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  1. Well Poeple due to your answer some changes : mem will be OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold VX mobo the dr (cause of the bundle accessories ) WHAT SAY YOU ?
  2. u got the xms xpert with the leds ? and btw which cooling parts and gpu? thank alot:)
  3. you might be right but can't (it'll break the store package)
  4. hehe you are probably right but u can always check the cpu itself and where i'm buying i'm sure to get the right one (hopefully venice will arrive)
  5. ty system is for gaming of course and i had saw on hardocp or pcstats that ram could reach high voltage . and yes my gpu can handle more
  6. well thanks for a good man and a quick answer i was pointed here due to several thoughts about my next system - my dream(realistic ones eha ?) machine. :angel: in 2 weeks ~ a month i am gonna buy it after watching the technology takes it's turns for the last year , cause you all aware that buying a computer is a well known paradox. technology advances in time so todays computer are tommorow handhelds(and yes i'm exaggerating but you know my point amd k6-7-8 gf4-5-6 etc-etc+ etcetc) and the other option is to wait and wait and wait........... so first thing is DA BUDJET and mine is 2750$ per DA BOX e.g. no screen kb mouse after seeing the technology evolving with a huge major change (multy cpu/gpu proccessing) and a less huge one (64bit PC) i had took my dive and had build a system and here i need your help fine tuning it . :nod: here are spec: amd 3500 winchester (hope 3800 venice will arrive) DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-D OCZ 1024MB (2x512MB) EL DDR PC3200 DualChannel Platinum Rev 2 WD SATA 74GB 10000 RPM MSI NX6800GT T2D256 PCI-E 256Mb 256Bit NEC ND-3520A Dual Layer DVD±R/W/DL 16X Black Bulk Tagan TG480-U02 480Watt Thermaltake Shark VA7000 Black Danger Den Copper TDX Block for AMD Athlon 64 754/939/940 Danger Den Acetal MAZE4 GPU Block for nVIDIA/ATi Danger Den (Laing) DD12V-D4 1/2" Pump Danger Den Black Ice Xtreme Radiator - Black 1/2 Danger Den Bay Reservoir High-Density Polyethylene AeroCool GateWatch Black mission is 2.8ghz cpu and ultragti gf6800 (e.g. as much as the msi can get) :confused: :confused: :confused: can it be done?
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