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  1. pls files are causing my PC to freeze sometimes... With winamp as long as it was open I would never have the issue, I could load new pls as long as I wanted. It just when winapm first loads up it can cause my PC to freeze. VLC and I think MPC also have the same issue when opening pls (internet radio playlist). Anyway, after one of these "freezes" its like it sort of reset my firefox (most bookmakrs gone, all settings reset, some of my pluggins loaded there homepage like they were just installed + my homepage was reset. Any ideal what causing this? Its worrying me. Its not the HDD my OS is installed on, nor is it my ram. Other then that the only issue I consistently had with my PC was bioshock DEMO freezing shortly into the game (but full version works fine, and im already in second city). Seems weird and random. edit: well I just tested it with a reg audio file (I usually never use winamp for that) and it did the same thing... this time I heard audio in a infinite loop (0,5s) obviously because with internet radio it never gets that far... testing on my vista partition right now... will update if vista crashes. edit: NM, bittorrent files are just in a un-finished folder, weird
  2. been using it for +2 years....
  3. I have this static coming from my PC... Does not happen all the time, but when it start it usually does not go away for a while... Tried different ports (back/front), different headphones, I would also try a different OS but this static happens before I even pick my OS (vista boot manager).... So its obviously a hardware issue, but figured id post anyway... anyone have any tips? Probably going to end up dishing out 30-50$ for a new PCI audio card...
  4. ok I got it working.... I took out a sound card that has fallen to the bottom of the case many times.... Seemed to work perfectly now...
  5. well I tried to run seatools, just dont know how to from linux... I tried both dos and windows version using wine and both failed. As for the cmos, I am also not sure how to set that up. Tommorow I was going to take out two other CD-roms and sound card then tell it do do omptized and take it from there. But I am worried it weont be the issue since it always seem to run into that problem after POST and when the software part was kicking in.
  6. note: this is my parents PC (my old PC, MS-6528 model mobo). Basicly this PC was apparently working perfectly (expect being a tad slow), the only issue I had was when I was using my external drive enclusure programs would stop responding and id need to reboot, but without that drive inclosure it was working fine. My guess at that issue: it was designed for USB2.0, this PC is USB1 (and it also doesnt have sata, not sure if that has anything 2 do with it)... either way it was time to format the PC and wipe everything out.... I full format, it copies files and reboots.... On reboot it does stuff (I do not watch) and see a BSOD. I reboot, and it says somethjing like re-entering setup and after that PC shutsdown. After next test it shutdown soon after seeing win xp logo. I redo the format (this time quick) and PC also just shuts down after the reboot, once again after detecting XP. I ran one full run of memtest and there were no errors detected. I install ubuntu, do all updates, and all seems fine. Whats going on? It cant be software because its a fresh install, in addition my XP disk is not cratched or anything. As for PSU issue... I used to habe way more hardware in this PC back in the day, in addition they never had this problem. I am thinking HDD, but it seems to be weird how it would full format fine but not read files, that might be the next test I run whiloe I wait for a reply.
  7. I cant find the drivers, I am famously bad at not finding what I want, so its possible they are out there... This is a old PC, I got it like 7 years ago... I already spent some time and found nada. I think I will probably just end up trying 2-3 programs like drivermax/My Drivers and after a format one of them should of worked... If all else fails (doubt id get this far), ill ask you to try to "prove" that its easy , and if thats fail.... eh.... ubuntu to the rescue (already tested live disk).
  8. I am at my parent house and I am thinking of reformatting there PC again, problem is, with all the moving done, I don't know were my old mobo box is (therefore disk for this mobo).... So, the obvious question is, is there anywhere I can go in the OS to copy the drivers so after a format they are all available? It seems like C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers stores all the drivers, but are they in a proper format? And in case anyone is wondering they are using a MS-6528 model mobo. I didnt have any luck finding them yesterday night, and MSI website sucks.
  9. well... GetDataBack saved my butt... http://www.runtime.org/gdb.htm I managed to get EVERYTHING back on other HDD's... thank god... It got to a point were chkdsk didnt even want to run...
  10. well the HDD is not my OS HDD.... Although it is the OS that I use for uTorrent (so there is always activity)... Very important OS, I am a complete idiot for not ordering a new HDD the moment I read that error... good thing I keep vital backups.... I am also hoping I will be able to transfer the files... right now it often wont show up, and when it does, it often kicks out fast... On a unrelated note, to bad my mobo doesn't have esata...
  11. Anyone know if a bad HDD can cause the BSOD? My memory is fine (8 passes on stock), and one of my HDD's had a error like "ata seq error 2" in seatools (or something like that, not at my PC right now)... It is just me, or is that odd? Usually a bad HDD will either not show up and I simple lag a lot... or give errors in windows... I already ordered a new HDD and will RMA my broken one when my 500GB gets here... just wanted your thoughts.
  12. 8600M GT is the best model for the laptop I am looking at... its the cheapest one... its the one I made the thread about... 17": T7250 (2GHZ), 2GB of ram, 8600M GT, 120GB HDD, 9 cell bat: 1339$ I might add 1920 x 1200 for 150$, and a carrying bag for 30$, and 3 years hardware warranty for 150$. = 330$ I personally cannot find any other computer on that site (or any others) that have those key specs (17", +T7200, 8600M GT, 2GB) for under 1500. ... but still not sure if I should just get a cheap 500$ one
  13. I am not upgrading my PC (getting new pc in 6-18 months), I am thinking of purchasing a laptop... hence why I wanted a comparison with desktop video card vs laptop... I have been using that video card guide, problem is, its only for desktops... Also the 8600M GT is the best video card I can get on my dell laptop... and it will have two GB of 667MHZ shared ram (very much needed on vista)... I am just wondering if it will play games almost as good as my desktop... it will own my CPU, but looks like the video card will have problems...
  14. I have been looking around, and I am curious what is better... 8600M GT (mobile) vs 7900 GS (in my desktop)... seems like 7900 GS is faster in some ways, and some benchmarks even seem to indicate it might be faster... Still thinking about getting laptop, curious if the laptop I will get will have a faster video card then my desktop (I know my t7500 rapes my X2 +3800 AMD64 CPU ) As a side note, id imagine, at worse case, my 2-2-2-8 ram at 6460MHZ will be the same if not slower then my new 667 MHZ ddr2 shared ram (hoping the extra 200MHZ will help in lack of bad timings)...
  15. had one guy try to convince me 720p native res is as good quality as 1080i because 720p has a "p" and the "p" is better.... In the end I just got a 200$ 26" non hd TV and it has better quality then the 19" samsung 720p TV at 650$ : eh, also I do technical support for vista (networking)... so I talk to lots of stupid people. What is the worse is when the customer spends like 1-2 minutes looking for nothing and tells you its not there. Then you have him read it out what he they see on the screen, and they find in it less then 20 seconds : Then there are the ones who cant do a SINGLE click without talking to you (everything from them asking you which account to log into after a reboot, or you having to tell them to click on the "big blue e"). Or they give you a play-by-play of a scan (its at "2%", "5%", "8%", etc).
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