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  1. as title peeps has anyone got one of these for sale? I am in the uk but will pay shipping from wherever providing you have paypal (UK bank xfer is fine)
  2. looking at xs thread http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ight=crucial+2g the 2x1GB Crucial Ballistix Z503 seem to be the top of the tables... any one use these with an x2?
  3. anoy other suggestions peeps? i hear gskill being big-upped a lot.... oh and is that deffo 1t?
  4. as title please could i have ppl's thoughts on the best ram to run with a sli-dr and an a64 x2? 2gb please and t1. cheers peeps - I have been off the scene for a while and am out of tocuh with the latest.
  5. so that abc thing is a load of b**.? is that we are saying?
  6. if A is best then i sure lucked out with my M
  7. timko cpucityshop.co.uk have got the tpaw stepping... have you heard they are any better than spmw?
  8. btw - what is the max you are prime stable?
  9. concorde what is the default vcore for your beauty? I heard that the better clockers have a default vcore of 1.35v as opposed to 1.4v. Any chance you could switch to defaults and check what the default vcore is? also where did you get this chip from? I am also in uk ans would like to get my hands on a good chip. cheers
  10. no suggestions just i have very inconsistent prime times/// 45 mins then 1 min then 2 hours? makes me wonder if it is any good.
  11. that is indeed a very nice clock, what stepping is that bad boy?
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