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  1. Do you have SATA turned on in the Bios?
  2. There are a number of resources on this board http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8790 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...&highlight=raid http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...aid+performance
  3. Several suggestions in case you have to reload. Set all of the memory timings on the board to auto, this way the board will pick up from the memory what timings to use. Loop memtest and look for any errors. If there are, remove one of the ram sticks and try again (it could be one memory stick with trouble) If one memory stick is bad, you can always load windows with the good one.
  4. The board supports both. Have you set the jumpers on the IDE drive, and is there power to the drive? The jumpers can be set to master, slave or cable select. If you are running it on IDE 2 then have the drive set to master either by the jumper or its postion on the cable.
  5. I think when you get new ram your OC will be much higher. 3D Mark scores depend upon your CPU OC and your graphic card. It may be time to start OC'ng your graphics card. BTW how are your temps?
  6. It may be a lower speed overall but the HTT is higher which stresses the memory controller and the memory more. Been in the same place as you. Which is why I suggested to do the 10 multiplier. Belive it or not, I have better benchmarks running with a 10 multi as opposed to an 11. I am not clear if you ran memtest on your ram with the overclocked settings. I would strongly advise you to do that and make sure they pass before you boot to windows. Windows can be corrupted by booting into windows with OC'd ram that. (been down that long road before) If the OC'd memory does not pass memtest I would try to bump up the voltage a bit, rerun for stability. If the additional voltage does not work, look at loosening up the timings on your sticks. You might be able to get the system stable at 240X10, and that will give you better performance than 220X11 When I first did my system, I was in much the same place your were. I had some crappy ram too and I could not get the system to OC for nothing. Spent the bucks on better ram and it was well worth the investment.:nod:
  7. Have you run memtest on your ram with your current settings? That will tell you if there is a problem with your ram or not. Another thing to do is to turn off any unneed options on your motherboard as you are trying to establish the limits of your system (ie sound card support, Lan, usb etc) When I was overclocking my system, the ram would blow errors in mem test even when running a divider above 264 FSB with a 10 multi. Also remember that the memory controller is on your processor, not the board as in Intels. This tends to complicate matters a bit. I would think with good memory the max of a most 3500 is over is around 2600. I have gotten 2630 prime stable for 8 hours, and currently I run mine at 260X10 24X7 with a number of Boinc projects running full time. That is pushing the edge of my 3500 cause if I go to 264 or higher windows wont load. There is no magic bullet with this every cpu-mem combo is different. The thing to do is to get the system prime stable at the defaults then begin to change one variable at a time, document it, check it for stability, then if it passes move on to something else. When I was OC my computer I was working on it every night for 2 weeks. Be sure that you keep good notes on your settings and change one thing at a time then test for stablity. Good luck keep us posted
  8. Your ram may be holding you back more than you think. That being said, you may want to experiment with a 9 or 10 multiple instead of 11. I got better OC's on my 3500 winnie using a 10 multi. You may also have to loosen up the timings on your ram as well. Have you checked the OC database on this forum? There are a number of 3500's OC settings posted there.
  9. I have a Koolance PC3-420 case in which I am watercooling the CPU, GPU and Chipset. I am considering adding a second radiator to the system and need some advice. I would like something that I could use the existing hoses (1/4" ID) and I need a good location for the second radiator. The bottom front panel is out of the question since I don't think it is deep enough to house a radiator and fans. This leaves me with the inside back (over the area of the 2 80 mm fans) the outside of the case or in a empty 5.25 bay. Thermaltake has an internal solution that fits into a 5.25 bay, my concern about this setup is that the heated air is going to be inside the case. Link http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-rad-64.html?id=ShpssAJZ This item can be mounted externally also from Thermaltake http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-rad-40.html?id=ShpssAJZ This one from Danger Den looks like it could be mounted inside the case (over the 2 80 mm fan openings or on the outside. I am also wondering how to mount these radiators to my case, what type of hardware should be used? Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Not sure about the venice chips, I have a 3500 winnie, and I am stable at 263X10. Currently for the summer I run 260X10, when air temps go down in the winter I bump it back up. I have been told that I am getting about all that I can expect out of it. I would suggest going to a 10 multiplier, so that you raise your HTT past 250. I have noticed a difference in benchmarks between the same system speed with a 10 multi vs an 11 multi You may want to check the overclockers database on this forum, for examples of your chip.
  11. Nice Rig... What kind of lights are those in your case (I see 4 of them at each corner)?
  12. I mounted a 70mm fan over the area. Temps in this area are around 40C @ full load. Yes it is not as quite as a heatsink, but a lot easer to setup.
  13. I have the OCZ gold 4000 rev 2. The highest overclock I have achieved is 263X10 at 1:1. Currently I am running my system at 260X10 (for the summer) I will bump it back up to 263 in the winter. Yes you will not get crazy overclocks with this ram, what you will get is stability and performance along with excellent support from the OZC crew.
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