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  1. You're right. But the odd thing is that I could do 24 hours of memtest86 at 297 mhz a year ago when I had a winchester cpu.
  2. BIOS: NF4 LanParty (original) BETA BIOS 3/30/2006 Motherboard: NF4 Lanparty Ulta-D CPU: AMD64 Venice 3200+ (E6) Memory: OCZ 3200 Rev 2 I can get my CPU rockstable at 2560 Mhz but I have to run my Rev 2 at 200 Mhz, reason; the computer just won't boot at any higher speeds than 205 Mhz. Is there anyone out there with decent BIOS settings that would work for me? I'm not aiming at 300 mhz on those sticks.. but I figured I should be able to reach 250 Mhz, as I've hardly never seen anyone with less than that. Cheers, Shadek
  3. Dude, that's the same as me. I hate my Winchester. It won't get stable (as in 100% 24h memtest/prime95/OCCT) above 247 HTT no matter how much voltage I throw at it. Damn CBBID 0451 EPMW!
  4. I had this problem... I had bluescreens and then reboot... the problem was the Nvidia Network manager... it was a IRQ conflict. (I'm still not 100% sure it has been solved yet though... but I haven't had it since I uninstalled yesterday). I was told in the bluescreen: IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL What does your say?
  5. Ok, I did as you said... the bluescreen tells me: That an error has occured and that Windows has been shut down in order to prevent a problem with my computer Driver_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Then it gives me a hint on what to do; some hard/software might be wrong and that I should contact my hardware supplier for drives..etc etc... Technical info: Stop. 0x000000D1(0x000000038,0x00000001,0xAAF469D8) NVTcp.sys - Adress AAF469D8 base at AAF44000, Datestamp 41e7162e What does this mean? Is my hardware malfunctioning? I'm using Daemon tools... maybe the extra drive might be causing this problem? I'll disable it to find out... but I don't think it's the problem. Could it be the memory sticks? They're perfect in memtest86 at stock speed though... this makes no sense.
  6. Hi! I'm having a memory problem. See, I always get a bluescreen + reboot after the download (or hashing) is finished in Bittorrent. The bluescreen is only there for ½ second and then it automatically reboots. But I've manage to read a little... it's swedish so the translation might not be the correct: "Beginning emptying the physical memory". What is causing this error? I've tired changing BT-clients. That's simply not the error. When I report the error via Windows bug-report.. it's says a hardware device might be malfunctioning.. and once, I was even told it was the graphic device that caused it.. (why would it be that?!). I've overclocked the computer... it happened then, I've gone back to "absolutely" stock settings, it happens now as well... so it's not my settings I think. Could it be my drivers? Please, I do not know what to do anymore... I simply can't solve this problem.
  7. I have never ever heard any noise from mine. It's whisperquiet... and I'm overclocking too.
  8. Oh. I see. That's all I wanted to hear! Thanks you mate!
  9. My friend of mine, is getting a Ultra-D mobo.. and he's wondering if he'll have problems with stability or rather anything, if he uses this PSU: http://www.nordichardware.se/Recensioner/?...else=328&page=3 Hiper Type-R 480W +3.3VDC 28A +5VDC 32A +12VDC 18A +12VDC (ATX12V) 16A -5VDC 0.8A -12VDC 0.8A +5VSB 2.5A He intend to have HIS Radeon x800 XL ICE-QII and OCZ rev2 sticks... he's also going to overclock. Will the PSU be enough for him? Regards, Gabriel
  10. KICK butt! Flexkill's memory settings FINALLY made me able to pass 300 HTT without any problems. I've been struggling around 255 HTT for so long now... and woooaaah, so easily up to 300 HTT. Thanks man! BIOS version: 3/10-05 (or as we europeans type: 10/3-05) Memory timings: 200 1/1 enable 2.5 4 10 3 12 14 3 3 2 3 4708 01 enabled increase 255 level8 level3 07.0 05.0 16 disable 16x 7x disabled(8bursts) Ram voltage: 2,8V Ram speed: 300 mhz
  11. This is weird... before I went to bed, nothing worked. This morning (is 04:45AM morning? I HATE MY JOB!) I turned the power on... and yay, it's working. ODD ODD ODD!
  12. Ok. I just did EXACTLY that... waited even for 5 minutes. It still won't work. I still recieve the same message: Bios Rom Checksum Error Detecting Floppy Drive A Media Drive A Error. System Halt. I have no idae how to get passed this. Can anyone "in charge" pleeeasse tell me what to do because if this keeps up, I'll have to buy myself a new motherboard.
  13. It won't help. It just keeps saying the same. To clear the CMOS I only have to put the jumper on the new spot, start the computer... load optimized defaults... then save... turn off... put the jumper back in "normal-mode"... then it'd would, right? When I move the jumper to "clear CMOS" the same message appears... it just won't help. And the HD thingy could be it. In windows it's shown as a Removable unit down in the systray... (but is also shown as C: in "my computer"). This seems to be a problem without a solution... P.S. I have BIOS verison 310.
  14. Ok. So I tweaked among the various memory settings... it worked fine. Then I probably changed something I shouldn't have changed (probably went too low with a value) and *boom*... Now I get this as soon as I turn on my computer: Bios Rom Checksum Error Detecting Floppy Drive A Medie Drive A error. System Halt. The weird thing is; I don't even have a floppy. I have gotten this message before and I only had to clear CMOS in ordet to get into BIOS again... but this time it just don't work. What is wrong? How do I solve this? Regards Gabriel
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