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  1. So TDX are considered better than RBX I take it. I did a quick google search and saw some pictures of the Fusion HL's and SL's....I'm pretty sure the HL's wouldn't fit, though the SL's might. Does anybody else have some input on these?
  2. I am cooling the graphics cards, just they didn't have the low profile ones as an option in teh custom setup, so i had to add them to the cart separately, they're at the bottom of that list there. I managed to get the price down closer to about 380 with changing a few things...getting rid of the filports and the chipset cooler mainly
  3. what would you say is quieter, an eheim or the swiftech pump?
  4. I think I'm going to switch to a watercooling setup. I'm a total noob to watercooling, but I've been looking at the Danger Den stuff, and made a wishlist with this custom kit in it: CPU Style: RBX AMD XP/MP CPU Base Material: Copper Top Style: Lucite - Clear Video Card Water Block: None Chipset Water Block: MAZE4 Chipset Block Fitting Size: 1/2 OD Fitting for 1/2 ID Tubing Radiator: Black Ice Xtreme - Black Fans: None Peltier/TEC: None Pumps: Danger Den 12V D4 1/2 OD Fittings Tubing: 10 Feet of UV Green Reservoir: Single 5 1/4 Bay UV Blue Reservoir Thermal Paste: None Water Additives: 4oz Zerex Super Coolant and Green Dye Light Hold Down Style: Standard Stainless Steel Hold Down Danger Den Fillport: Black Anodized Fillport Misc: 12 Hose Clamps Y & T and The Danger Den SLI Kit Solution using two (2) Acetal MAZE4GPU It is possible that I would get the Black Ice Micro instead of the Extreme (80mm fan instead of 120) cause my case seems to be just BARELY too small to fit the extreme internally...though i suppose i could just mount it externally...) Here's the case I have: http://www.thermaltake.com/xaserCase/shark/black/black.htm Anyway, what I'm wondering is A.) How does this list look? Am I missing anything, do I have anything I don't really need, or is there anything I should drop in favor of a different party? and B.) Does anybody know of some very good alternatives? I want it to be good quality, though not necessarily the best.....Cause this is pretty spendy, at around 430, choosing most of the cheapest options. Thanks in advance.
  5. well I finally got it to work with some different ram, OCZ. Thanks for the help though everybody
  6. Ok, I ran memtest on both sticks separately for almost 60 passes each...0 errors. I also ran a microsoft version of memtest on both sticks separately, and once with them both together, which also yeilded 0 errors. At the moment (though it seems to kinda change how it acts over time...sometimes it lets me boot all the way into windows, and will just randomly blue screen sometime later, sometimes it crashes right as the windows logging in sound comes through the speakers)...anyway, at the moment it's bluescreening right as I logg in, and it's giving me the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT blue screen, though in the past I've also gotten several others.
  7. Well I memtested both sticks at once for over 50 passes with 0 errors, but I'll try memtesting them one at a time. Also, I've been running prime 95 on one stick for about 30 hours so far and it hasn't run into any problems
  8. I also just noticed this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...13&page=2&pp=15 And it lists my memory (the PQI 512 x 2 DPU) as being compatible....
  9. I upgraded to the 3/10 bios, but it still doesn't work, and errors on prime95 fairly quickly. Maybe it just doesn't like the ram, even though its very good quality stuff? It still seems to work perfectly on one stick. Any more help would be appreciated.
  10. ok...so i can just flash the bios and they should work together?
  11. they show as being the same model really...they're both "N6600gt." Even the boxes are identical, the only difference I can find is one costs an extra like ten bucks and has a sticker on the outside of the box that says "TOP Extreme Overclocking!" or something like that. If I can't figure anything out though I guess I'll have to get yet another video card and try that.
  12. well i've tried running the ram at 2.6, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0....with my last windows installation, I installed windows with one stick, and then stuck in the second stick and it was causing me some problems, so i upped voltage to like 3.0 and it seemed to solve my problems for a while, but then it started bluescreening again, and doing random restarts, especially when I first log into windows...It would do about half the startup sound and then restart. I've tried all sorts of settings...Right now I think I've got RGone's settings, but I'm only using one stick of ram at the moment. Here's a link to the thread with his and angry_games's settings: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5844
  13. I've got two ASUS nvidia 6600 gt's and I can't get the sli to work on my SLI-DR. I moved all the jumpers and I've got the bridge, and it seemed to work for about 20 minutes after I first set it up (or at least it showed me the option of being able to turn sli on and off and so forth) but now all it says is that both video cards need to be sli capable. I have since reinstalled windows and it still does the same thing. The video cards aren't 100 percent identical, both are ASUS 128 mb 6600gt's, but one is like a slightly special edition for overclocking or something, but all the stats on them seem to be identical and I would think they should work together. The nvidia sli instructions say you just need two sli capable gpu's with the same manufacturer and same chipset, which these are. Any suggestions?
  14. well, I meant flashing the CMOS. Is that different than flashing the bios? There's a jumper for that on my board anyway....Forgive me for my noobness/ignorance.
  15. Ok, you can see in my sig what I'm running, and just to warn you, I am a bit of a noob. I've been having a lot of trouble getting this thing to work right. It works brilliantly with one stick, but I want a bit more than 512mb ram. Before the ram I have now, I was running two sticks of 512 mb PDP ram which didn't work very well, and I also had an ultra-d before my current SLI board, and I couldn't get things to run properly on any of those, even with some help from fellow computer nerds. I'm pretty sure there's no problem with my current ram, I ran memtest v3.2 in dos for over 50 passes with zero errors. I have also tried running on stock settings in bios, I tried using Angry_Games and RGONE's bios settings, neither of which worked. I haven't tried upgrading the bios, but I don't know if that would or not. Any suggestions?
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