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  1. are you using the NF2 datafile from the first post in this thread? what it has listed as Chipset is the northbridge.
  2. i'm not quite sure what you're saying , but if you're not happy with the new bios, go back to the last version you were using!
  3. i'm pretty sure that it was posted that even 1/25 worked w/ Venice/SD cores.
  4. read more carefully or just read my post directly above yours on this page!
  5. are the temp swings you're seeing at idle? i've never seen a 5c variance at idle, but the on-die temp sensor is pretty sensitive so i see very rapid changes when i'm running programs or stop doing processor intensive tasks and jumps even larger than 5c. at idle i sometimes see a 1-2c jump (like 27 to 29 and back). for the video card, it does say in the thread, but basically, at this time, GeForce cards area no-go w/ MBM. there could be a plug-in out there, but no one has gotten one to work. that's why i recommended Samaurize to consolidate the MBM readings w/ GeForce readings (from RivaTuner).
  6. sounds like you're hooking up your case wires incorrectly. there should be wires for Power Switch and Power LED (probably Reset SW and HDD LED too). the case wires for Power Switch should go to the ATX pins. the case wires for Power LED go to the LED pins.
  7. people had asked before the impact of the ATI silencer on chipset temps. here's two pics of before & after. as you can see chipset temps up 2 degrees, gpu temps down 5 degrees. the gpu env temp is about the same. where is that sensor? this is after running some benchmarks and letting the computer idle for 30 minutes afterwards. same ambient of 21c.
  8. i got the generic heatsink w/ an A64 3000+ from Monarch. it definitely was NOT generic TIM though. it was AS5 consistency, but i know that Monarch, for whatever reason, is not a big fan of Artic Silver products. i'm assuming it's the Shin Etsu. too bad i wanted to change the heatsink . . .
  9. what is your question? if it's what do the GPU and GPU ENV items display, then it's the info from your graphics card, if it's an ATI card, and it has the hardware monitoring to support it, and you set-up AtiTool to forward these parameters to MBM's custom sensors. for the moment, GeForce integration w/ MBM hasn't been completely sorted out. see my previous post regarding Samurize.
  10. if you read through the thread, i had a similar issue with my CPU fan. i think the max i saw was only 30,000 though! i changed fan settings in bios to run full speed @ 25c and now it's steady @ 2,900 RPM. seems like the fluctuation in RPM throws things off. maybe when the mobo changes the fan voltage it may also do something funky with the rpm sensor lead on the fan header?
  11. i have an arctic silencer on the way so i'll post before and after comparo.
  12. i think what you've done looks pretty darn good! i'm a lazy man, so haven't tried it (samurize) yet!
  13. my mbm5 dash @ idle 21c ambient temps
  14. there is a boot CD w/ every BIOS to date in the Bios Factory forum here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...045&postcount=3
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