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  1. never mind, some how., monitors input mode got switched to bnc.
  2. Helping son on new build, as per top signature. First time power up on this new mobo. Post diagnostic lights: CPU light goes out, memory light goes out, vidio light goes out, but no video. Seem to have a good post sequence, but no vidio. This is my old vidio card. We plugged in back into my box to make sure we did not blow something up on it, still works fine. Any ideas? Thanks Chad
  3. What is the purpose of the light going off when rig is started and coming back on on power cycle?
  4. Cool point here is that the world is breaking the myth that only Intel could be trusted in mission critical boxes. The world is currently trending hard to AMD for their mission critical boxes.
  5. I thought the cold bugs only showed up with temps only generated via phase change (sub zero)
  6. Wow, Top end server market - imagine that!! http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=2428 Just giving our intel man a hard time.. Company I work for jumped on dual - dual core opty's about 4 months back for our middle-tier, mission critical, server banks. Chad
  7. I want to buy an Opteron with one of the following steppings: CCB1E 0550VPMW CCB1E 0605XPMW CCB1E 0606VPMW CCB1E 0608MPMW CCB1E 0609FPAW CCB1E 0609FPMW CCBBE 0610DPMW CCBBE 0615DPMW
  8. I thought I saw a few responses in this thread that referred to the ability to at least see the 2nd (of the raids) drive's temp?
  9. System per signature .. HDD smart enabled in bios - followed the tutorial link on setting up mbm5 for hdd smart. When I get to the point of Temp. device selection, no hard drives show up in the drop-down list. Any thoughts? Thanks Chad
  10. I went back to the DFI site and downloaded the drivers there (about a year older than those on nvidia site, I need to checkout that "RAID floppy image" extract). It sprung to life, install is now fine. Now my question is - Acronis True Image - can I restore an image back over this drive and then slide the raid drivers back in? I was planning on this until I relized that acronis must boot in its own world to restore to the drive. Are there dos tools (or config.sys/autoexec.bat) things that can be done in a dos boot to slide these drivers back in? Boy that was the end of this man's "Rapture" too funny, thanks for pointing out my great spelling
  11. I may end up hating myself for not creating a slipstream ... I have an external true-image that I made before tearing down and adding the new drive, and just wanted to criple the new installation to the point of getting true-image up and restoring the image .... dang, may need to go back to one drive just to get a slipstream built ... anyway, also grabbed a bootable cd of the western digital lifeguard diagnostics (I'm at work now) and so will try all these things again tonight. Thanks White hair
  12. just updated my sig - as I moved from the high voltage vm mem to tccd. Got a occt 9 hour torture stable bios setup on this ram before starting in on the raid install with these setting. After having problems, I tried an install with bios settings reset to "optimal" (i.e. all autos), same thing. Using ports 1 and 2 - one question on the BIOS RAID setup portion, I am setting the set of two stripped drives to bootable. It seemed like I had to disable the c drive as primary boot in bios if I did not? Other than this all seemed well per the tutorial? White hair - I was confused about this part also - got the two required drivers loaded off the floppy at the "S" time, with format to follow (single partition of expected size). However, I never saw the dialog boxes that Angry shows during the "windows" installation phase - I noticed that the A drive was accessed during this time and figured that since I never removed the floppy after the original "S" setup that all was well and it simply grabbed files from the A drive .. maybe my problem here inlies? The chkdsk was suspisous because 50% was the failure point - I was also confused in the tutorial as to if some amount of "boot partition" was required - I took the whole partition (leaving an 8mb fragment of some kind) Chad
  13. Just purchased another 74G Rapture, downloaded the lastest "Platform/nForce Drivers - nForce4 AMD - Windows XP" driver set from NVIDIA site (6.70), and copied the IDEWinXPsataraid folder to a floppy. Followed the instructions in the Tutorial and all goes as expected until the second XP pro installation reboot - where it appears the installation thus far is corrupted. Rebooting to the installation disk and doing the "R" repair option - drops me to a C: prompt, and chkdsk actually fires up here, but reports errors - chkdsk /r runs quickly to 50% and then seems to hang. DOS RAID setup, total NTFS format, initial installtation file download, first reboot good, second set of "windows" mode file down loads - no errors, no complaints - but at the point it should reboot into the new installation - everything is corrupted on the stripped drive. Any thoughts? Chad
  14. wow, that explains a lot!! I'm wonder how jokers have taken me out when all I could see was the end of their blazing rifle at the edges of my screen! I wonder how they could see my body when I could not see theirs ... This sucks! Seen the light!
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