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  1. Appreciate it dude! stay up now.. g'day
  2. THis answer should come simple to most of you, others probably saying im stupid for asking this quesiton but I did see it on another site, if it already supports it I dont want to have to take the motherboard out of the case to install the heatsink.
  3. Do I have to install the retention bracket behind the motherboard for this 939 socket mobo? Or just install the replace mount for the motherboard. Im asking if this DFI NF4 Ultra-D is already capable of supporting this without installing the retention bracket, I saw it on another site so I wanted to get it confirmed before I go through with the procedure.
  4. I had this same problem and I couldn't get passed the lanparty logo a while back when I first got the nf4 , I took it out of the case and ran it outside of the case and walah the problem was gone, re-inserted to case and bam here we go Hope i solved ur problem.
  5. Hi, in my past post I wasn't too informative I have been looking over the overclocking guide used as reference in these forums. I was just wondering if any others with specs much similiar to mine, what performance increase they have made. What they have done with there system.
  6. at the specs specified? what would you aim for? if any recommendations?
  7. bios ver included with a few more updates for more information.
  8. Using manufactured heatsink that came with the 64 processor.
  9. I have been running these specs @ optimal setup for about 3 months now with no problems I wanted to know if there is any bios settings that you could recommend. To maybe improve the overall performance of my machine being a gamer.
  10. Im running optimal settings with this rig setup. Should I push for more? change the settings?
  11. I have no intention in overclocking at the moment, can i install cool n quiet, and if i decide later to overclock, remove it? Sais warning dont install if you plan on overclocking. Thanks for all input.
  12. there are 4 jumpers and only 2 necessary for a sata hard drive, there is 2 one is power on and standby, and the other is spread specturm enable. Which I figure out that the spread spectrum is like enabling the hard drive to work , not just power on . Im sure you know of this, well the standby wasn't getting me past windows setup and now its formatting and installing on partition, so im happy camper so far hope everything goes well. Sorry for blowing up the forums.
  13. I had the jumper in power up in standby maybe this was the problem? instead of having it in spread specturm
  14. When system starts up it detects my sata hd and sais capaiblity: none The install starts from first boot to cd, when windows setup is starting windows, i get a blue screen error. I dont think its writing to the HD, due to the capability being none I haven't flashed any drivers yet? is this my problem?
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