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  1. Bump her up to 300 FSB(for starters)and run the 9x multi, that'll get some of your RAM back at least, mines top's out at 305 x 9 and I coudln't be happier as there IS a noticeable difference in response. I almost have a feeling we have the same stepping/week as this is what I encountered my 1st go around with the OC max on this chip.


    Hope that helps some,





    Peace Kingfishersmile.gif

  2. ok you guy's all buy corsair or g.skill or ocz or what ever brand and pay alot money for it, i'm using stock UCCC chip samsung at 3.0,3,3,8 at 233MHz and it's very stable all the time so i don't understand why most ppl buy expensive ram and then imagine to fly with it but in real time it's not big boost but alot more money


    I am inclined to agree.

  3. I've seen this before, pop back in your old CPU and download/install the AMD dual core drivers then shut down the machine. Clear CMOS for however long with the power cord out of the PSU and the switch off, pop the 4800 back in and boot her up.


    I would also flash to a more recent BIOS before you do anything.

    The only reason why I know this is because the same exact thing happened to me and this is what I did minus the BIOS flash as I just did that earlier.


    Good luck,


  4. Has anyone else had problems overclocking this one? I have the 4400+ Toledo/E6 stepping and I can't even hit 230x11 @ 1.6V with 9:10. I even removed the IHS and although it lowered my temps, it's still not giving me a very satisfactory OC.






    From looking at your screens I would suggest trying these settings:


    HTT: x3

    CPU VID -- 1.45

    SPECIAL VID -- above 104%

    LDT VOLTAGE -- 1.3

    DRAM VOLTAGE -- 2.8(for starters, I know that RAM can take more, TCCD?)



    MAL -- 9.0ns

    RPT -- 7.0ns


    Try running your RAM at stock settings(3-3-3-8)there is NO WAY your gonna push 1:1 with this CPU trying to run 2.5 - 3 - 2 - 8, although you might get lucky on a 5/6 divider. And even at stock speeds the highest you'll see, also these CPU's seem to prefer the 10x multi.

  5. @Abducted

    I have exactly the same stepping and my CPU is at stock stable over 19 hour´s Dual Prime.

    I give 1,5 VCore and the CPU don´t run with 2500MHz It's just a bad batch I think


    Now i will buy a X2 4400+ 0610 DPMW in the 110W Version, and i hope this CPU goes more better



    Sorry for the English


    Max is 2.73 on air running 1.45(VID STARTUP) x 104%(VID SPECIAL)although I am positive she can do 2.8 on water...soon...very soon...

  6. In answer to your original question though:




    We dig into the actual processor itself. While this may not be the real reason in your case, it is a real reason none the less. When we run these benchmarks we have no idea (unless GNU or open source) of what the source code is. It's really not that big of deal anyway unless you want to know how much of your processor you are really testing. Take Prime95 for example. I haven't checked it's source (if it even has free source?) but I'm willing to wager that it only tests your general purpose registers. Also note that since we are all using socket 754/939/940 and are using 32-bit windows or linux half of the register isn't being checked. So long story short, there are different instructions that use different parts of the chips and different special or general purpose registers that are tested for each different benchmark. The benchmarks here such as prime95 and super pi do a great job of testing the most used parts of your cpu, but who knows, you might actually be unstable using SSE2 instructions :confused:


    This is a very solid perspective.

  7. If you guys(or anyone)is familiar with SYSTOOL I have noticed that on initial burn-in the MAX for this CPU is 2.5, this is where it gets weird; looking at some others initial results they claim the highest is 2.5 - 2.6...but this is running at a 1:1 divider. Otherwise, what I am saying is that I *think* they(4400+'s) kind of need to be broken in(constant burn-in sessions?)and at that point you have a VERY small window of time to acheive a "better than average" OC. That's what happened to me, after my first stock burn-in I couldn't even prime 2.6 at a 1/2; now I can prime 2.7 at a 5/6(????)My max is 2.73(no point)All I'm saying is that it's important to keep "reasonably" hammering away on this chip and I promise you that it will bring you a greater yield, how great is anyone's guess.



    To the 4400+'s(may you burn in prosperously),


  8. I guess so....and really 2.6 is certainly not bad...I guess just like any processor there are the bad, good, and best steppings....What you got seems to be good...and really I have never seen a 4400 that couldnt do atleast 2.6...so an FX-60 for $230 or so isnt a bad deal...



    Easy for you to say(cough, 2.9, cough, cough)icon10.gif


    Ryn, I stand corrected, it's just that the only CCBWE0609DPMW I have seen is the 110w variety, (89w?) Otherwise, I think you *might* be able to hit 2.8.


    Otherwise, I have a dilemna...do I return this 110w that does [email protected] for an 89w with an unknown stepping that may not OC at all for the chance to possibly get a CCBIE0610 that will do 2.8+ on 1.4VCORE. What do you guys think, any input would be greatly appreciated.


    THanks sorry for semi-thread jack,:)


  9. I have recently purchased a 89W 4400+ with this stepping CCBWE 0609DPMW. I think I'm hitting a wall at 2.7, I can't stabilize it even with 1.55VCore but I can reach 2.65 with only 1.475, do you think a burn-in would help?


    Where did you get it from?

    That, is in fact a 110w as far as I know(I have the same stepping...)and 2.7 - 2.73 is the wall.

  10. Please forgive my English; I just made this tool in order to calculate the best combination possible of FSB – HTT Multi – CPU Ratio, maintaining the HTT Speed in range. Obviously you have to find the CPU and Memory potentials first. This is not rocket science. You can see various scenarios and combinations very quick, I think. I just made it during my lunch time in the office. I hope it will be useful for you.


    You will need Excel :cool:


    Awesome, playing with it now.


    Thanks Corrupt!



  11. Got home last night to find dual Prime95 torture test still running after 11+ hours. Made a few more BIOS changes to be able to run with CPC enabled, re-ran Prime last night and woke this morning to find it still running :)


    Tonight will be hard core frag fest on BF2, then overnight Memtest, if she pulls through all of that ok, then I'm good to go.


    I think you can see 2.8 on her.

    Have you tried 280 x 10 * 9/10(meaning 280 at the 10 multi using the 9/10 divider)?

    Anyhow good lucks and congrats!




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