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  1. there's no such thing as lost data if your hard drive still spins Use Spinrite (it will cost you approx $80 US) and you will get your data back. ricey
  2. There is something wrong with your installation of the XP 90; or possibly there is something wrong with your XP 90. Uninstall it and make sure that its base is flat. When I installed my XP 90, my cpu temps were cooler at idle, even though I had forgotten to connect the fan. Once I connected the fan, even under load my cpu temps were only 10 celsius over room temperature (stock clocks). ricey
  3. Guess I'm going to explain how I ended up with ricey as a nick. Some of you Americans would have heard of 'The adventures of riceboy and his dog Mugen" You can check it out here. I have a Ford Laser TX3 turbo 4WD; that's a car that looks like a Ford Escort GT, but it is turbo-charged, 4WD; LSD's front, back, and transfer case. It has a few mods so it will do a 13.9 quarter, and 0 - 60 mph in under 6 seconds. It will do the first 60 foot of a quarter in 1.9 seconds flat. As I will be 50 years old next year, I am the oldest member of my rev-heads car club; the little sh*ts gave me the nick-name 'ricepop' because I was too old to be a riceboy lol. They then shortened 'ricepop' to 'ricey'; the name has stuck and I sort of like it. ricey
  4. well, I'm just a noob in the scheme of things, but for what it is worth, I whole-heartedly agree with everything that Ex-Roadie has said. I'm one of the many dfi-street success stories . Some of you will have heard my story before (sorry lol), but for those of you that haven't.... I read a few reviews that said that the DFI LanParty nF4 SLI DR was the latest and greatest mobo for over-clocking (I'd mildly o/c'd my old Abit and Asus athlon XP boards). So I tried to buy one, but my supplier (Nintek, Australia) recommended I join dfi-street and do a bit of research before I bit off more than I could chew . Now, there is an ethical supplier lol. So I joined, and I lurked. I read all the stickies, and started to ask a few questions. I bought all the bits and put them together like Lego, installed XP Pro SP2, and booted with bios 25/1. Worked first time, and I haven't looked backed. I've gone from a single Leadtech 6600GT TDH Extreme to a pair in sli, and I've updated the bios a few times, and everything has been plain sailing. Thing is, if I hadn't come here and done a bucket-load of reading, and been helped by Ex-Roadie (who assured me that my PQI ram was adequate), R-Gone, A_G, cpu-z, David Hammock (who is why I have an OCZ PowerStream 520 lol) and all the others, I would have come unstuck, very messily. As it is, nothing has gone wrong for me (well, for more than half an hour anyway) and it is almost like I want to say to people "You're having difficulties with a DFI board? Come on, you're kidding , right?" OK, I've embarrassed myself now, so I'll get off my soap-box. I've been a member of a lot of web forums and this one is the best. Granted, there are a few here who expect everything to be served to them on a platter, but they are in the minority. I'm just happy that I'm able now to help some of those who ask, instead of just asking for help. ricey
  5. Hi as far as I am aware, the three temp sensors are cpu, northbridge chip set, and PWMIC (Pulse Width Modulating Integrated Circuit) The PWMIC is located at the side of the cpu retention bracket, on the side closest to the front of your pc case. It would be good if you made up a detailed sig of your current system, so that future questions relating to your system can be readily answered. ricey
  6. Hi here is a screen shot that may help Under 'select your product' click on 'soundblaster'; You should get a list with Audigy 4 on top, Audigy 2 next, and Audigy under that. I presume that 'Audigy' is the Audigy 1 you refer to. GL ricey
  7. Hi if I hadn't been so lazy, I would have bought a length of quarter inch diameter dowelling, and then used a pencil sharpener to get it to the right length. My only concern with using a pencil was the very conductive graphite running through the middle of the shaft . However, after sharpening the double ended pencil to the right length, I cut off the lead so that it was flush with the wood (which is a reasonably good insulator). The graphite is very well separated from the graphics card. ETA: However, if you are really concerned about insulation, I'd go for the dowel rather than the pencil. I'd still use a good quality metal pencil sharpener to get the dowel to the right length; it gives a much smoother result than whittleing ricey
  8. If you have only had the board for a few months, surely it is still under warranty? Perhaps you could RMA the Karajan module. Failing that, I guess there would be hundreds of streeters with unused Karajans, coz they've replaced then with something better cheers, ricey ETA: did you try removing and reseating the Karajan?
  9. Abit, Asus, but DFI rules Loved my Abit KT7, and especially my KG7-RAID. My next board will be a DFI though (as long as Mr Wu remains a DFI employee). Can't see me updating from my LP nF4 sli DR for at least another couple of years though. ricey
  10. It is more like "what is right about Hitachi?" If you go to the raid benchmark thread, you will see that Hitachi SATA II's in raid 0 are winning in the performance stakes, for comparatively few dollars. Single platter 80GB, so the reliability factor is increased (which is always a major consideration with raid 0). If you have the choice, why choose Maxtor with their supposed DFI problems, when the Hitachi has such good reviews? ricey (ok, I'm biased; see my sig )
  11. Yes, literally attached schutzhund would have to be one of the most misunderstood dog activities/sports (well, misunderstood by the non dog-savvy ). Nice dog; great sport. ricey
  12. Some like it hot (not me though) I'm running 2 Leadtech 6600GT TDH Extremes in sli. These come from the factory overclocked to 550mhz. I'm running mine at 601MHz, in a Lian Li V1000B case. Ambient temperature is 16 Celsius; GPU 1 is 43 Celsius idle, and GPU 2 is 48 Celsius idle. If I run Aquamark over and over, GPU 2 gets to 58 Celsius. I am using Zalman VF700 cu heat sinks; these are smicko. Check them out here. ricey
  13. Hmmm, that is a little unkind Granted, the OCZ PowerStream 520 is better overall than the ModStream, and is necessary if running sli, but note that DJStubbs is not running sli . So, his psu is fine for the system he has. ricey
  14. quick answer: on the side of the pci slot that is nearest the edge of the board. ricey
  15. Hi I'm running my system in a Lian Li V1000 case with a Lan Party nF4 SLI-DR. I don't have your cpu or your graphics card :drool: (bummer lol), and I'm using an XP90, not the XP120. However, I'm getting 26 celsius CPU, 40 celsius pwmic, and 42 celsius North Bridge. Room temp is 16 celsius. Rather than cutting a blow hole in your case, I'd recommend first replacing the 120mm exhaust fan with something decent from Panaflo etc . If you put your hand under the exhaust vent at the back of the case, you can only just feel a gentle breeze. As this is supposed to be the main exit for hot air from the case, this is not good. I would expect that your temps would go down markedly with a decent hi flo 120mm exhaust fan as it would be expelling hot air directly from under the xp 120. This should also help with the pwmic temps, as the XP 120 should be cooling it as well. As for the northbridge chip temps, my understanding is that the nVidia 7800's have a humungous fan that exits the card hot air directly over the northbridge. Some dfi-streeters have shifted their vid cards into the secondary pci-e slot (the one furthest from the cpu) because of this. I cant do this as I am running 2 x 6600GT's in sli. Just my $0.02 worth. GL ricey
  16. The only problem that I have had with the V1000 is that my OCZ 520 Powerstream psu was too long to fit flush with the rear of the case. I had to make a pair of aluminium brackets to fit the psu. ETA: here is a link to a thread of mine which shows the problem and the fix. ricey
  17. My lovely 19" Sony Trinitron monitor decided to die. Fortunately, it is 6 weeks within it's warranty period (yes, it is 2 years and 46 weeks old). The tech told me that he thinks the crt tube has died. It looks like I get a completely new monitor. That is great, but in the mean time I am using a 17" monitor that is just evil. Who cares? In a week, all will be well. ricey
  18. There's ample clearance, and the XP 90's cooling is excellent. It also helps that the V1000 is a great case for cooling. ricey
  19. I'd recommend getting another dog; they are way so much better than computers. I'd be lost without my dog. He is my best friend. My friend, my companion, my fall back position. My mate. Best dog. ricey
  20. OK people, I'm going to do this the cheap-skate, tight arse way! I'm running a Winnie 3000+ atm, and I'm looking to update to a sandie 3700+. No way I'm getting an x2, as I am running sli, and I get scared by all the people with lots of dollars who post that their 4800 x2 with 7800gt sli systems don't work.. After I get my sandie and it is all running fine and stable, I'll flip the lid off the winnie and start playing with it. I was going to sell it, but my winnie is a . overclocker, so I'll be interested to see if it is improved by flipping the lid and smudging a bit of Arctic Silver on it. ricey
  21. No, I'm on the west coast, over three thousand miles from Sydney, and we're having one of the coldest and wettest winters ever. If I don't crank the heating up (or overclock the cpu ), the panaflo on my XP 90 stays off! Cpu idle temp is 23 C.
  22. ok, me and my dog American Pit Bull Terrier, best dog breed in the world. Be nice to him; if not, he'll lick you to death. ricey
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