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  1. I have tried searhing the search feature with no luck, can someone please popint me in right direction for new bios on this new mobo..Thanks
  2. I am prime stable for 8 hours at 285x10, and have decided to push for 2900 on air..temps are ok, what my question is how much juice can I put on a set of Gold OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K. I have been running them at 3.2, can I up it more without to much of a worry??
  3. you need to post your entire rig in signature so we know what you are working with
  4. I just added a new dvd rom drive to my rig. It shows in bios as slave. When i put a game in, it gives me the screenshot from the game then immeadiately goes in the BSOD... I have not hooked up audio line yet, and to be honest I dont know where to plug it in.Would this cause the BSOD, and just where do I plug the second audio line at...Please help
  5. Why would it take 5 tries of clearing CMOS so I could get back into bios???? I did it exactly as AG has said to do...Finally after leaving bat and jumper for over an hour it let me in, can any tell me why???
  6. great..thanks for all the help...i have both ocz in my rig again and it appears to be doing fine....ran memtest for about 30 min and no errors....again thanks for all the help
  7. join the club....exact same thing here...I am running my geil right now but if i put the good ocz no boot...and ordering some g.skill, and I like you have tried everything I and others have come up with..it gets real old real fast
  8. yes,,, but I thought that this ocz gold was completely compatable with this ultra -d...thought I read somewhere that AG highly recommended...not saying its his fault...just wondering
  9. Is there a chance that this ram is causing me my headaches of not posting all the time.....Sometimes I can post and others I cant....and if I put both sticks in forget it...right now I have 2 sticks of geil in dual channel and all is fine????
  10. What Is The Best Way To Flash Bios, And Which Program Is Best
  11. I have had my rig together for 4-5 days, and I seem to be having the exact problem as others with this no posting stuff....It seems to have a mind of its own and posts when it wants to, but I have tried jumpers..which work if left over night...posts and boots to os a couple of times...I have tried different ram...I have hooked and un hooked all extras, and I still end up with the 1 red led and no post...i know its not the memory as I have the ocz in this rig right now checking it out...please help with what I should do
  12. I have the exact problem, and have done what he has done....i removed battery overnight and re-set jumpers and tried one stick of other ram(geil) it posted and I finally got into bios..loaded opt all ok....ran a few minutes, so I decided to try my OCZ again...loaded 1 stick...booted just fine...ran a few minutes, and I decided to put other stick in...would not post...1 red led....I do get screen.removed the one stick..cleared bios and jumped....nothing...well just dfi screen and 1 led
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