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  1. I used this tool once a few years ago. I forgot to turn it off after the 2nd reboot (or was it the first, I really can't remember) and for the next week or so I could not for the life of me figure out why my main partition kept running out of space by the end of the day and then all the space reappear upon the next reboot. The reason this was happening because the bootvis program was still logging (or whatever the hell it reckons it's doing) and filling up my main partition with it. Anyway, I know this doesn't help you but in general the bootvis tool doesn't actually do much even when it does work properly. It gives you a few nice looking charts before and after and not much else. Just stick to a decent 3rd part defrag tool than can also rearrange boot files and you're good to go.
  2. As long as you don't attempt you put the PCI card into the PCI-e slots then it's easy
  3. I agree with this, even if the official documentation might seem to indicate that they extra power sources are optional. They are also there to help reduce the chances of instability whether you plan to overclock, run everything at stocks settings or even underclock.
  4. Why on earth would DFI, or any other mobo maker for that matter, put together a whole batch of boards and then not bother putting them thru any kind of testing procedure to ensure that they work. It's not logical and it would cost them more money in returns, worldwide shipping, and admin work than it would to simply test in the first place. As such, I would personally very much doubt that UT in this case would stand for anything other than just being some kind of model number/name - much like A8N is the model number of a certain Asus mobo.
  5. Nice work THunDA. I'll be adding this to my bookmarks to give to newcomers to overclocking when they post for help
  6. For free, no signup required image hosting... http://www.imageshack.ws/ ...upload each file and it will have instructions on what to cut and paste to get them to show up in any online forum. Tip, make sure your images are at most 1024x768. Either that or make use of the clickable thumbnail feature that ImageShack provides.
  7. Corsair gaining semi-exclusive access to Samsung TCCD was known in Feb of this year... http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=21264 http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=21264
  8. I have a Tagan 480w U01 and it runs just fine with my SLI-DR board. Many other users have the other revision of Tagan 480w PSUs (like the one you've linked) and also work flawlessly
  9. When did Patriot also switch to TCC5? Do you have a link confirming this?
  10. Me too, I only moved to A64 from an NF7-s in April and the extra tweak options is just crazy - but fun
  11. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...817&postcount=9
  12. Ok, I've tried the given suggestions and it's still no go So...
  13. I'll give that a try and keep my fingers crossed for not getting 4 leds
  14. I am flipping the switch before the awdflash program starts. The bit where I said when it prompts me to enter a keyword is just a batch file that Pershoot wrote. It is definitely not the awdflash program at that stage. The awdflash program fires up after I have flicked the switch
  15. It's a shame they didn't include gfx core and mem Mhz otherwise in that table. Anyway, nice work on the win
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