, sorry Cheers, ricey
  4. Apologies for high-jacking , but how do you ensure that the overclock is the same for both cards? I can only find one place in nVidia where you can adjust clock and memory speed, so I assumed that this would equally overclock both cards. I now suspect that I was wrong :confused: . If you could let me know how this is done (i.e. equal overclocks) or point me in the direction of this info, I'd really appreciate it. tia ricey
  5. Hi have you turned off usb power saving in control panel? If you haven't, turning it (unticking the box circled in the picture below may do the trick ). Go to control panel/ system/ hardware/ device manager/ usb/ usb root hub/ properties/ power management GL ricey
  6. Probably 623(3), but there are no guarantees........... You can get it from the dfi web-site ricey
  7. Just bite off more than you can chew, and chew like crazy Go for the dfi board if you have a lot of time and you are patient. You will be rewarded. If not, go for an asus board . Possibly, go for a mac As for good RAM, read the memory sticky . Remember these letters: O_C_Z :nod: (I couldn't afford OCZ, so I can't O/C my system much :sad: ) ricey
  8. Hi if your pc is working well, there is no reason to update from the bios you already have. Plenty of people are using the 310 bios without problem. Only update your bios if you are having problems that "may" be rectified by a new bios lol. The latest official dfi bios for your board is the 623(3) bios. I'm using a bios that is supposedly not the best bios for my set-up, but it works fine so I'm not changing it GL, ricey ETA- your psu is probably fine with one graphics card, but it is possibly getting close to marginal if you want to run sli when your rma'd card comes back to you. Minimal psu requirements for these boards is 480 watts and (I think) 34 amps on the 12 volt rail. Check out the sticky thread by Davidhammock about psu's.
  9. Hi I am getting 44 C on GPU1 and 37 C on GPU2 at idle, on air (obviously ). I am surprised at your water cooled temperatures (even though the 6800's run hotter than the 6600's). the hottest I have ever had under full load is (I think) 54 C. I'd suggest starting up a thread of your own in modding or off topic, as you will probably get more people reading it and giving you suggestions GL ricey
  10. You could try lapping the heat sink so that it is smooth and flat:) That worked for me and dropped my northbridge temps by 5 to 7 C. ricey
  11. I love your avatar A_G; please do not change it ricey
  12. Hi I actually dumped that soft spacer material and ran without it. After removing the stock TIM pad (which was very thick), I found that even if I shovelled sh*tloads of AS5 onto the nb chip, the heatsink was not making good contact with the nb chip, and my temps went way up. So I removed the soft spacer and everything was fine . I ended up using AS5 epoxy, which might be a problem if the nb fan dies. However, as so many streeters have lunched their sli-dr's in one way or another, I guess there are a lot of spare nb fans out there if I ever need to buy one My nb temps are :cool: ricey
  13. Hi Q- "do I have to use the NVraid or the Silicon image 3114 raid controller?" A- Use the NVraid if you intend using SATAII Q- "I read somewhere that the 3114 does not support s-ata 3,0 gb/s. Is that true, and does that mean that I have to connect my harddisks to the ports S-ata 1 and S-ata 2?" A- Yes, it is true. Yes, you would be advised to connect your SATAII hdd's to SATA 1, 2, 3, or 4. As for the correct size for you for stripe blocks etc, read the stickie on benchmarking RAID arrays . And please make a detailed sig with the specs of your PC, so that those here who are more knowledgeable than me can give you the advice you need. Cheers, ricey
  14. Hi if you have a pedestal fan or tabletop personal fan, try taking off your PC's side and blowing the fan at full thrust onto your ram and motherboard. If your problem goes away, you have identified your problem. GL ricey
  15. Hi I can only answer Q3:( An LS120 drive was a large capacity floppy drive (stored 120MB on its own floppies, but could read and write to standard 1.44MB floppies). They were seen as a competitor to Zip drives around 5 years ago, but they are (like zip drives) made obsolete by USB thumb drives . Cheers, ricey
  16. And me I'll never buy a different brand of board (unless Oskar Wu gets head hunted by another manufacturer ). I have nothing but nice things to say about these boards. Sure, they are not for everyone, and this is where Dell comes in. If you can't handle dfi, get a Dell. ricey
  17. Valman VF700 Cu. Accept no substitute (unless you can go for water cooling or better). ricey
  18. Hi there is somewhere on dfi-street a very straightforward step-by-step guide on how to set up an nF4 board first time. I'll see if I can find it for you cheers, ricey ETA: here is a very straightforward guide for setting up an nF4 motherboard. 2nd edit: and here is the final version of Ed's nF4 guide.
  19. Hi "if it aint broke, don't fix it" flashing the bios should only be done if you really have to My board came with the 1/25 bios, which I was told had known problems (although it seemed to be working for me :confused: ) so I flashed to 3/10 which alsoworked well for me. Then for no reason, I flashed to my current bios, 5/10(1), which again seems to be working perfectly for me. Maybe I have been lucky lol; everytime you flash your bios, it might go pear-shaped. Might i suggest that you get familiar with "cmos reloaded"? It is your friend ricey
  20. Hi Ihad a fair amount of success in reducing my northbridge temps by just lapping the northbridge heatsink and using Arctic Silver as the TIM. Here's a link to that thread. Cheers, ricey
  21. Hi the link to the thread you refer to is dead; could you re-post the link please? cheers, ricey
  22. Yes, I'd have to admit to being proud of the pencil idea . ricey
  23. Hi that is a 20pin psu, using a 20 to 24 pin converter cable. Scroll up to davidhammock's post and click on his psu link. ricey ETA: whoops, davidhammock posted while I was writing my post
  24. methinks you need to read the psu thread; all of it, not just the bits that suit your view point. "no offense meant" ricey
  25. also, you need to enable sli in nVidia display. ricey
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