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  1. I will concur with the others in saying that Corsair Value Select is not the greatest in combination with these boards. I will say, however, that you shouldn't have trouble getting it stable with the most relaxed settings possible. Unless you killed it, it should work. My settings to get RAM stability are in my sig. The rest are on auto. If you are having problems with the memory, try using them. I haven't yet tried tweaking back into more aggressive settings, performance-wise. I would like them to run at 1T or maybe with bank interleave enabled... but this is the most stable I've been with this combination. I would check out the video card first though. Good luck. J
  2. killerjay_47

    Flashing latest BIOS

    DAGF is the lower-end NF4 motherboard made by DFI. Sounds like diamond flash image is pointing you in the wrong direction. I don't think you can use that BIOS on an Ultra-D. The boot disk saying starting Windows 98 is fine. Windows 98 is the last of the DOS based Windows. It's just booting the DOS part, which is what you want, I believe. I personally use the bootable CD available in the BIOS Factory (which is hidden in this forum somewhere, but I'm too lazy to find the link for ya. just search). J
  3. killerjay_47

    New Build: This Good?

    Personally, I would stay away from the 64-bit operating system until it's been out there for a while and there are enough drivers and programs that take advantage of it before jumping up. It is my personal opinion, based on my experience with the board, that you should be able to get it stable. It may take a fair bit of work, as mine did. I've had it for about 2 months now and I finally got it stable last weekend (mind you, I wasn't working on it every day). Of course, I also skimped on the RAM and that's what's at fault in my machine. EDIT: This was my first build from scratch. Before that, I had done some minor upgrades to a pre-built machine. /EDIT With enough time, you should have a stable computer capable of doing what you want. Question is, are you patient enough and do you have the time? Good luck either way. J
  4. There should be four power connections from the PSU to the motherboard. If you do not have all four connected, you are asking for trouble. They are: 24 pin, 4 pin 12V (square), 4 pin molex (hdd/cd-rom) and 4 pin floppy. 4 red lights means not detecting cpu... if I remember correctly. Can you verify the cpu in another motherboard or a friend's computer or something? G'luck. J
  5. Not to sour you to that memory... but there have been some reports of people having cold boot issues and/or memory death with it. You may want to find the thread about these issues. Having said that, there are other people out there who are running just fine with this memory and are enjoying it very much. I just thought you might like to know as much as you can before you click the "Confirm Order" button. J
  6. [OFF TOPIC] I'd be willing to bet that SATA will be going or gone in 20 years too... fairly good chance by then that things will be going optical for data transfer. How long has PATA been around in the mainstream now that it's being phased out? [/OFF TOPIC]
  7. killerjay_47

    Solution to Windows BSODs

    11 Years ahead of its time, here is the latest innovation from Microsoft: BEHOLD THE RED SCREEN OF DEATH! They originally said that it was going to be introduced in 2016 but it's in the Longhorn beta. Apparently it's not easy to make it do this but it's there to tell you you did something real bad. Cheers. J
  8. killerjay_47

    Computer Will Not Turn On, Standby Led On

    Sorry... I was speaking at your thread-jacker. Not you. Your OCZ Powerstream is a mighty fine piece of equipment. J
  9. killerjay_47

    Computer Will Not Turn On, Standby Led On

    I can tell you right now that if the problem is that your power supply is not enough (and it almost certainly is) then that is the first thing you should be worrying about. You will probably never get your rig to boot with that measly little piece of junk. J
  10. I have the same case as you. When I was doing the cable management, I tucked most of the excess power supply cable up behind the 5.25 drive frame. What was too awkward or too big to fit there, I coiled into the spare 5.25 drive bays. I also used tie-wraps to keep everything in line and tidy. My IDE cables got tucked away inside the 5.25 drive frame as well. Sata cable was kinda hanging there in the middle, but I arranged it so it was neat and it's so small that its effect on cooling is negligible. Far as the front panel is concerned, most of that I coiled behind the hard drive enclosure. Curious, what did they do with the duct on the side panel that is supposed to line up with your HSF? On these boards it obviously doesn't, because of the relocated CPU socket and RAM layout on the board. Mine is just kinda hanging there, close to the HSF but not right over top of it. J
  11. An update to my situation... I haven't had a cold boot issue in the recent past... probably been about 2 weeks since the last one. I don't remember doing anything special to fix it... My voltages are still the same and everything else is at auto still. The only problem now is that I can't get my memory stable. I still get a few errors in test 5 in memtest. 6 errors in 14 passes last time I did it with both sticks in. And as a result of my instability, I get the occasional BSOD in Windows. Something like 3 or 4 times a week. As soon as I have a chance, I'm gonna flash up to the 3-10 bios and see what we get.
  12. killerjay_47

    New BIOS!

    One's an exe... the other a zip. The exe creates a floppy that you flash with. The zip is just the .bin file that you would have to use the awardflash program to flash. Read the BIOS sticky for info on how to do that.
  13. killerjay_47

    Corsair Memory Problems?

    I dunno exactly what you got (make a signature with your specs) but I can tell ya right now that Value Select is not working very nicely for me. I'm getting the cold boot issue mentioned in a couple of the active threads as well as the sticky. Recently, my memtest came back and told me that I had six errors on 14 passes of the whole loop, all in test 5, two each in passes 0, 7, and 12. Odd that 5 would cause problems but not 8. But I digress. Corsair Value Select is not that much fun for me so far. Too random as to what you're getting. J
  14. killerjay_47

    New BIOS!

    Funny, it shows up on the SLI-DR page but not the Ultra-D. I checked not two hours ago... made a daily habit of that since Rgone said it was coming soon. It's the same bios for both MBs though, right? Thanks, J
  15. True enough. Most people aren't aware that the static shock you get after rubbing your socks on the carpet and then grabbing the doorknob can be tens of thousands of volts. Which is why static discharge can be lethal to your computer, even at tiny currents (which is what a static discharge is, huge voltage and tiny current). (That's for the noobs, not you david.)