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  1. Quite truthfully, I think there are somethings that maybe you haven't tried and need to be addressed b4 f**kin wit dat dMytE...and if the machine would randomly crash during testing even it has passed before then the problem was never truly addressed and resolved(or the big one anyway)I think ur problem is with the RAM settings(same as almost everyone else)I think u should pull ur s**t together, put the machine back together and fight with it some more...If you can even GET to the point of being able to run any test or game, ur halfway there. Jus my 2c Don't lose patience, but don't break nuthin either or Ill f**kin kill U :nod: , h
  2. 1st thing 1st...lower those timings a bit(2.5,3,3,5) check ur vdimm(mem voltage)and make sure its 2.8 or higher(not much higher), disable DEP(if XP)(google on instructions or search these forums), if ur machine can even GET as far as being up long enough to run a bench then I am highly certain it is memory. BTW please post ur complete specs in ur SIG otherwise no one really knows what could possibly be the problem.
  3. yeh pop it in an let her fly(or try to)and then post results.
  4. Simple. Get it to boot to windows, it usually wont crash unless you try to do something *slightly* intensive(i.e. browsers, games, benchmarks)but instead when it *just* boots run some utility(cpu-z, A64 tweaker, etc,)that can extract your ram values in numeric form. Truth is, I think most machines will boot in AUTO setting and stay up for a period. If the length of time the machine is up for shortens or evens comes to the point of not even posting, then it is a PSU+maybe something else. But if it can stay up until you do something(see above)and THEN crashes it is memory or CPU. In this case you should give AUTO some love, but make sure your CPU voltage is at 1.4 and up(just stick with 1.4 until u get desperate)and that your RAM is at 2.8-3.0vdimm. You got some good stuff so you'll be alright, for starters I would SEARCH the forums for ANGRY's and RGONE's setting's faq's to get started and then take 1 number at a time. wow, h
  5. no tweaks for u. That s**t might start a fire :nod:
  6. that's awesome,but I doubt his settings are exactly the same as yours. And when I say exact, Im sayin that from day 1 ur settings were different. although thats some tuff s**t u got goin
  7. Just listen to these dudez an raise the voltage to 1.4+(trust them/me)
  8. Here biatch: CAS# latency---------->2.5 RAS# to CAS# delay-->3 RAS# precharge------->3 CYCLE TIME------------->6 good luck, h
  9. Jus get the f**ka into windows...that is the beginning. Then use A64 tweaker or some program that gets info from the BIOS, specifically memory timings. That's all I can say for now as I have my own little value-ram thing going right now, but I have run P95 and memtest for 8+hrs and 0 errors so far. In fact I am surprised it hasn't crashed yet, seeing as how a web browser will crash you quicker than anything else. Definitely buy new RAM(I am even if this does work)but however you go about sustaining some stability YOU MUST GET INTO WINDOWS FIRST. And RAISE THE VOLTAGE ON THE MEMCORE to at least 2.8Vdimm.
  10. Actually...(I told u, that u would be seeing more of me)I have run PrIme95 for 8hrs and memtest 1.51 for 10...and guess what...0 ERRORS!!!! Good stuff Jec :angel: I need to test another 2x just to be absolutely sure though. Although I have gotten A crash with mmc.exe f**kin with the drive speed but thats it...never happened b4 though. Even still I got a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION runnin @ non-dual channel so it could be a fluke(happened last week :confused: ). If my 2nd round of testing goes well I will need help to put a guide together(RGONE)like screenshots an s**t. What I have figured out definitevly is that the voltage MUST BE RAISED on mem to at least 2.8([email protected])2.6 won't work(I repeat). Don't wanna jinx myself so I digress somewhat, all the same what I did notice is that when you pop in the RAM when you 1st get the board it was tryin to run @1T 2-5-3-3-6 when in fact I have reached A stability(meaning currently)at 1T 3-8-3-3-6, ran memtest and Prime95 for 3hrs a piece at those settings and all was well(didn't get the error until 1T 2.5-5-3-3-6...)So I pumped it to 2.5 and BONG! 8+hrs a piece(Prime95 and memtest=10hrs)I'm not sure what to make of this as I don't understand what changed the auto timing settings. I will keep you all informed, but I need to check more(always testing somethin...)but if all goes well(and I think it will I need to post some sort of guide to help out teh other peeps in value-land. wish me lukk, h PS good luck Jec!
  11. U guys are awesome, no question and thanx so much to even replying with ur itineraries. ex-Roadie: It's impossible to absolve the end-user of any and all liability, but I c u through around a lot of RMA "offerings" and I just think about what a process it is to RMA with ASUS, MSI, IBM...I wholly commend you for that though because of your initiative(yes)with the end-users to go the extra-mile with making sure they are happy with the product(I'm using right now and luvin it)so I am sorry if I slightly overstated the "effectively annoying" thing as well as other statements that might be drawn into ire. You understand that "maybe"(damn dog, keeps wantin love ) ,if any, that 1%-2% of the users in this forum have a clear understanding of what it takes to get the most outta this mobo. I'm sorry to give/leave the impression that the end-user is totally unliable, Angry: (This is my lucky day, 2 big dogs in 1 thread, 1st(and only)posts even) I didn't say *you* said "this RAM sucks", in fact, I don't think anyone said this(except me for connotation)My reference is to the fact that I have seen a number(a big number ratio-wise)of referral(s) to purchase OCZ(it really is funny on another level)when said "compatible" RAM does not work. I can't f**k "wit da product :angel:" and I'm getting some REAL soon myself(no, I'm not a hypocrite) and whut you have described in regards to the RAM industry is no different than IT industry(to anyone that can relate, [email protected]!!!)approach towards anything. But wouldn't it piss you off if you copped that porsche and after $100,000 later someone told you that you need the "X" brand 02 sensor to get the "maximum" amount of mileage per gallon? YES, and you know what? It's fine goddamit cuz your rockin that porsche o well, ur still doing 0-60 in [email protected], but wouldn't piss you off to know that you could go 0-60 in [email protected]? All the same, I only want to help the users and myself in the process of suffering from "Value-itis". No crazy timings or voltages, just a respectable dual channel boot. After that...I believe this house is clean. Just to get . strait I ain't crapkin wit y'all or anybody that posts information that is useful or even just enterntaining :nod: In fact, there are a few users on this board that I *think* might benefit from some of my experience(s) and I will gladly share all. And why? Cuz DFI "Got da m***af***in product" PS Thanx guys, seriously, at some point I am definitely gonna call for help, but right now I want *to* help and have FUN(keyword) ez, h
  12. Greetings to you all, I have exactly 35 minutes to write this so I will be brief. First thing is "HI" to all you here, for a wonderful, albeit, strange turn of fate has brought us together(now let us pray )I definitely want to send a strong shoutout to all the reps that are here from my perception anyway, tirelessly and thanklessly trying to help peeps get the most out of their rigs(DFI, OCZ, etc. thanx alot guys :cool: chances are nobody would be up or anything without you) :angel: DFI is a wonderful enthusiast brand and I have nothing but alot of love in a short period of time for yall. That being said, there is a rather small snake in my garden of DFI'ness...and that is the dual channel issue First of all I run Kingston value ram at CAS3 on a puter that can MORE than handle this ram on dual channel. I HAVE(for a 3hour period)gotten this ram to work on dual channel with RGone's expert tutorial(If ur ever in NYC, you got some free drinks comin to you although, this was for 3 hours. I have read a few threads like "to all you sad wutevers"(I'm not sad)and "I have the ram thats on the compatibility list", "Random re-boot", "BSOD SLI-Dr", etc, etc. and quite truthfully with exception to some users that encounter strange turn of events most of you/these guys make a valid point in regards to the memory situation. Personally, the f*kka's up, is stayin up, and I am not runnin dual channel, and that is fine for now because where I am and where I was comin from are seriously moons and stars away from each other(I'M HAPPY). Though I also feel that this issue in particular sorta needs to be addressed. And not addressed in the way like,"Well this RAM sucks" or "YMMV" or "e-mail this rep" or (my favorite) "RAM functionality changes everyday, one day something might work, the next it may not". While there is validity in all of those statements, that truly isn't the end-users problem from a retail standpoint. If it was then manufacturers of said MOBO or PROCESSOR maker would be selling 1 particular brand of peripheral/accessory/device right out of the box. For example, every DFI would come pre-packaged with OCZ platinum rev2 w OCZ powerstream 520w PSU and we can't forget OCZ(INSERT_ITEM_HERE). Not to poke fun, but this is the point of my thread topic(FUN)All the same, telling users to purchase different this or more of that AFTER they have shelled out $1000+ to run "almost" best of breed home user equipment is effectively annoying and can be percieved as somewhat underhanded, especially if they researched the best compatibility to cost margin(for weeks, even months)effectively in a sense committing retail suicide(ask me how I know...)Yet, inspite of this the keyword remains "FUN" and why? Because "I think" a majority of us want to be able to(or to) tweak the f**k outta our toasters(I like that term)and to marvel at the results of our latest brainstorms(for better or worse)and not to mention because that "is" fun. Quite truthfully, this was and is a pretty big upgrade for most of us due to the beast known as PCI-e, so no one here "just" bought a mobo, we also bought video cards(good ones;D) and PSU's. That being said, on a more essenial level, when it works we are getting more than we ever had before, and you know what...it's fun. So what, your RAM won't OC past 1:1, or you only get 90+FPS in D3, or your you "only" have 512mbs more of ram and it won't(INSERT_TASK_HERE)so what? That's like 80+more FPS in D3 and 512mb's more than you had to begin with. So lets be thankful for what we can make our toasters do and enjoy how much more it "can" do than that Aptiva m100 u were trying to get 10FPS on MS word with. Peace n***uZ, You haven't heard the last of me and PS lets try to help "each other" out and not just leave it all to the DFI guys cuz we have a much more robust testing platform, and that's the fact we turn these things on everynight to have(guess what)FUN h
  13. Wassup yall, I promise you will all hear from me more in the near future. Reset the CMOS by removing the jumper and try turning on the machine, the CMOS reset will be confirmed by the splash screen. The error messages are DEFINITELY related to memory and more than likely the DEP(data execution prevention service/option)sorry to be so vague but I am at work. question DFI guys: have you guys seen the Anandtech value ram roundup article?? They successfully tested Kingston value ram (2.5/3.0) and corsair value(2.0-3.0) on the LPNF4 SLI-DR( at strange timings no less...)but it worked, so anymore insight as to how this development *could* impact all us out there in value-ram land would be greatly appreciated. thanx yall h
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