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  1. OK, first off, I don't really have an USB key, but a memory stick with a sandisk USB adapter. It works in both windows and linux just like a regular USB key though, so I guess booting should be possible as well. I've read about others doing this too. Now, onto the question(s). Is there any differences between BIOS versions when it comes to USB booting, or possibly some setting that I've got wrong? I'm using 6/15, which has been working flawlessly for a few months now. The problem is simply that I can't boot off it - it doesn't turn up in the boot order menu in the BIOS. Is there anything I can do about this? Edit: It kinda works in my Asus A7V, the adapter on-light is lit and it does try to boot from it, neither of those things happen on my nF4 board. Update: Flashing the BIOS did it! I'm on 510-2FIX now I believe.
  2. The backplate doesn't work so you'll be forced to use a special method of some kind. Follow the K7/Socket A installation guide, but use the 2 middle holes instead of the 4 around the socket, duh. Edit: This is, obviously, for the nF4 boards. It should fit with default instructions on the NFII.
  3. exscape

    Venice 1.1v mimum voltage?

    My venice @ sub-1 volts 0.95x1.04 set in BIOS if I recall correctly
  4. exscape

    Do you guys call this stable?

    Worst case scenario is that your computer freezes... Play now, stability test later I've actually had my computer showing instabilities in prime95 after being primestable for more than 48 hours, so I make sure to stability test a lot after I change something.
  5. 1 / 2 Been using 3.3v stable for quite a while, but I'm down at 200MHz 2.6v for a while now. Never had any trouble, although since I rarely turn my machine off I guess that is to be expected regarding the cold boot trouble.
  6. exscape

    3000+ venice maxed out at 2800?

    Oops, that wasn't very clear... The 50+ degrees was with the Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu. I got way lower temps with the big typhoon. Way quieter as well, I'm very impressed by thermaltake with this one.
  7. exscape

    3000+ venice maxed out at 2800?

    What's your temps? Mine got too hot at 1.42+ volts (~50C) which caused instabilities. I'm at 46C load @ 1.5 volts now. Running 1.472v @ 42-43 load 24/7.
  8. exscape

    A64 X2 4200+ Rockz @ 2.61ghz

    Yes you should run prime95 as well. Make sure that you run two instances (from two different directories), one on each core, or it won't do you any good at all.
  9. exscape

    DFI NF4 makes noises !?

    I had the same problem with my Asus K8N board, really annoying! It _ONLY_ happened when using my MIDI keyboard, though... Which worked just fine on the motherboard I had before the K8N, and thankfully on my nF4 board as well
  10. Yeah but at 2x... Four times the theoretical bandwidth if you move them, it will definately make a difference.
  11. Bus speed doesn't matter at all... 5x400 would be the same as 8x250 if you had the exact same memory frequency/HTT link frequency.
  12. Try tweaking teh Max async latency and Read preamble memory timings. Even though they are just that, memory timings, they help greatly when trying to reach high HTT's.
  13. exscape

    RAM Manufacture Dates

    Most likely a bug. My BH-5 sticks were manufactured a couple of weeks after I got them according to CPU-Z. A few weeks before I got them according to the chips themselves.
  14. You should be happy for an awesome O/C with a very crappy PSU
  15. Nope, it doesn't mean anything. I've had two LBBLE 0517DPMW's, one did 2.6GHz @ 1.49v and refused 2.7 at 1.6v+. The other one does 2.7 @ stock voltage and 2.8 @ 1.47v.