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  1. I've found coolmax to be very unreliable- they also have zero customer service. Personally ive never heard of Xion , but I do know that FSP is just about the cream of the crop when it comes to PSU's.
  2. I ve been having sameprob with my board and i get the same suggestions on how to fix it. PSU- got a new one with good volts- same prob, second they tell me its my pc2700 ram cause its outta date(grrr....) any how I complained to newegg about the rma board i got back from them. it was oem and i returned a retail board and they gave me a refund. Awesome!!! ? does ur comp sit on carpet? any how my bios fried twice, I beleive thats what happened to urs too. Any way newegg told me to take the refund and order a new retail DFI to replace my defective oem one they sent me.... YA RIGHT im gunna take the money an order an ASUS ... Needless to say ive learned my lesson- stay away from DFI unless u love to spend all ur time tweaking the dumb thing and buying top rated parts only for it..
  3. HA funny title eh? Any how. Ive been reding forums for a few days now waiting for my newegg return (mobo), and had somewhat of a revelation. I had my computer sitting on the floor next to my desk and sometimes when i get up and then come back to my computer i notice that it restarts itself?? This I just thought it as coincidence but then I got to thinking, what if it were static making my comp restart, not to mention fry my bios?? I have my 3rd kinda DFI board now (1 got repaired 1 got replaced) and im a little hesiant to install it, but ill get into that in my next paragraph. K travis says that 1 bad board is odd -2 is questionable -but 3 is virtually impossible and the problem must be simple human error. I though he was just an butt till I got to thinking about my prob(frying bios chips) and realized that it was me creating static in my carpet causing my board to fry. Now on to topic # 2 I got a replacement board from newegg and it is very very used board, not a new one like i sent in. It was oem and pissed me off because now ive paid 110 bucks plus 2 shipping charges for RMA's just to get a used mobo. I am hesitant to plug all my components into this POS board i got ( that didnt even come with the pretty yellow cables I soo loved. ) because of the shape its in. The most noticible phisical flaw is the scrape i see on the vack of the mobo where the previous owner was very carless in removing the south bridge heatsink (guessing). There is also thermal paste everywhere on the board and residue from stickers on the plastic housing around the CPU slot, the io plugs also have heavy scatches from connecting -disconnecting perriferals. SHould I even try to use this board - my gut says no. i dont want to possibly fry all my (working) components. Any one have any suggestions, thoughts, or fixes?
  4. Littke off topic but kinda. Any how, Newegg changes their return policies alot. At fist I saw they would allow cpu's to be exchanged and not mobo's. Now they are taking back some mobo's but no cpu's? Also I sent my dfi ut nf3 250 to newegg 2 weeks ago for exchange (my second return on this same board, the first was to dfi for repair) and they say to include all original accessories with the board so I did. Any how i got a (new) board from them 2 days ago and it was very!! used I mean very. It had stickers stuck to the inside of the cpu plastic housing had thermal paste every where and had a deep scratch on the bottom of the board where the previous owner must have tried to remove the southbridge heatsink with an axe!!! Also no accessories were included NONE... I paid 110 bucks for a used beaten oem board!!! RMA'ers be warned!!!
  5. My sisoft sandra reports my cpu temp is at about 55c at idle. Stock cooling, so temps are a little of a mystery to me. Ive never seen 30 - 40 c temps before. Maybe i really do need this arctic silver crap everyones talkin bout
  6. This woulda been a great post if an answer woulda been given soo ill try to ressurect it. Anyhow Ive had the same problem with my stock cpu cooler. The first time i removed the heatsink the cpu came out with it and bent about 20 of the pins!!!!!!!! this I assume was because of the sticky pad that was on the heatsink( way too sticky). Same happened when i used my coolermaster high perf compound. The only way ive found to remove the heatsink*safely* is too make sure the compound is warm before removing. I.E. less tacky. And pull it off very slowly. Any how im gunna buy a aftermarket cooler (smaller base so i can twist it while removing) before i stick a heatsink back on my AMD64 3000.
  7. Somehow i doubt that my hardware could cause my bios to fry but.... I figure this is a picky board as are all high end DFI's Unless i just happenef to get a faulty mobo. Dont know what specs ur lookin 4 but here goes! Specifications Model RP550 Type ATX Maximum Power 550W Hold-up Time > 16ms at Full Load and nominal input voltage Efficiency 60% min. under max. range load Fan Noise Killer Fan Speed Control Function Inside Input Voltage 100-120 VRMS or 200-240 VRMS switch-selectable Input Frequency Range 50-60 Hz Input Current 10ARMS max. for 115 VAC 5.5ARMS max. for 230 VAC Inrush Current 50A max. for 115 VAC Cold Start100A max. for 230 VAC Cold Start Output [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Short Circuit Protection All Output Equipped With Short Circuit Protection Over Current Protection 160% max Over Voltage Protection +3.3V +5V +12V Operating Humidity 10% to 90% RH Storage Humidity 5% to 90% RH MTBF 100k hours at max. load, normal line and 25°C Connectors 24pins Main Power x1, 12V(P4) x1, Peripheral Power x 8, Floppy x 2, Serial ATA x 2 Features Fan Speed Controller, 1x Silent 120mm Blue LED Ball-bearing Fan Dimensions 150*140*86mm, 5.90"(W) x 5.51"(L) x 3.39"(H) Inch Warranty 1 year
  8. ummmm. cant get into bios comp dont run long enough to get into bios. no beeps
  9. OK I ve been on here before adding to someone elses problem but now im just pissed. I got my mobo back from dfi(RMA) about a week or 2 ago cause it quit working. Ok I got the same problem again. I was loading a map to play CS Source and i got up to get a crayon away from the dog, i came back and the computer was rebooting continuosly. screen never tuned on was sleeping couldnt get to bios computer never got that far. I just tried to clear cmos but still nothing. Fans run 2-3 seconds then shuts off. input please before i get the shot-gun out.
  10. Anyhow I'm breaking down and going to buy a 500w PS. I'm crossing my fingers an hoping it will solve my random rebooting and video probs. Ill update in a week or so. GL to me.
  11. yes memtest stable now. Was before the crash also. Saw that the mobo and a bios were listed as items on my invoice when i got my board back. But what could have corrupted my bios in the middle of the night?
  12. Finally got my board back from DFI (RMA) Hooked it up and it took right off. Im using it right now. Its the same board that i sent in (i think) so im assuming that it really wasnt defective.... so what was the prob? grrr... any how . I set bios to fail safe default setting and leave it alone. (im not an overclocker , i cant afford to burn parts up) Is this a bad idea to do(fail-safe)?
  13. tried another PS (sparkle power-q) same prob, i know both ps's are good im using them now
  14. Had my comp running for about 2 months, i was impressed with the performance increase over my 1800xp system, i was running a CS:S server and a CS server from my machine and could play on both of them at the same time(without any lag!!!)for me or my peeps. Anyhow woke up one morning and my comp was off which is weird cause its supposed to be runnin a server 24/7. After that id press power an fans would run 3-4 seconds then comp would shut off no post no nuthin. I read that this prob was associated with cpu overheat and i rma'd the CPU. Got it (new cpu)back plugged it in and had the same prob. I have only power supply and cpu plugged into motherboard and get same results. K 1%= actual defect rate , should i have rma'd my board or waited? its been 10 days and still havent heard fron DFI about my mobo.
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