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  1. wow, My first suggestion is to check the pins, make sure master/slave is set correctly, cable swap, etc. I have had this problem before and I fixed it, although it was a maxtor(showed as 1 or 4gb)...need a sec to recollect... ... ... ... ... ahhh ok, I never liked deskstars...If it is your boot volume have you tried booting into it, also do you have any RAID options set? I need to know everything...
  2. 10 dolla make ya holla... Also, I think your going to need it(floppy)
  3. just copy NTLDR from the setup disk and dump it on the drive via the REPAIR utility on the setup disk.
  4. That my friend is highly awesome let's now bow our heads in prayer, so that others will be as lucky as you(myself included)
  5. Crucial is foul... I think those that purchased this RAM should possibly consider what their/ your legal options are...it's evident they sold a faulty product and now their re-negging on the terms of service. How do you RMA a part that is no longer manufactured and then after the part inevitably dies, tell the customer to take another, same defective part or tough cookies. Sad truth is that all the RMA's are actually helping them liquidate the bad batch(s) even faster...also, quiet as kept, the overall markup of these pieces is well over 500%...so how many RMA's is that? and how many times will the average user go through the RMA process? just food for thought, h
  6. Your problem is the RAM timings plain and simple, P95 may like it, MEMTEST may like, but windows doesn't. Try upping the voltage slightly or using 1 stick(ad nauseum)
  7. Actually ur temps are par for the course judging by your setup, when u start seein 80c on the GPU and 60c on the CPU then it gets interesting, otherwise ur doing great.
  8. I wouldn't advise that...you will/might lose your ISP and if you don't you face a lifetime of capping, which at this point I think is what happened to you. Also, you could try raising your half-open TCP/IP connections to 100 and your max connections to server to 20 and also your max connections to server_01 to 30, also ping the tracker or run tracert, your choice. h
  9. It sounds like a port-forwarding issue to me, try opening all ports(6881 - 65536) in the router to 1 specific IP address(i.e. 192.168.15.XXX)and in network connections enter the information manually: 192.168.15.xxx 192.168.15.xxx(default gateway) then ur DNS info: 207.85.66.xxx 207.85.66.xxx+1(if thats what it says in ur status-->support page) to be extra sure uninstall TCP/IP, reboot, and then do what I mentioned above. Also you could just be connecting to crappy trackers... h
  10. I think ADATA also makes a TCCD, no? wutevs, I can't wait to get my hands on that 44... I do find it rather odd that you can't get past 200, I would also disconnect everything except the boot HDD and CD/DVD drives, reseat RAM, reset CMOS, set default settings, and take her 1 setting at a time instead. my 2c h
  11. You've done a great job sister! although, whut other ideas are in the pipe backend-wise? thanx alot :angel: and the I'm sure the hockey playas will be thankful to :nod: h
  12. The forums are really seein better days Thanx for the work and luv, its greatly appreciated keep risin and holla, h
  13. [Claps at good idea] :angel: You would seriously be helping out a lot of peep's h
  14. welcome to teh KVR club what BIOS are u running?
  15. Thanx for the info C This is rather interesting, I believe SETI does something along these lines to. I would rather help fight cancer than look for aliens(today) Otherwise, good stuff and thanx agin. h
  16. excuse my ignorance, but what is folding? I could google it but that lacks socialbility(?) Although if it helps someone I'm down :angel: thanx, h
  17. (taking this oppurtunity to bury the hatchet) I never had a problem with the gear, when it wasn't acting right on the 20 pin PSU I did as you said and read and that made my experience a HELLUVA lot easier. Anything that is really cool is worth putting the time into. I know I can be abrasive at times, but that is only because of the job, I am not satisfied until every(almost...)user is satisfied. This is great stuff and it hurts me(seriously) to see peeps having problems, even more so because this a great product. I just need to get this ADATA going and then I think I will be truly seeing the genius that is DFI. thanx and sorry for the past, h
  18. It took me a long time to say it in spite of my "sordid" history here, but I am quite satisfied with my gear. To all who have problems, be patient, time will and be your only friend. She is a wild beast that must be met before she is laid to rest... To clarify the analogy, this gear must be learned before it works and is mastered :angel: h
  19. Adata...must have...need...next week,yes...next week but they don't sell Adata PC4800 in the US, but they do sell 4200...
  20. For NTLDR you do not need a fresh Install... If you have another Comp or even a friend with WIN XP, just take a floppy and copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM on it and dump it in C:. I would suggest getting a WIN98 boot disk to get you into DOS so can copy the floppy to the C: problem solved. h PS, you can get a boot disk from here: www.bootdisk.com
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