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  1. Ive been experiencing hard drive issues recently. Hard drive sound like its powering down then starts up again, its kinda of annoying now. Hav contacted seagate, my drives are still quite new with warranty im wondering if its the AHCI drivers. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Kind regards Irfy
  2. 3.825Ghz is Brilliant most e6600's top out around 3.6ghz (ive tested around 4 so far all top out around 3.6-3.69 . 3.825ghz is very good
  3. his mobo is abit AI7 BH5 would work. im prety sure mobo goes upto 3.2v RAM has gota be cheap tho. Mem prices lookin very low at the mo. My 2GB Gskills were £200 arghhhhhhhhh
  4. RAM is for my lil cousins pc. jus needs to be stable at stock speeds DDR400 with good timings.
  5. Im looking for a 1GB kit or 2GB if its cheap. Ive looked at some retailers online & found OCZ 1GB Platinum XTC Edition EL DDR PC 3200 400MHz CL 2-3-2-5 Dual Channel Optimised Kit Mirrored Platinum XTC Heatspreader just under £45 Im looking for something similar I can pay quick via paypal.
  6. Yes Sharp will put them up soon been very lazy lately. Busy with the 360
  7. irfy

    Vertical or Horizontal?

    I think most peeps keep it horizontal maybe due to reading issues. reads better flat than upright less movement less jitter jus a theory tho.
  8. Didnt know they were gona do 1080p. Damn shame would have looked cool. Havent tried multi-player yet will do soon.
  9. Just got hold of it last night so far so good, graphics are lil better. I was really hoping it would be really stunning, but its just better than part 2.
  10. Full copper design weighs over 600 grams excellent cooling capabilities. Ideal for overclocking or lidless cpu's. Uses the "Bolt Thru" method so mobo would need to be taken out for installation. £30 shipped to UK any questions pls pm me. Also got a DFI NF4 ULtra-D (hard modded to SLi-D) boxed with manual CD cables, back plate. Still got reciept for this mobo. I payed just over £111 . This mobo ran my tccd memory 300HT X 9 247 Can ship World-wide Im looking for £60 + P&P Brand New NEC 7173A LabelFlash DVDRW (has been tested Perfect working order) £15 + £4 P&P
  11. Brand new Black drive includes setup guide and PowerDVD5 Pre-flashed with Kreon 0.81. Collection welcome £30 or £35 shipped to UK**** SOLD OUT****
  12. Hi peeps ! I just wanted to share my BFG experience. My 8800GTX went faulty i was without my pc for a few days. I RMA'd my card on Thur..it reached BFG Tech in wales nextday on FRI.. I rec'd my 8800GTX OC on WED via UPS. Great stuff BFG Tech highly recommended good and fast service. Got myself a slightly better card aswell
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