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  1. Arctic Cooling Ultra 64. Works great and the price was right :nod:
  2. Awesome man! Worked like a charm... :nod: Im back to quiet and good cooling...
  3. Yeah, the boot around the 4 pin though makes it difficult to bend a bit, let alone enough to get it under the heatsink. Too bad there wasn't such a thing as a 90 degree connector like those SATA connections...
  4. Guys, I just recently installed a new motherboard into my case using my existing components. Now, has anybody else used the X-Connect power supply with this mobo and used CPU cooling other that the stock AMD one?? The problem I am having is that the piece of crap 4 pin 12v connector is so close to the socket, that I cannot use my AC 64 cooler, and I had to put my Stock one back on. Is there anything out there that I could use to get around this? I guess I could always dump the Xconnect and get another power supply or something. Will the XP-90 fit? even with the fat boot on the 4 pin connector... Suggestions?? on a side note, i am loving this DFI board...good bye ASUS K8N-E...at least I have some actual VDIMM to OC the mem now.
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