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  1. yea okay so i'll buy more ram. Get the same stuff right? or is there something better out there? Btw i only have 1 gig right now.
  2. I just did a quick little search for amd x2 on here and it seems some people are having problems. I don't like trouble.. heheh mabye i should stick to venice??
  3. Wohooo, in that case i might aswell get the x2 4200. 8) Does it work on Ultra-D though?
  4. There about a hundred dollar difference between the x2 3800 and the venice 3800. You guys really think i should just get the venice? Also if i get more ram i just get the same kind and pop it in right? all i do? I tried setting those bios settings that ReGone posted somewhere for a 3000 but my the game crashed even more so i'm back to optimized. Yea i'm using sound off the mobo, is that bad?
  5. I need help my computer is getting owned by battlfield 2. I think it might be because my monitor is gigantious but i dunno. It keeps crashing if i try to pump up the video settings. So was thinking of buying an AMD x2. How do those compare to the best venice, and will it even run on my mobo? Also, should i buy another gig of ram? -Pete
  6. Yea, i agree. I got windows back up, internet is till down i forget what disks and all that stuff i'm suppose to install. Its gonna take awhile.... lol
  7. hmmm, very odd, i tried it a bunch of times (boot from cd) and first 3 times didn't work aand on the 4th it did. Heh..........
  8. Good stuff. Well i changed bios to boot to CD. Pressed anykey.... Now it says Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration... Its been like that for about 15 mins. Hmmmm... Btw do you have a link to the slot fan?
  9. oooo.... I just tried to do the window repair, but i have sp2 on my comp and the dist is 1 so it won't let me. Reformate time it is!
  10. Yea i'd use the website, but i think whatever virus i have won't let me connect to the internet. lol I noticed that you have the same video card as me! 8) Do you use ATI tool? If so whats your highest temp you've had? Mine doesn't go over 100 i think... Also could someone give me a quick refresher on how to reformat, i've done it a couple times b4 its just its always such a long period inbetween each time i do it that I forget each time how to get started. lol
  11. son of a *****. hehehe... Time to start backing up my shiat, lol. Thx for advice though. 8)
  12. howdy every1. I've run into alittle bit of trouble and was hoping someone would have some ideas that might help. I think i go thit by a virus as shown by avg anti-virus program. Anways, i deleted them using the program but i get this message that a certain file is missing every time i start my computer. Also I can't connect to the internet, and i tried all the obvious. What to do, what to do. Plz don't say reformat right away, hehehe.
  13. Well i guess i'm ready to tune my computer. I'm not sure why though since everything works perfect, but i guess i might aswell lol. Everything is stock setting right now. Anyone wana start me off in the right direction?
  14. Hey i'm not sure how I did this but I have two network connections. Right now i'm connected to the Nvidia. Does it matter which one I use? Whast the difference? Should i delte the one i'm not using? Here's a photo. http://www.epiotr.com/other/network.jpg thx!
  15. sorry i haven't been on lately, i got my last set of finals for college (i'm graduating) yay! So everything has been crazy lately. StickX good to hear that this thread was helpfull, good luck with your build. Lemmie know i can help. The gigabyte card is great with the passive cooling but the core does run hotter than other cards. Doesnt really matter if u buy it from a good store like zipzoomfly though because they will replace it without many questions for 3 years if it fries. rexian- cool guide, nice idea. Yea you can use whatever photos you want, and lemmie know if you need anymore taken. i'll start posting again in a week - after finals. Cya then! :cool:
  16. Yea i can't believe how much better building your comp is compared to buying! Anyone know the different between the two temps? Also i partitioned my drive, 30 gigs for C: and 130 gigs T: I want to put all media on the T drive so I figured i'd cut and paste my "my documents" folder but it doesn't let you. Anyone have a solution to this?
  17. Yea everything is working great. Thanks fellas. I'll post up some pics soon! I've even done a few mods already which i'll tell yea about. hehehe. Quick quesitons: In ATItools whats the different between gpu temp and gpu environment temp?
  18. Alright it can't find the SM Bus Controller drivers on its own. (what is that anyway) mouse no work, heheh. What I do. 8) ---------------------------- also i put the windows cd in and had it look there. No dice. --------------------------- I put in the mobo cd from dfi, it found two drivers. both are called the same thing but one is in a folder called nfref_637_wsv and the other is in nfref_537_w2k NVIDIA nForce PCI System Managment here goes nothin...i'll try the first one.. -------------------------------- I guess the SM bus is installed, now its asking for software for Other Bridge Device ------------------------ i guess it found another driver off the cd. it installed software for NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator --------------------------------- installing NForce 4 HyperTransport Bridge, 5.1.2600.445 for pci something or another........ mouse still no work yet. --------------------------------------------- alright mouse works!!! guess that last driver did it. If anyone ever feels like explainin what all this stuff means that would be cool. lol I'll check the device manager now... -------------------------------------- Nice no YELLOW ! in the device manager anymore! I'll plug in a usb device now and see if it runs at 2.0 ------------------------------------------------------ Yep its running at 2.0 Oh sweetnessss. Last question I have is, were the drivers I used off the cd the best? Or are there better/newer ones on the web? Thanks all for help. Now time for some guild wars. 8)
  19. Also i just opened and closed the cd drive cause it was making alot of noise with wc3 cd in there. While i was doing that, the window changed and now it is asking me to connect to the interenet so it can find the the software online. should i connect it to the net?
  20. Alright i uninstalled all those things. Windows started up again and installed a couple I think but now its asking me to install software for the SM Bus controller. Oh yea my mouse doesn't work now so i'm typing on my laptop. Should i go ahead and have it try and find the recommended software for the sm bus controller?
  21. Okay these are the usb drivers i have running right now.... Driver Provider: Microsoft Driver Date: 7/1/2001 Driver Version: 5.1.2600.0 I should also probably note that under device manager in other devices the following items have a yellow ! next to them: Other PCI Bridge Device PCI Memory Controller SM Bus Controller Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller Regarding enabling usb2.0 in bios where would that be exactly? Thanks! -Pete
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