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  1. I never said I thought it was hot did I? I just want to know the information I asked for.
  2. yeah it's got AS5 on it right now. The temps got a little higher after I took my xp-90 off. I am waiting to get a quiter fan, that tornado was too loud. Also it's summer, and it's hot in my apartment. really hot. I have a 120mm fan blowing in it's direction also. I have not seen it go over 50, and this is during the hottest part of the day.
  3. Ok cool. I also want to know what temps are too high for the chipset Angry_Games? Thanks.
  4. I have it set at 1.6 right now. But the guy at OCZ sent me some settings for my 3200vx and they said to raise the chipset to 1.7. I was just not comfortable with the idle temp of 46c on my chipset, or is this temp perfectly fine?
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817103457 I have this one. I am just curious if I should expect issues with this down the road.
  6. I notice when I plug my mouse into the port, it pushes it back a little. I am just worried I might break the solder. I am gentle, but still I might just be paranoid.
  7. Ok awesome. Had me worried that my board was bad. yeah it boots with no problem on the upper slot. The only reason I was using a single stick of ram was because I was testing modules seperately. and noticed it would boot with a stick up top, but not on bottom.
  8. Oh thats what I have been doing. But I am wondering if using a single slot in either of the 2 bottom slots not supposed to boot by design?
  9. Not sure if this is right or not. I can't boot with a ram maodule in either of the bottom 2 slots. Like if I have a ram stick in th bottom orange slot. will not boot. Or if I have a ram stick in the bottom yellow slot. will not boot. I am using ony ONE stick of ram at a time. Now if I do this with the upper 2 slots, it will boot. Is this right? edit: If I use dual channel with 2 sticks of ram, it will boot and read both sticks.
  10. I have the 24 pin, and 12v connected. I do not have the 5v/12v female molex or the 5v/12v FDD connectors plugged in. I have not run into any instability but should I plug these in just in case? Or is this just for SLI? AMD64 939 3000 @ 2.4GHz cooled with XP-90/92mm Vantec Tornado DFI UT NF4 Ultra-D 1GB DDR Ram Enermax noisetaker 485w PSU eVGA 6800GT @ 400/1.1
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