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  1. Good eye:) Do you have a Linux bootloader on CD? Like Knopix or anything? That would determine if you still have an OS loaded that's either LINUX or NTFS.
  2. I've seen this before...in fact I saw it about 1wk ago... I *was* gonna write a long sordid tale of overcoming odds and etc., but whatever. Your problem seems to be a short coming from the area of the MOBO where the RAM is. I would in this order: Set her on a box(yes box) Set SLI jumpers BACK to normal position(single GPU) Clear CMOS for a few seconds or whatever time you like Plug in ALL aux power connectors(4 pin molex + 4 pin 12V) plug in Keyboard Install 1 stick of RAM Install the graphic card(make sure the 4 pin 12V is plugged in there) Plug power cord into PSU Turn on back of PSU Grab a bottle of your favorite beverage along with a item pertaining to your religion, squeeze tightly, pray. Power on the MOBO from the power button located at the bottom of the board. Come back and let us know what happened:D If I can recover from what I just went through BELIEVE ME your gear still works and you'll be pwn'in nubs in no time with all setting on MAX.
  3. Question(to all who are afflicted): What chipset driver versions are you using?
  4. Welcome to H world...these dudes have been playin games with my isht since Monday as well, I'll race ya to see who gets it first:D
  5. umm, what is "grub grub grub"? If you can get a screenshot, or write down the error word for word that would aid those who would like to help you greatly. h
  6. Mine's is rock [email protected], She can go to 2.65 if I loosen the timings 3-4-4-8, I am still trying to see 2.7, I have a few more hours till my 4400 get's here so it's now or likely never. The longest she primed for @2.7 was maybe an 1hr @ 225x12...plus you don't need 1.6+ to hit 2.6 on a newcastle, if it doesn't rock out at 1.52 - 1.55 give up. h
  7. Good luck Cyber:D!!! Keep us all posted on how you make out. h
  8. At this point I would say a 4800, unless you can find an Opty for less than the 4800 that you KNOW will OC crazy. The Opty 1xxx's are coming to for a comparable price in a few months... AFAIK, some of those 4800's can OC well, I hope you get a good one:) and good luck!
  9. Thanks sooo much for that link Tasr, I'm only stressing this because there isn't nearly as much information on the CPU(or the 4600...)to make an informed *expectation* of how well it OC's, so far from what I've read it seems 2.6 - 2.75,2.8 on rare exception are par for the course. On the tinkering level I totally understand, but sometimes you have to force yourself to do something fun to refresh perspective. Although the odds are in the process of having fun you will likely find something *else* to tinker with later...this damn [email protected]$%$%!
  10. Thanks for the insight! Saaaaayyy, would you mind telling me what stepping code and production week your's is? It's only because I want mine to love me as much as yours loves you:)
  11. Thanks cyber:) and I wish you the best of luck on your purchase as well! Which X2 are you getting?
  12. Hi all, After some REALLLY LONG and hard deliberation I have concluded I will get the best bang for my buck with an x2 4400+. At this point it is almost a waste to purchase an opty at this point, I shoulda copped one back in April...all the same, I have done my homework on this proc and I wanted to get a refreshed, more current perspective from anyone that has/had one and what I should expect. Thanks in advance! h
  13. Thats about right, in this board I hit [email protected]:1:2.2-3-3-6...Although I must say that if you aren't planning to OC(I know you are but...)It's a solid kit, very affordable, and will likely last forever. These sticks seem to be VERY PSU reliant, meaning don't even attempt to use them unless your PSU is 500w+.
  14. I'm locked and loaded... Got me a rev 304 with an 805D and 2G's of the OCZ platinum DDR2800, only I need now is a Conroe...
  15. It's no sweet hangover if you overburn something that you worked at a shiat job for shiat pay to acquire. Although, if you got 'em *smoke 'em*. Tardz.
  16. Install the sound card and be done with it.
  17. umm sig. Also there is a thread going on right now at xtremesystems.org that is discussing this. Not to mention that you have to push no less than 1.6v(if that) if your even tryin to get anything over 2700, although peeps have had some decent OC's using phase or dry ice.
  18. Thats as good as it gets with a newcastle, ask me how I know...
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