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  1. I see what you mean. Anyway, hope you get good results with the Twinmos
  2. Hi ReXzOm, the Twinmos speed premium is excellent ram. Here's my CH-5 at 3.4V LINK Sim Lim used to be a great place for cheap hardware, but in the last few years the prices have really gone up. I was told Malaysia is still pretty cheap (just over the bridge) Have you tried?
  3. Hi, nice overclock but you say rock stable, we really need to see 32M super Pi not 512K Pi to be called anything like stable, thanks. Here's mine (Winchester): ]
  4. Hey guy's, don't be afraid to slacken the timings. XBLK flies :nod: XBLK results
  5. he he, yeah i understand what you're saying rgone...you two do all the hard work and we, your readers, get all the benefit of your knowledge, and all BS free....respect fella's
  6. All looks very interesting, thanks rgone, angrygames for posting honest info. Nice to see a BS free forum
  7. The XBLK is as good as any TCCD out there it just doesn't get any of the hype of other brands. Forum power is better than any advertisement because word spreads fast the world over. Just look at what OPB and the other reps did for the Gskill brand by posting benchmark results with cherry picked samples :nod: My XBLK will run prime [email protected] and it will do 325HTT with looser timings (game stable) not bad for ram at a budget price.
  8. The SPAW is best mem controller you can get m8, if you can do 2.7...thats very good for a 1.8 chip. Best way to test is drop your CPU multi lower and test ram that way
  9. 0448 SPAW...lucky lucky you, they're flyers :nod:
  10. Hi, these are some settings for all you PDP XBLK owners to try: XBLK super pi XBLK A64 Tweaker settings My stuff likes 3.0v but give them less if yours don't respond. Make sure bank interleave is enabled. Drop your CPU multi to 8 X 300HTT if you're not [email protected] X 300HTT. Hope this helps
  11. It's fantastic ram at a great price :nod: What score are you getting in 3dmark 03, SPQQKY? I'm getting over 10k with a single 6600GT, i've been thinking of buying another GT like you.
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