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  1. which version of 2x1gm ocz do u think is the best?
  2. I would like to know if there is a general concensus on wether 4x512 or 2 x 1gig is better. And if 2 x 1gig is better which brand is the most popular ?
  3. gah, stupid winnie. Thanks for info though. By lowering it to 333 though i will be able to oc the winnie better though right?
  4. also in addtion to temps is it possible to run my cpu (winnie) with 4x512 @ 400mhz?
  5. Cool thanks, i might adjust to those. BF2 and 3DMARK05 are crashing............ Speaking of crashing........... my comp was almost done loading windows when blue screeen and restart byself, lol. Anyways, I also updated to the new 5.8 ati drivers.... could be that too.... One question i do have though is about temps, where can i get some info on what my 3 temps should be?
  6. ah nice, page up and down works great. How about the settings u think they are good? Also whats the best program for monitoring temps in windows?
  7. Here's another question i have, in genie bios settings i'm trying to changed dram voltage control to 2.9 from 2.6, but when i press enter it doesn't changed and stays at 2.6. wtf?
  8. I took a look at the mobo manual. Do i want to do a clear cmos data page 6 or a safe boot page 8????????????????????????
  9. Hey every1. I'm workin on ocing my system and I guess i screwed up one of the setting in genie bios b/c the computer won't boot at all now, and the screen stays black. I don't think i damaged anything because i was doing conservative changes, but i think what i did wrong was i set cpc or something in dRAM to enable. Anyways, how do i reset the bios manuallY?
  10. Should i post the titles of each number or is this good enough?
  11. Here are is my DRAM CONFIG: 1. 200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01) 2. diable 3. 2.0 4. 03 5. 06 6. 03 7. 07 8. 14 9. 02 10. 02 11. 02 12. 03 13. 4128 14. 01 Bus clock 15. Enabled 16. Auto 17. 0 18. 7 19. 2 20. 08.0 Nano seconds 21. 06.0 Nano Seconds 22. 256 Cycles 23. Disable 24. 16x 25. 07x 26 Disable(8 Bursts) I think i have the DRAM CONFIG set perfectly for 4x512 plat 2, can you guys confirm if its perfect? Once i make sure i have the ram configed perfected i'll move onto overclocking, but i just wana make sure i have this first.
  12. Angry roll your self a nice jay and chill out a bit, lol.
  13. PSu isn't going to make BF2 run better thank you anyway
  14. Whats new about this board compared to the old sli?
  15. I'm looking to get another upgrade for my comp to improve BF2 preformance. I just got another gig of ram and it has help enormously, all the settings are maxed out except 2 and its at max res... hehehe. What do you think is slowing down the comp the most now, and what would you recommend I upgrade to?
  16. Another gig just arrived from new egg. So i'll fill the last 2 slots, what do i change in the bios settings? what else do i have to do?
  17. loooks good i'd suggest seasonic s12 430 or 500 instead of the antec though.
  18. Thanks everyone for your help. I just ordered another gig of ram. Well see how 2 gigs performes. What do I have to do when it arrives besides putting it in, lol. Update bios, change settings??? -PEte
  19. so does everyone agree the choice is between x2 and deigo?
  20. Okay so how many people think i should i buy venice and how many people think i should buy x2? Also i thought san deigo runs hot compared to venice, whats the truth?
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