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  1. there is an easy way to overclock the FX 55. just ship me your chip and ill ship you my chip:) even swap
  2. kinda lame to quote myself but yes i had the volts both 1.550 the highest! i dropped them botch down to 1.45V and also dropped to 46c!!! almost room temp. 46c=114.8deg. my room temp is 89deg. time to stick the air on
  3. i have reste the water block and it looked to be ok. maybe my volts are to high in the bios
  4. i think i might have put to much thermal grease on the waterblock. you think that might be the problem?
  5. is yours overclocked? mine is staying at 50c right now
  6. i have went over and over this post alot and i had one flaw i did:( http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5866 so yea it works for me 100% here is a few things i have changed. i have it at 230 fsb. cpu voltage start up and other is both at 1.50 it has to be or it will not boot. and i have it as 5.0X now for the bad thing. my temp is 52 idle! anything i can do to help it out or am i stuck at this poor heat? also the special vid control is at 110%. what does this do. my monitor clicks now when start up? i put it to a 123% and just turned off :confused: i dont understand what thats for? info. running 2.53 HOOAH! i want 3.0 or better
  7. no he only has 1 but he has been knowen to lie
  8. it is the new 24 pin. all pci express mobos have 24 pin(i think). here is my mobo info http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/se...4&sku=D452-2030 PC1X1 what u mean my settings? here is what the admin posted in another post http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5866 i have tryed that and nothing.
  9. no i didnt mix anything up. there is a couple of posts and pic i have seen and tryed them and stuck my MHZ way down. UPDATE: i did change it back to almost stock. with them settings i couldnt even get into 3dmark05. it took 10 min for it to load.
  10. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5866 tryed it and didnt work. i have posted and asked the person that posted that some pointers in case i might have to change some thing. Vista 5311? for real? my friend has the 6600gt and he gets 8000. you have the 6800gt witch i will trade if it is picE.lol im dreaming but anyhow i dont get a 5000 on the dot my norm is a 5120 but i like to round stuff off
  11. hello. well i have been told to read your one post to help me out on some of my non skilled over clocking.lol i have printed it out and went and did it. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5866 the only thing was i have the hammer witch takes more volts so insted of 1.42 i had to go to 1.500 on both. but see i know ur going to laugh and tell me i did some thing wrong. i did everything it said in that post and i only get 1.20MHZ :confused: i dont understand why has it dropped it 1/2 way. stock i run at 2.21 and when i clock the fsb to i think 214 i get a stable 2.31 but i seen alot of ppl that have like 3.0. thats why im looking to get. im going to keep my system to this bios setting till i get a reply from you just in case you know what to change. if you want to know a little more about my system here is a link: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...7033#post107033 if you or anyone can help please do
  12. the thing that really pisses me off is i see this bench mark called 3dmark03 and 05. i have both. I ONLY GET A 5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is wrong with my system. i made sure i bought the best of everything. im going to this site out i have printed it out and here i go:/ http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5866 not to be a pain in the azz to you all but i have spent a total of 6+ hours from ppl telling me how to do it but never does.lol but i will try try try till this PC just goes BOOM!!!
  13. thanks all. ok what i am wanting to risk? well this system is pretty much safe. if it gets hot then it resets. but anyhow i have tryed to fry it just to see. i know im a moron. i am willing to risk it. but i have tryed a couple of things. in the FSB Buss freq it is stock 200. well i have tryed everything to make it past 215 with out rebooting its self. if i have it 215 it will run fast buttttttttt if i am in game for more than 30 min it reboots. For the DRAM Configuration!!!!!!!!!!! i have no cluew what to do ther. i have went to site to site getting pics and nothing works. i have no clue what any of that stuff is????(INFO PLEASE) cpu/fsb freq ratio is set auro. i have tryed making it like 5X but it lowers me MHZ?!? i was running at 1.01 MHZ for 2 weks and didnt know.lol i have my ram set as V3.10 and my startup CPU VID is 1.500 same as cpu vid control 1.500volts WHAT I CAN DO::: FSB Bus frequancy 210 CPU VID Startup Value 1.500V CPU VID Control 1.500V DRAM Voltage Control 3.10V or 320 forget:/ STOCK RUNNING IS 2.21MHZ BOOSTED 2.31MHZ this is all i can do. i have tryed the CPU VID Special control and what ever % i have it(like113%) it reboots. OK FOR TEMP::: idle// board temp 90 deg CPU temp 98deg IN GAME(STRESS!!) Board temp 109 at the highest cpu 120 at the highest this temp is with me overclocking to 2.31:) its not all that hot so i want to take her to the max!! i keep playing around but i dont understand most of what this bios has to offer and understand what most of this stuff means. INFOINFOINFOINFO<------------I NEED Oh yea. if anyone wants to have there pc cooler at a cheap price go with the evercool system! i mean it. it is so easy to install and really nice item to have. i have ran my PC with this liquid cooling system for 2 months stright and i never seen nothing go bad. 110$ shipped to your door you cant beet it. it dropped me about 15 deg on the cpu. also it came with a GPU. that is a water thing(block) for your video card!!! yes i have my video card water cooled:) hehe need help with bios! thanks i do all this and she runs nice and at the same temp
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