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  1. i bought 8 sets of this Ram. so far i have used 4 sets. 2 of them are running great out of the box, memtest 20+ hours no errors 2 of them are giving me errors no matter what i do. Since this is for a business i'm think i'm going to go through all of them, find the errored ones and RMA them to new egg and not take any chances.
  2. Yep i was, thanks! I''ll try these soon.
  3. Gotcha, I'm doing stock speed 200, and auto timings of 2325, I upped the RAM Voltage to 2.7. I've got 8 of these 1x2gig sticks that I bought from Newegg for $185 for my business. The first set I tried game me about 4 errors in 10 mins. The 2nd set I just swapped in seems to be going strong so far.
  4. I'm doing memtest on G.skill 2x1gig 2325 RAM and ULTRA-D. I'm not too familar with memtest and was wondering, if i get errors does that mean the RAM is defective or that I might have to change something in BIOS? Thanks, -Pete
  5. Magnetic Drivers are fine, they are all i use.
  6. ops i didn't see it was refurbished. But great news that it will fit! Thanks every1! No worries about SLI, i don't want to go there. 8)
  7. I want to buy the Asus TOP 7800 GTX card but i'm worried if it will fit since i have a XP-120 on the CPU. Here is a link to the card, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...82E16814121203R What do you guys think?
  8. Hmmm..... I think i'm gonna hold out for the egg.
  9. Where are u guys buying this new stuff (OCZ5002048EBPE-K) Newegg doesn't have it yet.
  10. okay i tried 2.9, same story. Only thing left now is taking out a gig of ram
  11. okay i'lll try 2.9 dram voltage soon first, and then 2 sticks of ram. In the meanwhile u guys keep discussing and exploring..... heheh...
  12. HEY! who you calling a winnie.....!!! heheh Now on a serious note, it seems like alot of people have the same problem as me. some of u guys are alot more screwed up, but a few of you have the exact same startup boot hang like me. Now where is my messiah?
  13. Okay you guys really have to start reading the whole thread. Once again, its definatly not the psu thats causing the problem. Also i listed my bios version on page 1. Once again its 3/10 at the moment. I've ran memtest overnight no problems. Haven't tried jsut 2 sticks of ram, but why would i do that when i bought 2 gigs.
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