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  1. Well this is a fairly simple issue, Simply run a 166 divider [email protected] mem timings 3-3-3-8 and start turning up the memory till the system or cpu loses its stability. Once you find your max cpu clocks now its time for your ram, little side note here htt [email protected] start 3, all other settings set to auto. CPU FIRST and then to the ram.. :cool:
  2. fsb-250 ldt/fsb multiplier-4 fsb multiplier- 10 Dude seems pretty obvious to me,That is your running 1-1 making your fsb @250 or 500 lol not to bad there. Try the following use a 166 divider go to t2 then set the fsbmulti to 3 start up @ 250 fsb post and keep going till it screams. :cool: Umm little clarity here 166divder 10x 250 will get 2.5 10x260=2.6 but your actual fsb is far lower than 250 and that is what is snagging you :cool: @ 270 it would probably be prudent to run a memtest as you keep going up.
  3. Agreed and if you look @ my sig i have the enermax. Now why the ocz you say hmmmmmmmmmmmm adjustable rails and the enermax has no -5 volt. Other than that its a rokstar ......................but try being caught in without the above mentioned features and you may just ......... :drool: @ the ocz or screem to. :cool:
  4. Value vx? if that is the same ram as gold vx or similar id suggest you up your vdimm to 3.4-3.5 to stablize you ram. Or just simply go to http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/index.php and get clarification form ocz themselves......... :cool:
  5. :eek: Yeppers typo is the name of the day 1.65.-1.67...... ......... :eek2: Looks @ sig guess im a bit off there huh...
  6. Assuming you have a good cooler and i mean not stock at all Htt 3 Divider 166 pci-agp lock 67 200 fsb--210---220-- or just try to post @240 cpu voltage 2.6-2.65 memory voltage 2.8-3.0 2t 3-3-3-7 timings If you get a post @ 240 run memtest if thats satble 250 Once you find your max cpu clocks go tighten up to 1t then mem timings
  7. Before any of that is done id suggest you run each card in a non sli config and truly see if that one card is a limp finger. If not make sure both bios's are the same along with testing each pci slot on its own merit. A single card not being able to oc is very rare indeed, unless you have pushed it a bit to hard and its now :tooth:
  8. Personally i have picked up a 3200 BW E6 and i am very satisfied. Coming from a 754 claw it is a amazing little chip,It runs @ [email protected]@28c On very quiet zalman fan. Using the ultra d temp sensors its a rare occasion that the fan even runs( mostly during booting or heavy gaming) Yes i Highly recommend the new E6, In fact there is a sempron on the way.
  9. Yes id be intrested to all of the above replys, just tell me what you would like or need for the proc
  10. Up 754 pin 3200 and up ............Yes Up
  11. 1. Use ram slots 2-4 best for tccd or low power 2. use win flash for bios flash http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=US 3.Use Toe's modded bios http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9917 4. Last but the very first, find the right slots to run or the bad module, you dont want to flash a bios with memory errors 5. Dont give up the ultra it is without a doubt a animal. :angel: ... :nod:
  12. :shake: It was rated as such................. :nod:
  13. :nod: agreeded but were not talking about moving mass here, just opening gates so the electrons flow hmmmmm or is this a diesel................ :nod:
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