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  1. Hi All, Finally got a replacement mobo. All is good now. So i guess this is one of the rare cases, where the mobo is actually at fault. Thanks for trying to help though.
  2. Well put it this way, if i secure them anymore, i'm going to physically break the motherboard. Well it's gone back to the shop that i bought it off today - i'll post what happens once it returns (which could be awhile).
  3. I've tried the vid card in both slots, no change. And yep i have all 4 power connectors connected. Cleared CMOS a few times (including leaving it for a time period). Have tried with minimal config (out of case, psu/cpu/1 stick of ram in slot2), but i didn't bother attaching a monitor, as nothing turns on. Hmm i think it's dead...
  4. No last ideas? I'm about to RMA this board. This is going to be painful.
  5. ok, so been reading a bit more from the forums. Some ppl say that bad RAM can stop the PC turning on (i don't c how this stops it though, as fans should at least start up). So my question is, what is the significance of the memory LED being on? As mine doesn't come on - does this point to something being wrong with the RAM? Also, in my past experiences - u can turn on a computer with no cpu/ram/vid card..obviously nothing happens processing/video wise, but power does come thru the motherboard and fans do spin up. Is it safe to assume the Ultra-D acts in the same way? coz from reading all the posts (eg. bad/incompatible RAM=can't turn on at all), it doesn't seem to!
  6. forgot to mention, i don't have the diagnostic LEDs on this board.
  7. onboard beeper is on. the LED near the memory slots is not on. does this come on when the PC is not on though (but the PSU is plugged in, like the standby LED)? Also - im trying to use the EZ switches to turn it on atm..u don't have to hold them down or anything do u?
  8. ok i now have an antec neopower 480W PSU, which does have a 24 pin connector..and...no go...standby light is still sitting on (it does look brighter)..but the PC still will not turn on! Any other ideas?
  9. Hi, Got a problem with my Ultra-D. It's been working fine for a few weeks now, no probs. Suddenly - cannot turn the PC on. Press power, nothing happens, press power on the EZ switch, nothing happens. Done the usual - clearing CMOS, ripping out components, taking the mobo outta the chassis. None of this has worked. The only sign of life is the amber power standby LED under the PCIE slots. No fans spin up at all. Now i've been reading the posts on this forum, and they all say - need a 24pin ATX power connector, which is something i do not have. Before i go out and get a ocz modstream or some other higher end PSU, i'm just wondering if this is most likely the reason i'm having problems. The thing i do not understand is that it suddenly stopped working, after running fine for a while. Can a PSU gradually (over a few weeks) not supply enough power? I have tested the existing 380W PSU in another machine, and it is actually working. Guess i'm just suprised that it can't even turn on the machine with minimal components.
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