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  1. depends on the situation(rendering, animation), but otherwise, no.
  2. :sad: I'm sorry Z but BFG has lifetime warranties:D
  3. welcome bak, Are the cards SLI bridged or are you running on 1 card? holla, h
  4. whut can I say? dawg you do this cuz you want to. If you think that I should I feel appreciative cuz you work OT is NOT MY FAULT or others that need the help. You took the job, started the site, and tried to help peeps and I dig it. But tryin to demean or denegrate people whose "hand you hold" is not my business or concern. If that is the case how come I have never spoken to you on the tech support line(that I have never called because I don't know the number)and that fend yourselves nonsense is kind of old like the "what gas your car uses" analogy.
  5. Personally, I think ur lucky. Otherwise, when something is amiss I hope you find all the support your looking for, search or otherwise. But in regards to Thunda, I agree.
  6. sure...u can send it to me...j/k good luck, h
  7. It happens. I don't think its an issue unless its the same thing everytime. And if it did, I would look at the game before the gear.
  8. My friend ,people are only as defective as the status quo that governs their purported existence. And just because some have problems, does not mean others do not. It's funny because DELL pulled their forum because of the way their users responded to the level of support they were getting. Minimal at best, fixed enough of them to know and will surely be fixing more in the forseeable future. And also, I don't think its the users that are pushing any mods into any corners, I believe that its the company that is pushing the mods into a corner(i.e listing RAM that has compatibility issues as "compatible"). If you ever worked tech support you would understand, and you know what I did? I quit. And why? Because that is not fair to the customers that I build a unique relationship with in regards to the level and areas of service I provide. I have spent YEARS establishing support relationships(or months really :nod: with customers only to be thrown away by the companies I have worked for due to: A. Management trying to limit the time I spend dealing with a problem, while the user/customer has a binding contract that is paid for such a service, not "shot clock support" B. My company having a pending issue internally that can never be patched and then being forced to tell users/customers that the problem is "on their end" C.(My favorite) My company wanting to expand its product line and then forcefully instructing me on sneaking in or outright disregarding their issue to sell and hype a new product that will make their issue automagically go away. (B usually leads to C) And you try to and in some cases succeed, but in the end you know in your heart that have not solved anything, just postponed it. I don't deal in postponement. I deal in resolution. So go ahead and flame me or wutevs, but I only offer perspective, nothing more or less. It's funny that I'm almost labeled as a troublemaker...when in fact I think I have done more to help than to hurt. I only speak cuz peeps need to know this :angel: PS, the boards are awesome. h
  9. another 1 bites the dust:) thread killer par excellance, h
  10. Ummm, You are DFI employees, right? This is DFI-street, where I and I am sure others, were under the impression that this is an official DFI support site, because if its not then I am little vague as to what DFI does to acknowledge most of its support issues, the manual does not even have a phone number. It's funny I tell people all the time, don't do anything nice for people if you will at some point generate animocity towards those that you are helping. I appreciate this forum, but a refugee camp? I think thats a little skewed...and from what I gather above it seems like your concept on tech support is slighltly misplaced. I do tech support all day whether I want to or not, and why do you ask(or not), because I get satisfaction from helping people PERIOD point blank, thats the kind of person I am and could not justifiably hold that against those that I help, for better or worse. Rgone, chances are my board would not be up without your FAQ and I thank you tremendously for your effort, and I constantly point others in the direction of it, if that means anything at all, but understand, if peeps didn't buy MOBOS and sumamrily have problems in some way, shape, or form you, I, and others would be out of a job(or just not have this one) hehehehe... dude I think it sux you guys have to come out of your OWN POCKETS to help people and its not fair(take it up with Oskar) but cmon...here you are either giving people to much credit or not enough...I feel the same way sometimes. All the same, your almost saying that customers in this particular case have no rights because they were under the assumption that they had rights(?)and if so are they the ones to blame entirely for their pre-conceived notions about receiving help? Or were they sold a false bill of goods and now its their fault for not concurring that and vocalizing? Nobody(not me anyway) is here to upset you guys, but do what you will... h
  11. I agree, although I was deterred by having to search for it under what seems like an endless amount of threads :nod: And if I ever see anyone with an issue in regards to this, I will surely lend a helping hand.
  12. Sure can http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17352 Setting the HDD delay--> 2 and swapping out the IDE cable did the trick. Although I tried the cable that gave me trouble in my INTEL and it works fine :confused: wutevs...RESOLVED
  13. PS, I resolved my afformentioned issue myself with my MAXTOR HDD's and all goes well...thanks for the support...otherwise, if I have another issue in the future I am somewhat leary on where to go get some feedback, but hey, I'm only a customer. Get rid of the search nonsense, collect/compile/consolidate the issues into a single cohesive document or different sections dealing with different types of issues and help the user, don't push your job off on them because of(???) I dare anyone to disagree, unless you like searching for hours+days for something even in the neighborhood of providence in regards to an issue. Thanks for readin, h
  14. ok, Im ready... I'm gonna bullet point to make this short. 1. I am not happy with DFI's support in regards to this forum, nothing personal, but I just recently asked for help 1 TIME and neither my post or pm were responded to(selective support?)This search thing is out of control. If this is a support forum, peeps SHOULD NOT have to perform a thread juggling act just to get information that they are entitled to by the virtue of, say, the $200+ they put out to purchase this product. 2. I really do love this MOBO, so for teh [email protected]'S get ur minds right, and you know who you are, So that being said, this is not an attack on DFI or its employees, I LUV MY GEAR! 3. I remember a quote and it goes: "This world is filled with *********'s that got unrealistic expectations" --Ving Rhames,"Marcellis" from Pulp Fiction. Meaning some of the people that have these problems are doing it to themselves because they can't get 250FSB, [email protected]:1 running 4 1GB DIMMS(I hear the sound of glass burning and cracking...whats that smell?!)and its not possible with the gear they are running or at the settings they are running the gear on...It boggles the mind. 4. I think a lot of the cold boot problem has to with users getting jumper-happy and over-volting the RAM even though they weren't running it @3.3+...and DFI has laid a disclaimer in the manual, as vague as it is, in regards to that issue or issue(s) that could arise from that 5. In my experience, a user that has to go through hell and high water with MOBO issues (INSERT_ISSUE_HERE)just because they swapped out a HDD or plugged in a device is not cool and that is a basic amenity that shouldn't be obscured just because "it's a DFI" and as well should be afforded to the end user automatically upon purchase and initial setup. To conclude, I feel there is a breakdown on a few levels, but why stop progress? h
  15. I'm coming...there are to many posts...(AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH) h
  16. I would boot them 1 at a time to make sure drivers are on both and then immediately bridge them:) hehehe, h
  17. I concur :angel: but is the SLI'ness working or on the road to working yet?
  18. Actually...If your creative in what you share and run on each rail you could probably get her stable(thats what I had to do...)
  19. I know it seems weird but this is actually a good sign Now you (and I) KNOW there is CERTIFIABLY a RAM problem. Alright, can you get her up with 1 stick or run both of em in single channel? You should definitely in this case (unless something is wrong with ur RAM like RMA status wrong...)be able to get her up with RGONE's BIOS settings in his FAQ somewhere on these boards, there almost fail-safe. Otherwise, do you have another SLI bridge to be absotively sure, or have can you use this one another rig? Your almost there :angel: sux don't it, h
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