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  1. Alright I just got off the phone with them and they are RMA'ing my s**t, in all fairness they did concur that the mistake was made on their end and they will "hopefully" be shipping me a 610(pleez god pleeezzz...)I have to thank Watsonte for the amazing clock he posted; somehow God spoke through his work and told me that Monacrh shysted me:D raise a toast to progress kids! h
  2. Dude I got ganked:( These #$&*^@#'s shipped me a 110w and it was advertised as an 89w... Monarch shall be recieving a call from me very soon...
  3. Thanks a lot for the screen Also, I'm gonna check out whether raising my PCIe frequency will provide the same benefit that it has provided you:D Thanks very much for all the info you have most graciously shared:) Cheers, h
  4. This is the best OC I have seen yet for this CPU:) :) I "attempted" to run your BIOS settings and I couldn't even get her to post:D Awesome job watsonte Question 1: Would it be possible for you to post some A64 Tweaker or A64INFO screens? Question 2: Why did you up the PCIe frequency to 105? Did this aid in your stability? Thanx for sharing your progress, h
  5. I must commend you on the stylish rad grill mod:D What temps are you pushing on this puppy? All the same I need definitely need to more research, I really want to apply this to my "ever-growing" skill set.
  6. OMFG!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN:) :) Thanks so much for putting me in a good direction, greetings and salutations from Uptown NYC;)
  7. Hi guys, I figured somebody here would be hip to watercooling so I decided to seek input about it. Ok, I have $350 to spend on building a custom watercooling setup and I want to make sure I am hooking up the right gear for the money, as this is a long term investment and this setup would be specific to a non-expert SLI-DR, but could be moved onto another chipset. I honestly don't even know what to start asking about first so bear with me. The gear is going into a CM Stacker 810. Any help is greatly appreciated:) Thanks, h
  8. Are those RAM timings for real? I would suggest loosening them if so:D
  9. What divider/ VCORE/ VDIMM are you running? Also what do you have your CPU STARTUP VID/ CPU VID/ CPU SPECIAL CONTROL at as well. I'm positive mine will hit 2.8+ at 1.6+VCORE.
  10. At this point you should be installing the AMD dual core drivers.
  11. IMHO opinion I don't think you'll hit 2.8 on 1.58 VCORE on a 4400+...I think it may be possible with 1.6+, but I wouldn't advise that with this CPU unless your running a watercooling setup. On 1.53 VCORE mine peaks out at 2.73. Although getting a better PSU never hurt nobody;D
  12. How could you cheat it? It either works or it doesn't...and if you could cheat and do, don't ask why you get crashes/freezes/corrupted data,etc. I wouldn't.
  13. Newcastles are a little different, since they run on 130nm process they need more volts. For example, a 3800+(newcastle) stock VCORE is 1.45, after using 110% on CPU VID SPECIAL CONTROL it runs at 1.55. An Opty's stock VCORE is 1.35 - 1.4. So for him to push a 2.6 OC he would need at least 1.55, but he can push the VCORE to 1.7 on air safely; while doing that on Opty will kill it. I loved mine for all intents and purposes, it was just time for her to retire;D
  14. No, they should be around mid - low 30's idle and in the high 30's/ low 40's on load. Is it hot where you are?
  15. Is this MOBO in this case or on a box or something outside the case? This usually occurs because of a RAM problem, case short, or you have something not plugged in like the 4 pin molex and/or the 4 pin 12V "graphics" connector, you have a 6600gt so I don't think thats the problem, I also recommend installing an IDE hard drive with a fresh windows xp sp 2 install(any size big enough for xpsp2)to see what, if any, error messages or events occur. 2c, h
  16. So far mines(4400+) is pushing 270 x 10 running on a 5/6 divider using 1.53 VCORE(50C on load...) I think you should give her a little more time. The day I got mine she was only good for 2.5 at 1.4 VCORE(although I didn't prime...)The next day she crapped out on me at 2.6 running a 1/1 divider with 1.5 at 4hrs dual prime. Last night however...she came through for me this morning after 12hrs dual prime stable at 2.7 running 1.53 VCORE:D:D:D All I'm saying is try to break her in a little and look at some of your other settings, what may work for your Opty MAY NOT for your 4400+. Tonight I'm going for 2.7 on a 1/1, then I'll move up to 2.75 at a not known yet divider, AND THEN I'm going for 2.8 at any divider I can get to work;) Give her so more time is all I'm saying, h
  17. (I agree with the Monarch quote for the record, just got mines today) All the same, I am not measuring your level of aptitude, nor am I trying to. I have worked support like, as you put it "nobody's business", listen, I ain't tryin to start drama or thread-jack, all I said was my opinion about 1 particular comment, otherwise I think it's cool that he is being given some level of attention so that perspective can be built for himself, me, and any others that may run into this kind of issue. @Bgeneto I'm sorry dude, I really was just trying to be helpful in your efforts, I know PSU's don't come easy where you are and that's why you have captured my attention, if I had things my way I would send you one if you picked up on the shipping:) All the best, h PS, Talk to your man, Lowboy...because I feel that he is starting drama and he knows what I'm talking about...
  18. @ExRoadie: "Humility paves the way towards greatness, and provides the means for those truly majestic." -- h @Bgeneto Be careful and try not to hurt yourself, I wish you the best. Also did Enermax give you back the SAME PSU or is it a BRAND NEW PSU? stay up and don't get robbed, h
  19. I would do a search in AMD 64-bit Archive for RGONE'S manual, and also 1000HT is actually 1000 x 2(2000) so your in good shape. PS Trim down the sig a little:D
  20. How do you know? I also find that statement a little arrogant. What defines all conditions? And is there a finite number of conditions that are addressed explicitly defined as "all"? The dude went through 2 PSU's on the same board, I believe in the power of common denominators! Have you tested(or ever) with a volt meter? It is *slightly* possible that your UPS could be a problem or the wall socket itself, I would even go as so far to hook the machine up and run it in a different room for observation. It sucks, but sometimes voltage fluctuation/ output can differ room to room.
  21. Do you have a backup UPS/ surge protector or was it plugged directly into the wall socket?
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