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  1. I'm still trying to hit 2700.... Otherwise, checking out some of these P95 scores, I am curious to know how the hell I hit [email protected] odd...
  2. No, 2.8VDIMM will not kill your (value)RAM, and optimized defaults ARE NOT recommended. In fact, Stroudy's timings mirrored my own with the exception of TRFC(mines was 18 :nod: )I just used 4178 TREF in the beginning to make sure that setting would not pose an issue. Damn Stroud, are you using a divider on that opty? and what's your CPU multi? Great job
  3. That's not gonna happen, highest so far is 276 x [email protected]:1. It;s hard not to try, although 270 x 10 is showing me the most love so far :nod: I think the issue is CPU VID and drive strength...
  4. I'm sorry, I was just siked :nod: ............FSB -- 300 ...CPU Multi -- 9 RAM Divider-- 5/6(or 9/10) ...LDT Multi -- 2.5 Or ............FSB -- 284 ...CPU Multi -- 9.5 RAM Divider-- 5/6 ...LDT Multi -- 3.0 I'm gonna see which one is gonna give me love in a second... Thanx for showing some level of interest h
  5. I'm runnin 260 * 4 and she can prime for 16+hrs...but better safe than sorry:D
  6. I'll be back...I got an idea... 2700 /9 = 300 * .2(5/6) or .9(9/10) * 2.5. or 2700 /9.5 = 284 * .2 * 4... I am all ears if anyone has any suggestions.
  7. Also check MAL(Max Async latency) and RPT(Read Preamble Time)this RAM is very finnicky about em both...
  8. You got any straight bios settings?(a64tweaker doesn't show LDTx) I'm trying to hit 2700 on this Newy and I think you might be putting me in the right direction... after this is done I get my opty 170
  9. That "11" should be a 10, and also you'll be hard pressed to hit 250 with a locked multi if your not using a serious divider(forget about 5/6). I would also suggest [email protected] and dropping the VDIMM to 2.6;D
  10. it'll work...just throw 2.8vdimm at it and 4178 on the trfc, cpu [email protected]%. drive safely
  11. amazing. Actually Seasonic's are rated quite high, they hold there voltage quite well no matter the task.
  12. That RAM will definitely be in my AM2.
  13. You can max out HZ on SLI-DR, I hit 280x9 12hrs p95. Although I am CPU limited. Believe me, that RAM is the best product on the block(save for super talent PC8000)
  14. This is a shot in the dark but...clear CMOS and re-enter your timings. For whatever reason some of these settings get stuck sometimes....
  15. Do you have another board to test the CPU on?
  16. Saaayyyy...what are your BIOS settings and timings?! I've been trying like hell to get some reference to *finally* hit 2.5g's on my newcastle. Everybody either has an opty or an x2... Anyway I think prime95 is the ultimate test. If something is truly wrong it will error out right away and then you can troubleshoot that much quicker, or if it fails a few hours later then you know that it's only a matter of process of elimination with fewer factors involved.
  17. My 7600gt's will be here in T-minus...5h22m53s;D I figure that at $199 with a $30 rebate($169)x2= $338:D:D:D:D for performance that is slightly above a 7900gtx.
  18. (I usually keep this stuff to myself, pride an all, but...) Alright, I got me the G.skill pc4000 bhz(2 x 1024)the other day and after some minor technical difficulty I've been priming them for 16+hrs(we'll see when I get home...)otherwise, they are not the problem. I have swapped out my bios(3-10)yeh I know, but the KVR loved it so I left it alone, and now I am running the 7042bt as I feel that is the best BIOS for this RAM after ALOT of careful research, plus it would fail prime95 after 4hrs to the letter. Anyway, since I swapped out for the new BIOS and I try to apply 240 * 10x the machine will not boot. Ok I says, and then shoot for 200 * 10x just to be prudent, same thing no boot. So then, I become finnicky and shoot for 200 * 11x and then the bastard boots at 200 * 12x according to CPU-z(???)it gets stranger, I then go back to BIOS and bewildered by why this happening and then just for s**t's and giggles apply 225 * 11x(2475) then she reboots, I check CPU-z and guess what? She boots at 225 * 12x(2700!) I find this rather interesting, as I cannot get any other multiplier to run except 11x - 11.5x and it STILL boots at 12x! It would be cool if she could prime at that number but I KNOW she can't(see sig)anyway, if anyone has any insight as to why my multiplier's are stuck please post. Thanks in advance!
  19. (weird)I better hit 265+ cause I ordered mine and they'll be here today... I hear the UPS man a knock knock knockin at my door...and I swear if I don't get my numbers, then Ima gonna, Ima gonna(/weird) After taking a REAL close look at this thread(all 25 pages...)It is my estimation(and most of yours)that these stix won't hit more than 275, as a median. Otherwise, I think some of you that can't hit more than the 250-260+ range are throwin in this RAM out of the box and expecting it to hit these magic numbers and in my experience this don't work like that. RAM has to be burned in before you even ATTEMPT to get a post or crash-free windows op...my advice in spite of the fact that I'm gonna probably do the same thing I just told you not to do(hehehe)is follow the G.SKILL tech's and the others advice(teamrsx??? comes to mind)in this thread and take your time with incremental MHZ steps and perform an 8hr+ memtest/prime95 run the second you take it out of the box. How do you think I kept this RAM(see sig)running for a year? .02c and wish me lukk.
  20. I find this interesting...at some point I'm gonna need this so please post your findings on this issue. thx
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