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  1. my vid card is new but i dont think is my problem. it was very random i just restarted my computer yestarday and got the BSOD on startup. If i cant figure anything out by tomorrow i guess ill reinstall windows..i just dont wanna lose all my files. i wish there was still a way i could retrieve some of them before the reformatting
  2. i know i have system mechanic on my computer. i believe that it backsup registry is there anyway to reload that but not being able to get into the GUI Windows XP
  3. memtest86 is running just fine with the single sticks. is there anyway to save my documents before having to reformat my hard drive. all i get now is windows/system32/config is missing (click r and get your xp disc for the repair thing)
  4. ok memtest just went crazy..half the screen is red and it says unexpected interrupt-halt..ne one know what that means
  5. its running memory test and is fine. is there a way to save the files in my documents folder without being in windows
  6. how can i backup my hard drive if i cant boot into windows anymore. is there anyway i can still retain some of my files?
  7. I got this BSOD Driver irql not less or equal and i tried to restart my computer now it wont into safe mode or normal mode. i took out some of my memory and it still does it. what else can i do?
  8. Now I can my OCZ to boot into windows. But it freezes within 2-3 mins. What should I look at my memory voltage timing its all factory settings right now so idk what to do. some irq problem idk.help
  9. i can only get my video input when using a single stick of ram. idk y but if i use 2 of 512mb it wont give me any video input. what could be causing this crap
  10. ok. after more testing i can not get my video to my screen to show at all if i have 2 of my 512 stick of OCZ ram in. Is there some kind of irq collision or something..idk plz help!
  11. the errors from test #5 and #7.. no other errors in the other tests
  12. OK i just did the cosairs in dual channel mode in memtest and got over like 556 errors in the matter of 30 mins..idk what to do now..change timings idk
  13. No they are not the same brand one. 1 gb is OCZ Platnium 1 gb is Corsairs. Can you explain IC's im not sure are they like IRQ? I cant do Prime95 because it wont stay in windows for it long enough. and im not overclocking ne thing. its because sometimes when i plug in my floppy drive it increases the amount of time my computer will stay on?! its so wierd idk
  14. Ok, my computer has been randomly rebooting about 1-2 after booting into windows. sometimes even sooner. I took out 2 sticks (I have 4x515mb) out of my memory and it still ramdonly shuts now. Now I only put 512mb and it works fine! I have been running memtest indivdually and each stick is error free. So what could be my problem? MY PSU? I have a good PSU OCZ Powerstream
  15. i couldnt finish the loading optimized settings when i cant the screen. i just cleared it for like a half hour still no input the monitor
  16. I used TMOS' program. I have done it before so idk im going crazy
  17. OK i just receently flashed my bios to the new one. Because my computer has been shuting off randomly at random times. Now afterwards i get no video input to my monitor and i get the 3 soild led lights on my mobo. plz help and about to kill someone
  18. Will this graphics card work with my DFI Ultra-D mobo? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130015
  19. lol i got a 6600 gt now..time for an upgrade :-))
  20. i might upgrade my video card to this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130281 will this work good with my NF4 Ultra-D mobo?
  21. It shuts off totally random... It has been wierd lately..i have to unplug my computer until the mobo gives u the zip noise and it loses power totally..I had to that to start it up..when i shut it down u had to unplug, plug back in order for it to turn on..if u didnt it just give a little flash of led lights and nothing..it been wierd like that before..one time if i didnt have a floppy drive connect it wouldnt start..so idk if i should put in a floppy drive to see if that would help at all...idk computers can be retarded i.e. MINE
  22. Just last night my computer shuts down completely no error messages nothing just blackness. The obvious thing is that PSU is bad but i just bought the damn thing and a great one at that. (OCZ Powerstream 520w)..How do you know if it a bad psu? Or maybe something else.
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