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  1. Just a FYI. I have a SLI-DR which has been problem free for 4 months. Not too long ago I was flashing my video cards bios' and found that I was experiencing the same black screen on my LCD which would then search for either a DVI or analog signal and eventually go into standby mode. My sound would also repeat (loop) while the black screen was being shown. Occasionally the video signal would return but most of the time, I would have to reset. I was also experiencing cold boot issues as well. I attempted completely reinstalling OS, different drivers and different setting in both the vidcard CP and the MOBO bios, which didnt fix the problem. I did fix the problem however.... The SLI bridge that came with my SLI-DR is black in color and has LanParty written along one edge of it. I found that turning the bridge 180' so the LanParty logo was on the left hand edge of the bridge,(with the L in the bottom left and the Y in the top left solved all issues. I would have sworn these bridges were reversible, but for me, a simple half rotation and I was back in the game, with out the black screens and sound loops. Hope this helps someone. Cody
  2. Then I will perform a Double-flash......and update all with 623-3 official TMOD After following everyone elses ideas first you could try KillCMOS on my CD as one other person was going to RMA his board because no conventional CMOS clear would bring it back to life. He then tried KillCMOS and I was surprised that it worked. I will try this step after the double flash. Is there a chance I wont be able to boot @ all after using that proggie KillCMOS? If so I would rather just run at defaults til tuesdays replacement comes.... Games on a 2ghz stock opty and a couple of stock 7800GTX's isnt THAT bad right now....
  3. Yeah I tried that roadie...In fact I printed off that suggestion of yours and took it home to try. After following your instructions Exactly I was still left with a blinking white cursor on the top left of the screen...... Looks like a replacement might be my only hope....I wont be able to order it till monday though, so if anyone else has ideas...Please post! Keep in mind it is running fine now, just at default settings....still cant enter bios though...err.... :confused:
  4. If I am unable to get this worked out, I will be getting a replacement from NewEgg. Anyone else?
  5. Hiya Sharp.. Unfortunately I don't have another 939 CPU. Only 754's. I have tried using winflash and chose UPDATE ALL, but it still leaves me without bios access...Hmmm, any other suggestions? I have another thread on this topic here -> http://discuss.futuremark.com/forum/showfl...&Number=5656629
  6. Hello all! I just received the components in my signature and built my system. I was originally able to load my bios fine, however I did have problems where it would occasionally not load. I updated my bios to the 623-3 bios to make the board more compatible with my opteron processor. After updating the bios, I have been unable to enter the bios @ boot.This is what happens... 1. Push power. 2. get splashscreen and hit delete. 3. raid splash screen comes up for my promise raid card. 4.Instead of entering bios I am left with a blank screen and a white cursor in the top left which blinks.Nothing happens after this. or 1. Push power. 2. Splash screen comes up, I dont hit delete. 3. I get processor speed and model, memory amount and all drives are shown as detected. However, at the bottom of the screen it says CMOS Checksum. F1 to continue or Delete for Bios. 4. If I hit delete it goes to the same blank screen/cursor as above. 5. If I hit F1 windows loads fine. So what I have done to attempt to fix it is... 1. Flash the old bios back to it .... same problem.... 2. Reflash 623-3 and a few beta bios' using both winflash and awdflash... same problem... 3. Moved CCMOS jumper to clear position, took out battery, unplugged power supply and waited 8 hours... Same problem.... 4. Taken everything but 1 mem stick,processor and grafix card out. (I left mem stick it uppermost orange slot) but same problem. I have also tried the cmos reloaded jumper and hope that it hasnt caused my problems. I would like to know if there is any tried and true way to COMPLETELY reflash my bios and anything I can do which will help me get into the bios screen to set timings, voltages etc.... Please help.. Cody
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    problems reaching 2.5ghz

    That was me who suggested you fiddle with your TREF settings... :eek: http://discuss.futuremark.com/forum/showfl...o=&fpart=2&vc=1 :eek: TREF is basically the refresh timer on your memory. If you have it set too high it hampers performance and may cause errors.... Too low and performance may increase but errors will still occur. @ 255 mhz 1:1 I use a TREF of 2048 @ 256 - 263 Mhz I use a TREF of 2064 Small increases.... Alot of people like to set it to 4708, but that doesnt always work. Assuming your ram has a 7.8 Refresh like most double sided dimms do, u should be good with the settings above. P.S. Be sure to use the memtest bios to make sure mem is stable. Good luck
  8. Hiya Angry... Perhaps you can answer a question for me. What official bios will offer the best overclockability and best compatibility with GSKILL TCCD 440 memory? I dont care about the xtreme mem voltage options, i simply flashed to the bios I did due to my Temp sensor being stuck at 26'c and the reported improved performance with TCCD memory. My question is this- What bios will..... 1.Offer built in memtest. 2.Offer excellent compatibility with TCCD mem modules. 3.Not have temperature issues. 4.Allow me to save bios changes and continue to use the system? 5.Permit high levels of overclocking. If I am able to locate an OFFICIAL bios which allows for those things that I wish, then I will be all too happy to be stick with the OFFICIAL bios's from here on out. Thanx for your help, Cody A64 3200 S754 Clawhammer CG core week 17 04 DFI UT NF3 250GB 2x512 GSKILL "LC" 440 TCCD Sapphire X800XTPE W/Vmods 580/580 24/7 Audigy 2x120GB Maxtor ata133 8mb cache HD's- Raid0-W/Promise TX2000 raid card 1x40GB Maxtor ata133 2mbcache Plextor 716a DVDRW LiteOn 52x32x52x CDRW Watercooled w/ DangerDen RBX/1/2" OD TUBING/76 Chevette Heater core/120mm Fan/Hydor L20 Pump Housed in a LianLi PC70
  9. Hello all, I recently received a new DFI NF3 250gb Motherboard. When I initially received it I was unable to change any bios settings without it not posting afterwards. Basically, if i changed a setting then saved and exited , I would have to clear the cmos or restart 5 times in order for it to start back up. So, I flashed the bios with the 331-1 bios found @ xtremesystems.org. I was overjoyed when I was finally able to save my settings and use them!The only thing that I found to be an issue was that my temp for the CPU was constantly reading 26'C. Which, althoug I watercool, is impossible with 32'c ambient. So I decided to flash my bios with another bios which hopefully resolved the problem. I found at xtremesystems.org a post that someone had left with 3 new beta bios's in them. 1 was supposed to be good with UT&VX mem, one was supposed to offer someother fix and one was supposed to improve compatibility/performance with TCCD chips. Seeing as how I have 2x512mb GSKILL LC modules with 440 TCCD modules on them, I chose to flash with the bios marked 331-3. I used winflash and I told it to flash the new bios. Upon doing so, it said the flash was complete and I restarted. Black screen.Nothing Zilch. So, I have tried different mem modules in case the default mem timings got change to CAS3 or something and had no luck. I have reset the cmos,popped out the battery, and unplugged the ATX Power plug 10+ times with no luck. It just starts up with a black screen, the HD and CDROMS spin up and it sits doing nothing. I contacted Newegg, and they are allowing me to RMA the board. However I have 5 days until my new one shows up and I would like to know if there is some way to flash another bios on it or do something I havent thought of yet. I must say I loved the board, while it worked. If you have any ideas please let me know and thankyou all for your time. Take Care, Cody. :confused: