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  1. Alright cool. So i guess now i put windows in the CD-ROM and pray?
  2. Hmmm... yea I think I got it. Your saying in photo 32, to use the left male molex fo the power supply, and the other odd black one (right on photo) to the drive. I think i got it. What about the SATA cable, thats in goes into SATA 1 on the mobo right?
  3. Here's where we stand so far: http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/30.jpg and no comments about the water on top of all the expensive stuff please. :eek2: I think my last question before windows is regarding the power for the SATA hard drive. I pluged in the right plug in the drive, but there are two choices to power it. 1) the standard 4pin molex 2) that wierd plug I don't even know if there is a plug for the wierd on on the mobo. Should I just use the 4 pin molex? http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/32.jpg Also, I pluged the yellow SATA cable into SATA 1 on the mobo, is that right? http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/31.jpg
  4. hahah, good to hear from all you guys. regarding the Hard drive screws, ya OldGuy is right, i WAS using the wrong screws. Its the funny looking flat ones that fit. I never thought to try them because i didn't think would ever fit in the dampeners. haha. The right screws sure did fit like charm. Its a beautifull thing! :sad: Okay i'll make my sig better soon. I promise! :angel:
  5. Yea the XP-90 is pretty big! lol I dunno i manuvered the ram into the 2nd slot somehow. seems to be running okay!! dual channel and everything. Will have to figure out the timings later. I do game, not tooo much though. I do alot of photoshop and web stuff.
  6. cool, I'll try mounting one on each side. Mabye i'll drop by home depot too and see if they have longer screws. Nope not a LANer 8)
  7. Question regarding Hard Drive. Both the screws that came with the case and the harddrive aren't long enough to screw in on both sides. Is it okay if I only screw in one side? Photo of screwless side: http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/27.jpg Photo of screwed in side http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/28.jpg Photo of scewless side http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/29.jpg
  8. heheh, what do you need another system for? 8) Looks like yours is pretty sweet!
  9. Oh yeaaaaa, i'm on a roll baby!!!! :shake: :shake: :shake: Time to tackle the Hard drive. :drool:
  10. http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/26.jpg So did i get it right? :confused: :nod:
  11. Wait a second, I think i know what you mean Stephen. Lemmie take a quick photo. Hold on, hehehe.
  12. Stephen, Okay so i'll run another IDE cable (yellow dfi one now) to the floppy. I'm still alittle confused on the placement of the cables on the mobo. So i put the CD-ROM IDE cable into IDE 1, and the floppy IDE cable into IDE 2? Also I didn't connect the sound on the cd-rom drive, I can do that later right?
  13. Alright! So the floppy and cd-rom drives are now secure in the case. Photo one shows the IDE ribbon and power molex connected to the cd-rom drive. http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/23.jpg Photo two shows the IDE ribbon connected to IDE 2 on the mobo. Is that right? I'm using a SATA hard drive so should i just use IDE 1 for the cd and IDE 2 for the floppy? Or mabye I can just one the one ribbon as i ask in photo 3. http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/24.jpg Photo 3 shows the other female ide connector off the main ribbon. I was wondering if I could plug this one into the floppy drive instead of running another ribbon. http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/25.jpg
  14. OH sweetnessss, i figured it out. I thought that the pointly end of the rail is suppose to face the font of the drive, but it actually works in both directions. So i flipped the rails around and now the drive is flush with the case!!!!! wohooooo!
  15. my guess is I have to drill new holes in the rails, to move them up more on the drive. What do you guys think? (photo 22)
  16. hellzarmy- I already said i figured out the front panel plugs. I got that down. BTW, don't you have anything better to do than harrass me? heh ------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to figure out how to install this cd-rom drive correctly right now, it's sticking out too far in the front. (check photos) -Pete
  17. Ah, you were right about the rails, I had them installed too high. I went to Antec's website. They have an install guide, its alittle helpfull. I actually got the drive to go in and the rails to "click" but now there a new problem. The drive sticks out way to much, and i can't close the front case cover with it out so far. The rails clicked in so now i'm confused again... 8( Front Drive: http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/20.jpg Inside casing: http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/21.jpg Rail: http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/22.jpg
  18. Oh man now i got a real problem. With the rails attached to the cd-rom drive i can't slide the drive through the front of the case anymore. And with the PSU and the mobo installed I can't fit it though the back ethir. Hmmmm, what to do? Take out the PSU?
  19. Ahhhh.... your right. Theres no manual with this case btw. Someone else b4 though the rails were for PCI covers so i never though they might be rails for the cd-room drive. Thanks!
  20. How do I secure the cd-rom drive in the bay? There are no screw holes for secruing the drive. Only those long cuts in the drive bays, but they don't really fit the screws. http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/18.jpg http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/19.jpg
  21. Ah, it all makes sense now. Thanks! Heres what were lookin at for the front panel connectors and the speaker in the "on" position. http://www.epiotr.com/other/comp/17.jpg
  22. Ops, will do. what i was looking for was on page 17 in the mobo manual. wohooo
  23. Ops cancel last post, I figured it out. Its the pins on the verrrrrry bottom right of the mobo that connect to all those case cables. I was lookin at the wrong thing. Sorry!
  24. ahhhhhh, the little blue thing on the mobo is actually some sort of pin protector. doh! I removed it, but the speaker plug on the mobo (what should i call it) only has 3 pins, and the speaker cable from the case has 4 holes. I'm thinkin mabye its not meant for that case speaker cable. The mobo manual lists the mobo speaker plug as "speaer on/off JP8". I'm just trying to figure out what all those cables that are connected to the front of the case are for. Do you think I should just leave em alone?
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