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  1. Have you checked your virtual memory setting? What is the size you have set there? If it's too small, increase it to at least 1000MB. If it's at least that (or bigger), then you really need to add more RAM. 1024MB really is the minimum I recommend for playing today's game.
  2. Thanks, it helps somewhat. What I really like to know is the longivity of the memory, would it be in question according to the many posts at G.skill's forum. That's what I'm really after.
  3. I love to tell you my settings, but being that my memory is different from yours and different CPU, you will be better off reading the memory tweaking guide and follow it instead. I can tell you some general setting that works with many memory brands is TREF. The most common number to try is 3120. Try 1160, 1560 and 3072. Other important values are the DRAM Strengths.
  4. The mystery thing about this mobo is that with the same mobo and memory, a BIOS may work for one user while not for the other. Like wise for memory. Like I said, it's a quest of patience and determination. I think in your situation, it's more of memory timing and not the BIOS version you are using. I spent about a month tweaking mine when I first got it. I've tried all sorts of BIOS (almost all of them out there). It really came down to memory timing being the culprit.
  5. Generally, this mobo tend to like memory tweaking a lot, so I would say tweak your memory until you it get stable. It's vast, so you should read some memory tweaking guide(s) (one of them actually posted on this forum) and follow it through and see if you can it work stable for you. With this mobo, it's luck of draw. Some users are able to run it off the bat, others take weeks (if not months) tweaking the memory timing to get it run stable. When you get this mobo, you know you are on a patience and determination quest.
  6. Hi all. Is anybody here using the G.Skill FF memory modules? There are problems posted at the G.Skill's supported forum regarding the memory stop working properly after awhile of using (anywhere from one week and after). I'm thinking of getting a pair but if that's the problem I will have, no thanks. I would appreciate your input if you have the memory. Thanks in advance!
  7. Sorry, I didn't read every post before posting. Angry, in your opinion (whether from testing or just using them) how do the Centon modules compare to the G.Skill LE/LA modules? Also, how long will this 'sale' offer from Centon last? I want to order a kit, but I won't be home for the next two weeks or so (whole family going on vacation) and I don't want the item to be sent back to Centon after the unsuccessful delivery attempts, you know.
  8. Angry (or anyone in this matter), does Centon use the Brainpower PCB now or is it still based on Centon's own PCB? I read a review at Insanetek (which was done back in 1/15/05) and they said that Centon planned (at that time) to use Brainpower PCB, but have they actually used it yet? Before I jump on their bandwagon (for the cheaper price, off course, when compared to other brands), I want to make sure it's based on the Brainpower PCB first. Any info will greatly be appreciated. TIA...
  9. Yeah, I've heard many users experiencing problem with the OCZ VX4000 modules. Yours may fall into the same category. Maybe it's time to try different memory.
  10. Yeah, I think that's the UTT BH-5 version of it. The TCCD version is only 2.7-2.9 something.
  11. So, has anyone taken advantage of this offer yet? How's the performance vs. G.Skill LE/LR/FF/FR ranked? Or vs. Corsair/OCZ/Geil?
  12. I have mine since earlier February. I'm not sure, but my 12V rail is reading 11.84v. I have seen others' reading at 12v+. Does the 12v have anything to do with stability? Other than the low voltage reading, I have no problem with it.
  13. I just wonder if I were to run my CPU permanently at a higher clock than what it was made to clock at, would it slowly kill the CPU in a way or not? I remember awhile back when I still had my XP2100+, running it at 2700+ for a year and it slowly started to not work as reliably as before. I finally had to go back to its original clock to get rid of the BSODs and reboots. When I first started OCing it to 2700+, I didn't remember it having those reboots and BSODs. It served me well for some time, but I think it eventual gave up due to it not really made to run at that speed originally. I just want your opinion if my observation is true/correct or false/wrong. Thanks in advance...
  14. That question has been posted far too many times already. Do some Search around and read what AngryGames and RGone have said already.
  15. I wonder why you have to format your HD everytime your PC crashes. It's not necessary at all. In fact, for the two months I was testing/setting up my (former) DFI board, I only did two format and that was just out of curiosity, not necessary either.
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