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  1. yay i ment for lcd, since its a monitor not many will be sent back caz thay dont know how 2 make it work. or its not what they wanted, its more logical to think something was wrong with it. i get lots of ome/open box things mobo grafix cards i do hdds to(only w/d caz they rma anything) but i think lcd is just bad idea to do so i went to frys 2day and looked at just about every lcd brand size u could think of and for the 22in widescreen ones i think http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824001096 be ware thow theres a (s) and a © and some other one i forgot the s is the one u want read up on it idk witch one i saw but it made every other 22 look like whell s**t is a clear winner way better than what others say
  2. i would not not get open box lcd myself since there lcd is replace only means someone sent it back so something is probly wrong with it if im wrong about this let me know im about to buy a 22 widescreen lcd also http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824014139 is what im looking at
  3. i gota huge monitor ... yay its a odd thing from a casino but 2 make it short its got a blackjack table burned into it. most likely years of burn in any ideas how to fix it. i ran JScreenFix for 2 days now about 10 hrs a day no change
  4. when i had a laptop i used a non alcohol pc screen wipe i still have it but i riped lable off ...(kittens on it i hate cats) so yay but i know u can get them at wallmart 100% alcohol free
  5. i got same stepping on the opty i can make it go up to 3.2 and post but anything over 2.95 and i cant get it stable even with high volts (1.75) cooling i think is the problem. uncaped with the swiftech lots of potental with good cooling thow
  6. i think religion is messed up ... im not about 2 tell anyone or let anyone tell me how i should or should not believ in god. faith is important but u dont need ruels to belive in anything
  7. no overclock is garented rare but in theory u can get a cpu that wont overclock 1 mhz and u can get a cpu that will do 3.0 and not go above 30c on stock cooling its all a roll of the dice ... some cpu's do better than others but still a gamble
  8. maby not economical but u could trash 1 hose and use a needle 2 drain it if your that woried about it. also u need 2 refill it somehow also might be a good idea 2 add a fillport to it
  9. my opty made it 2 3.0 not prim 95 (30 seconds) tho 2.9 it will pass 24 hrs lcb9e 07041pmw 1.55v ... 1.6-1.7 wont make it pass prim, tho im still tweaking it to fix the problem
  10. umm ... u cant put ddr2 in the board u need a new board and cpu for ddr2
  11. my opty from newegg about a month ago dose 2.9 easy but i cant get it to pass prim at 3.0 yet for 100$ im happy tho
  12. yay if u check siggys all of us opty users have a desktop mobo also the opteron has more l2 1mx2 x2 has 512x2 something 2 think about for a very small price diferance
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103586 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103588 the diferance in speed is huge even if u leave it stock speeds u will see a big diferance in proformance
  14. id say it would be since x2 or opterons are so cheap atm opteron 165 is about 95 bucks its a good chip
  15. :[ i do sounds like my dads computer thank god he got vista now i tell him sorry dont know vista hehe
  16. put ur cpu multi low overclock as far as u can write down ur highest fsb speed then put ur divider down as low as u can raising up ur multi and write down the cpu max this will give u a idea how what ur system will max out at
  17. ha the damm sparklers got 1/2 my hand burned off yesterday lol (thay went off like a flash bomb) but yay i have rarely had any problems with asus ... i just cant use asus with my rig all of what i got in it 2 not use a dfi just would not be fare
  18. yay if i have 2 many problems with a dfi board on a particular setup i go asus if i ever build for someone other than me its always asus
  19. i gave up on telling anyone i build computers or can fix them its just a pain. thay always get the opisit of what i say to get i rember back in the day my friend who dose auto cad wanted a rig for it i tell him high end he gets a 300$ dell and goes its slow in auto cad fix it ... and the fyew guys i know who do build omg never tell them u o/c tell me everything in the warnings about overclocking that ofcourse i dont know caz if i did i would not do it ... then thay tell me 2 put screens over every hole caz dust will kill it befor overclocking... i think i need new frinds
  20. PSP and final fantasy 7-9 ... o yes and lots of water i did a 4 hr plain trip only alcohol soda and peanuts when i got there i was hungover psp is nice for any long trip good for movies music games its just a nice all in 1 i got 4 extra bateries for mine that will go about 30+ hrs
  21. its was ww3 in my naborhood 2 like every year always fun ... i burned 1/2 my hand off with a sparkler :[ wtf a sparkler it blew up in my hand i was playing with m80s and bottle rockets and roman candle wars and a sparkler gets me kind of embarising
  22. happy i play jka very hard 2 cheat in that game iv never heard of it on to topic i have seen some tools for cheat detection in c/s but i dont play the game check the command list /server side u might find something useful like in jka we have a script dump to detect scripts 2 see if pepole use binded moves (not cheating) but very noobish
  23. a Alienware laptop would be nice since i cant build one ...yet lol
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