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  1. Lastest NF4 IDE running without any problem. In fact, I always move the file around and verify it using MD5 hash. So far the all passed the hash check.
  2. chennhui

    Overclocking Vista

    My OC settings is very stable in Vista.
  3. chennhui

    0406BTA or 704-2BTA?

    704-2bta seemed better for my system.
  4. chennhui

    need help 7950GT or X1950XT?

    X1950XT. Very fast card. However it is not DX10 class.
  5. Does Thermalright Ultra-120 fit into DFI Ultra-D?
  6. chennhui

    Watch Out From Gigabyte W.c.

    Thanks. Are you refering to the screws on top of the res?
  7. chennhui

    Watch Out From Gigabyte W.c.

    I am using the 3D galaxy. I think I better watch up the res. It is a nice kit that gave me pretty big improvement as compared to Gigabyte G-power and XP120.
  8. chennhui

    DFI LP Ultra-d bios recomendation

    704-2BTA is by far the best for my system using Ultra-D.
  9. Have you tried new official BIOS 04/06/2006? It solved my problem. In my case, PDP XBL + Ultra-D + Winchester + 623-2 + Cl2.5 = OK PDP XBL + Ultra-D + Venice + 623-2 + Cl2.5 = BSOD PDP XBL + Ultra-D + Venice + 623-2 + Cl2.0 = OK PDP XBL + Ultra-D + Venice + BIOS 04/06/2006 + Cl2.5 = OK
  10. What I was saying is CL2.5 and CL3 is no go my TCCD. This was pretty bad as we all know that TCCD need CL2.5 to hit high clocks. Otherwise I be running low CL2.0 with low clocks such as 237MHz, 2.0-3-3 on TCCD.
  11. mmm, despite of so many negative comments, this BIOS actually help to boot up using CL3 RAM TCCC. Previously the CPU only run on Cl2.0.
  12. chennhui

    Does Reg ECC RAM work on NF4 Ultra-D?

    Thanks guy. I am using S939 so no ECC Reg RAM for me. I got a great deal on that ECC Reg 2X1GB RAM and it really tempting me.
  13. I am refering to this 2x1GB of partiot DDR400 Reg ECC RAM (Samsung UCCC Chip).
  14. running 24/7, restarting only after windows updates.