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  1. Can someone please tell me what ram tables are and the difference between the three? Thanks.
  2. Winchesters cannot past 219 fsb on MSI neo4 boards. Just check all the forums.
  3. Is there anyone in this forum that is running both pci express cards at x8 speed without the sli modding on the board. This topic was discussed in detail earlier in the year and was concluded that you cannot run two x8 lanes just by changing the sli jumpers. One card will simply not be recognised. In the bios you will see in genie: NC/NC/x8/x1 when under sli mode. Both cards would only operated under non-sli mode and one card will run in x16 mode and the other in x2 mode.
  4. Guys, can someone please take a minute to explain all the different bios versions out there. I am currently running the 3/10 official bios and my specs are as below. I hear angry's favourite is 3/16 but why? What is the difference? I hear something about ram tables? What do they mean by different ram tables? Also, what does this new 5/10 bios have that others dont. Why should i upgrade. I am sure this question is wondering on many novice overclockers in this forum. Finally, there has not been any talk on which versions are suitable for micron (crucial) chips. Any help would be grately appreciated. Many thanks in advance. James.
  5. Here is what my pair of ballistix's have done so far if it is any help. Actively cooled though.
  6. Just a really basic question guys which me and my friends are having a dispute over. On what vdimm value should you change the jumper from default to position 2-3. Is it also true that the power is then drawn from the 5.0v rail instead of 3.3v? Thanks guys. James.
  7. Is there anyway of measuring memory temperatures?
  8. The fans on my MSI 6200 are getting slight annoying. Is there any utility out there on the web that i can download and use to monitor the speeds and if possible, control the speeds as well. thanks.
  9. Guys, What is the max safe temp the NF4 chipset can run at?
  10. This is a really stupid question but can anyone tell me which slot is 16x and which slot is 2x. Thanks.
  11. I have just finished reading a neoseeker review. If you see page 2 at the bottom, it says that the jumpers can be re-configured to sli mode to give you two 8x pci express lanes. Hardcoreware.net ( page 1 ) says the same thing. I quote : "8 lanes to the first graphics slot, 8 lanes to the second graphics slot, 4 lanes to the x4 slot, and disabling the x1 slot. This would be the preferred config for dual video card usage."
  12. Guys, Are there are free tools out there that i can download from which i can measure my memory temperature. Cheers. James.
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