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  1. Thanks for the info bud, Any info on the subject is good to hear. I was interested in the DFI RDX200 but I seem to see lots of issues going on with it. Or, am I just seeing the negative side here. Am really looking forward to DFI's Xpress 3200 set up.
  2. OK UncleDavid218, No need to SHOUT...........! Plus, I never said I wanted to use an N-Force board u silly person. I said ( pleaes re-read first post ) I wanted to come back to DFI. I just SAID I HEARD (or read) somewhere on one of the websites that you MAY BE ABLE....... ! Never found any concrete evidence. Looks as tho you assumed there buddy. Try next time a probing question or two before you go shouting all over the place & assuming things. Makes you look a bit silly. And yes syar2003, I was thinking of doing the RDX200. Good call on your part. But I think I'll just stand pat & wait it out till the new DFI ATI 3200 board comes out. Should be soon I would think. Ebay the A8R32-MVP. n get a bit o cash back.
  3. Are you sure about that.....? I remember seeing that, somewhere, that only the lower end X850XT/X850 Crossfire ( which I had ) & the lower end 1000 series ( X1600 ) needed the chipset to work. I will do more research.......... thanks for your input tho..
  4. Hey Guys, Right now I am running this lousey A8R32-MVP POS & desperately want to get back to good ol DFI. The only thing that has kept me with the Asus is that it was dual X16 on the PCI-E slots. I recently heard I do'nt ned the ATI based chipset to run the 2 cards. they will work on thier own without it. So.......... if I go back to a DFI that is not dual X16 enabled will it hurt my video....... you know going from 16 down to 8 has to be lanes has to hurt.... Or, does it really matter........ hmmmmmmmmm I am wanting to get an Opty 170 & go clocking. I know the Asus wont handle it. opinions please...... thanks Proto
  5. Thanks much for the replies guys, Guess I should also tell you that I no longer have the DFI LP. Now I have an Asus A8R32-MVP. Danger Den water cooled system. OCZ PC-4800, I have a Toledo 3800+ & it just blows for overclocking. You guys still think I could get good clocks with an Opteron with an Asus board..?
  6. Well, The idea of an Opteron does sound appealing. But one thing I have to consider ( unfortunately ) is I no longer have a DFI LP. U had it, ran it loved it. But, I wanted to go ATI Crossfire so now I have an Asus A8R32-MVP with a couple of X1900XT's in Crossfire mode. Asus boards DO NOT overclock anything remotely like the DFI LP. So, I am wondering just how high the Asus board will let me go. Initial test reports on both the A8R-MVP & the A8R32-MVP were heralded as the end be all of overclocking boards. NOT SO in the least. Nobody & I mean NOBODY is touting killer overclocks like the DFI LP. So I made a sacrifice. I really like the idea of running somthing different like an Opteron. I guess if someone could show me they clocked an Opty pretty well on the Asus it would be a slam dunk. things to ponder........... thanks again friend............ Proto
  7. Thanks much for the input Photeus, I'm a gamer & other general use. I like the dual core thing. Right now I have an X2 3800 Toledo core. Does'nt overclock very well.Not impressed. But, i got it for $200 from a buddy & tried it out. It's OK but I want more ... Single core is fine with me.Like you said games are'nt written for multi-threading as of yet. So, why the Opty...? Why are there rumers that they are better than the X2's...? Since I do'nt multi-task at all........... Opty single core...?
  8. Hey Guys, Am trying to make up my mind. I primarily do gaming with this comp. What do you guys think would be best for gaming. Dual core or a single..? Thanks for the input........ Proto
  9. Thanks for the replies guys........ How would an Opteron 175 be...? Good for an OC or no....?
  10. Hey guys, Was just wondering if anyone out there had any experiance with the Opterons. My buddy says he hears they clock pretty well. Anybody know the diff between the Opty duals & an X2..? any info would be appreciated............ nismo
  11. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...tachmentid=2547 see above attachment for a zipped file.
  12. From what I understand about the Infinity series they are a no frills version of the Lan Party. The Lan Party series has all the bells lights & whistles. All the options in the bios for overclocking & the like. The Infinity boards have fewer options in the bios for that 10/10ths percentile overclockability like the Lan Party has. The boards are laid out a bit different than the Lan Parties are also. In the twin PCI-E version the PCI-E slots are widened so it is easier to use water cooling blocks. There are articles to read out there if you do a google search. Here is an article from Anandtech.com. A VERY respected hardware review site that i've been going to for years. check it out & make your own mind .. :-) http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2548&p=3
  13. Hey RGone.......... I had used the file in the past & it did work for me. Do you know where to get it .....? Any help would be appreciated......... Proto
  14. I know there was a file you could download to fix Aquamark3 to run right in XP but I forgot where to get it at. Any of you guys know where to get it...? thanks much...... Proto
  15. Hey all, Need some help here. I was wondering if anybody has run the lower PCI-E slot on the DFI Land Party board. Am asking because a few months ago when I ran the same setup in the upper PCI-E slot I was getting over 84000 on 3DMARK & now with the same setup but with water cooling & the video card in the lower slot my best score is 77000. I'm a bit confused. I thought both slots were 16X by themselves. And in SLI mode they went into 8X ... right...? Anyways, if anyone has any ideas please give em up. I have virtually changed nothing on my PC since I went water cooled. Save for moving the video card to the lower slot on the M/B. I dunno bout this guys........ please help............... thanks Proto
  16. Hey all.......... Is'nt this kewl how so far out of whak this thread has gone....? LOL It's so funny how this thread has gone from my overclock to where it is now. By the way; I make no claims @ being an overclock guru or " teacher" in any way shape or form. I'll be happy to share what i know with anybody but in no way do i have all the answers. RealSlag is totally right about overclocking being more " art than science ". Heck, it took me weeks of different combinations to hit the 3 ghz mark & then a bit more to get it stable enough to play games with. Unfortunately, after I took the rig back to stock settings for a bit to try some different memory I have not been able to get the same reasults I had earlier. I can now hit the " 3 " again but is " not " stable in games or prime or 3dmark. O well......... go figure........... Thanks everybody for all the interests & the posts. proto
  17. Geez dude.......... I dunno whether to take that comment seriously or not..........
  18. Thanks very much for the post RealSlag, I do know about the possibility of the side effect of Electromigration on CPU life in relation to excessive high current through a processor. But, this is just for giggles & to see what we can clock our machines to. This is not about running the thing for extended periods of time. And actually it is very much heat related to the overall process. But in the interests of being factual about Electromigration here are a few quotes from an article found online. ( this is not word of mouth from buddy to buddy but is actual fact ) "quote" Electromigration, however is a slow process that generally shortens the life span of your CPU. Considering that modern processors are designed to have a life of at least 10 years, even if you shorten your CPU's life by half, it would still be obsolete much faster than it will fail. Proper Cooling is very important for successful overclocking, running a stable system and keeping your CPU in good shape. If your overclocked CPU operates at a higher than specs temperature, it will shorten its life and electromigration will eventually occur. Other side effects of overheating can be random crashes and unstable system. Generally, today's processors are designed to work between 25 and 100 degrees Celsius ( 77 to 212 Fahrenheit ) and anything outside the temperature range would result in more unstable system and possible damaging of the CPU. That's a pretty good quote I found online with just a google search. Thanks again for the post RealSlag: He is right tho guys....... you better be careful or you'll fry your favourite CPU & then you'll have to go diggin for cash to replace it. By the way; I am running @ 3.0 ghz @ 1.67 volts. Am gonna try to get it lower & keep the stability. Thanks for all the posts guys........... proto
  19. Hey JohnL, My first system was a hard wired ( meaning the cpu was soldered to the motherboard ) 33 mhz American Megatrends PC. Wooo Hoo....... all that power ... lol if you hit the " turbo " button it doubled the CPU to 66 mhz...! Imagine...... And yes we do upgrade way too often do'nt we......lol JVG81 I really would'nt tempt fate too much above 1.7 volts. Not unless your really careful & have some killer cooling for that CPU of yours. Also, you need to have deep pockets if you run higher volts buddy. If you break it ... you toss it & buy another one. Be prepared to pay the price if you over heat it. I see you have a 3200 Venice @ 2.66 ghz. Nice O/C. I'd leave your volts where you are & if you have a nice HSF & your temps stay low like you have em then raise your memory ( 270X10 ) & try to get that 2.7 mark. If you can go up 1 notch on the multi & back off on your memory a bit & shoot for that higher O/C. You might need to use the memory divider too. Do'nt be afraid to use this tool. The performance drop is negligable. What's the speed your trying for...? PM me if you wish & I will help you with your memory timings. We can shoot for 2.8 ..! Proto
  20. There are no " set temps " for running any particular CPU. Tho the thermal shut down on the CPU is around 170 degrees F I believe. Personally I would never let the CPU go over 115 to 120 degrees F. That's normal for the old AMD T-Birds & Thoroughbreds. I had an old Palomino series ( 1800 mhz ) that ran @ 123 degrees F stock just at idle. Stock volts for that was 1.5 v if I remember right. But, AMD 64 series run very cool compared to the older stuff. I have been building & overclocking systems for over 9 years now. Am an old guy of 43 here.... lol The new 90 micron CPU's should idle @ stock right around the upper 80's / low 90's with a good HSF. Mine were a bit lower when I ran a Zalman 7000 . As for volts try not to get hung up on a difference of just .33 of a volt difference between stock running volts of 1.43 & what I am running at now of 1.76. I ran it up that high to get the 3 ghz clock but am going to lower it as much as I can & still get the stability. In the olden days of overclocking when we ran socket 370 boards it was not unheard of to run the CPU up a half a volt ( that's .5 of a volt ) to achieve a good stable O/C. Thanks for the props guys. It's appreciated. This is a great site & the feedback from you guys is always welcome. Proto
  21. "Nice work, but the CPU VCore it's too high! " ( RealSlag ) Thanks very much for your post: But, on what basis do you mean the volts are too high...? Did you check the temps that was posted on the CPU & Chipset...? CPU is running nice & cool. Or, are you saying I could get Micron Degridation from too high a voltage...? ( thef1podcast ) Yes, I removed the heat spreader on the CPU. You get a few more drops in temp if you do this. It's actually not that hard a trick to get it off.
  22. Got this to run stable at 3 gigs for a while now. Playing UT 2004 & others with no issues so far. Used the memory divider. Temps are good. Am a happy camper so far. Memory is at 2.5,3,3,8 Here is a shot of the rig. Custom water cooled job. Here is a screen shot. What do you guys think....?
  23. o well........ that blows gonna try it again...........lol
  24. Just messin around here. Got the naked 4000+ running @ 2.9 with the water cooled set up. Can play all games so far so good. Any opinons ...? Also, am trying to use photoshop to make the image off the desktop small enough to host. i hope this works .
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